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  1. Petrol and diesel is now cheaper in the Shell garage Whitecross Road and yes another garage would help bring down local prices and it would make no difference to the current traffic problem in my opinion. Ironic as it was Councillor Bob Preece who officially opened Asda when he was the Mayor
  2. Mick

    Pleasant Suprise

    Good idea to post all corrections that way it stops confusions all around.
  3. I am suprised that someone who holds a position of a councillor does not know basics of the law in the UK? Looking through another persons bin is definately illegal, of that, I have no doubt. Common sense should tell you that. P. Rowe has hit the nail on the head, identidy theft is rife and this would be one of the easiest ways of gaining someone's personal details, bank statements etc... you would be suprised how many people (especially old and vulnerable people) put sensitive materiel in their bins. Just because someone from the council decides to put red tape on a bin becasue it has un clean food cartons in it, does not make their action legal! (It is generally considered polite and requested that you please wash food cartons, prior to putting them into your recycle bin but it is not a legal requirement) With regard to checking details from fly tipping, that is slightly different as that is rubbish that has been dumped! So it would not be considered an invasion of privacy.
  4. Mick

    Belmont lakes

    It will probbly be to late now, but worth a try
  5. Mick

    Pleasant Suprise

    Brilliant Colin, a lot can be achieved when we all work together, well done, good result and well done to Amey for a job well done.
  6. Mick

    Great Western Way

    So how long has this area looked this bad Phil? you say over a year, so has nothing been done in a whole year, is that what you are saying?
  7. Mick

    Pleasant Suprise

    Good idea Adrian because this is potentially a fire hazard, a little silly leaving it all there like that really.
  8. Silly rule, I had same problem with my pick up :Sad_32:
  9. Thank you for submitting the minutes. Roger Edwards, what do you mean?
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