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  1. I agree with Cambo. I’m not going to vote in this or any other Election. The social engineering programme has been completed and the people will now think, vote and do whatever they’ve been programmed to do. if you voted to Remain, you’re a good, kind and wise person. If you voted to Leave you are reckless, I’ll informed and you’re a tyrannical right wing neo fascist racist who hates anyone of difference. if you vote Labour, you’re a decent kindly good soul who cares about their fellow man and all the millions of oppressed people who’s lives have been destroyed by political groups who are not Socialists. That’s the reality. This is the end product of the Far Left Marxist Ideology that’s invaded our lives and compels people to vote the way they’re supposed to vote. Whether it’s this or identity politics that champions any minority group that claims to be being oppressed by a so called tyrannical oppressive male patriarchy, you and your sovereign individual views and opinions have been usurped by the collective groups that are drawn to ideologies that begin as a noble cause and end in domination and tyranny.
  2. Essentially Britain has been playing Three Card Brag with the negotiator for the EU Commision and we lost. We lost because when you play three card brag, and I’m playing it all the time, you only ever play if you get a seat at the table, you get dealt three cards, you’ve money to gamble and you only ever win if you can avoid or minimise bad losses and capitalise on your winning hands. To win at Three Card Brag the winner isn’t the player who gets dealt better or more lucky cards. It’s not even the player who has plenty of money to gamble with. The winner every single time is the player who doesn’t care to much about losing money and can read the nature of the player or players who are taking part in the game. In short, to recognise your opponents weakness and their fears of losing, places the clever player in a winning position. The EU negotiating team were and are in a completely different mindset to the British. Theirs is the winning mentality with no fears of financial losses.They are not in the least bit concerned about losses of jobs, economic growth or anything else that people care about. Their only weakness is their desire to hold together the structures, social, economic and political that hold the European Union together. To them, nothing else matters. Even if 27 other countries are desperately get hurt and are adversely affected, the EU negotiators have no concern or fears about any of that. They simple want to keep what they’ve gained and any monies they’re gambling with are not theirs. Essentially, other than the Bloc collapsing from social unrest they’ve absolutely nothing to worry about. Finally, when one sits down to play Three Card Brag, you’ve generally speaking got ten to fifteen minutes to work out who the idiotic loser is that’s sat around the table. If in that time you haven’t worked out who it is, then chances are it’s ‘You’, and in this case it’s us the British who were the idiots for gambling with the formidable EU Commision.
  3. If it were me, and I’d won, the very first thing I’d do would be to telephone The Priory where all the rich and famous people go to deal with their addictions. I would book myself a 14 day residential stay at this place of sanctuary for about six weeks time. Whilst I’ve currently got no major debilitating addictions now, and I’ve no need to visit The Priory just yet, because I’d frankly be wasting their time, by the time I’d acquired a five kilo sack of Cocaine and snorted the contents of the whole sack whilst holed up in The Queens Suite of the Dorchester Hotel, by the time I did eventually snort the entire contents of the sack and then tipped up at The Priory for my arranged appointment, I’m pretty confident that I would then be in need of a great deal of care and treatment.
  4. John, Brilliant writing. Simply brilliant. Rarely have I been insulted so well. Mind, if you can go a little easier on my weight that implies I’m now become a tub of lard, I’d be grateful to you. Well done John. It was good reading and very well written. My best wishes and warmest regards to you, yours and your colleagues from IOC.
  5. John mentions that a local Councillor pledged his vote to someone just because they purchased a lawnmower! Good grief, it says a lot about our democratic processes and how the people select someone into a position of governance. its probably not far from the truth. This is essentially what we all do. We vote for someone on the basis that we like their face or their personality. We take a peep at their photographic image and ask ourselves, which one we like, who got us a Lawnmower and which one is least likely to mug us on the way home or beat the living daylights out of us after we’ve tumbled out of an Ale House staggering home eating a mixed kebab. When they come tapping on your door for your vote, and they will, they always do, to discover if they’re sincere and you can trust them, ask them, ‘Do you ever Mas.tu.rba.te’? If they say something like, ‘I certainly do’, then you can be sure that this is the person who you can trust to be honest and sincere once they’ve been propelled into Office. However, if their answer is, ‘Frequently. More than I should’, and they then ask to cross your threshold and demonstrate it, tell them they are sick in mind and of the soul and you’ll be damned if you cast your vote for them. Don’t let them in. Tell them to clear off. Whatsmore, if they turn nasty call the Constable and seek some help in getting this crazed psychopath to leave you be. Isn’t it interesting that all of a sudden both John and Adrian are suddenly keen to get read on Hereford Voice. It’s a sure sign that elections are on the way.
  6. It shouldn’t be any surprise to any of us that dear old Jean Claude can spout nonsensical rubbish. Other than he’s lacking in a mental filter that’s designed within us all to think before we open our mouths, he’s not so untypical of all those others who lead. Like pretty much everyone who does lead in politics locally, nationally and in his case internationally, he’s pretty much the same and cut from the same cloth. He’s simply an average guy with average intelligence who now finds himself leading a Continent of billions of people. He’s really no cleverer than you and I. For the most part those that lead are often white males with an average Intelligence Quotient who’ve received an outstanding education. Unfortunately though, being the recipient of a good education doesn’t increase the IQ. Indeed, all it essentially does is load you with knowledge on a few disciplines and provides cognitive skills that allow you to fool everyone into believing you know what you’re doing. And that’s alright. Whether one appreciates it or not, this is the way of things. With few exceptions, for decades and decades we’ve been lead by people who are like this. As far as local politics are concerned and national politics to, whoever you vote for, in whichever era you voted in, your going to be lead by someone who’s got an average intelligence quotient and who’s had a good education. And nations across the globe have been managing this reality unaware that those leading us, like Mr Juncker are probably less than competent to lead a country or lead a continent. Again, that’s ok with me just as long as nobody expects anything more. If you can accept this truth and simply hope that those that lead can hide their average intelligence that renders them incompetent if they end up then running a Country or the EU, then it should all work out just fine. In short, being incompetent because you only have average intelligence is no bar to achieving high office and pretty much all of those you vote for all reach their own personal level of incompetence the moment you cast your vote that propels then into leadership. Whilst I’ve stated that it’s fine by me to be lead by a person of average intelligence who’s then been rendered incompetent due to an average IQ. There is a significant problem. It’s actually a little frightening! When a person of a high intelligence quotient, in this case the thoroughly disagreeable American President, tells the European Union that other than Britain, Poland, Estonia, Greece and Italy, other member states including Germany and France are not paying their way toward their own NATO defence and the response and reaction is, Let’s Creste An EU Army, then that solution from those already rendered incompetent because of their average intelligence, develops into a problem of massive proportions. Personally speaking, other than voting for an ideology that has a possible outcome that might please you, I wouldn’t bother voting ever again. All your doing is voting for someone who’ll be immediately rendered incompetent the moment he or she wins an election.
  7. During the early part of the twentieth century big business would arrive in a Village, a Town or City and use the areas location and it’s resources to create themselves wealth. What they did do, other than exploit the labour of the people, was to invest in the community that was to accommodate the workforce. As one sided as the arrangement was, and it wasn’t perfect, big business built houses for the workforce, parks for the people to enjoy their leisure time, a working men’s social club, schools and other social amenities that became a partnership of sorts between the workers, their families and the wealthy businessmen who were there to make huge profits. Locally in our County, companies such as Cadbury and Bulmers spring to mind who like so many older business brands did much to invest in people and their communities. That was then. Roll on many decades later and there is now no requirement for big business to invest in anything. All they have to do is tip up, create a business and a job and the ignorant and often poorly informed peopled workforce do the rest by paying for everything that can maintain a lowly paid workforce. For big business, their only social responsibility is to creat a job and pay the minimum wage. Nothing else! The entire venture is subsidised by the taxpayer. This is the genius of the European Union and its slavish following of an economic ideology of globalisation. The wealthy propose a business. The European Union provide the cheap labour, the Government of the day provide the ability to move the workers unhindered from one place to another and then the final bill falls into the lap of the indigenous people who then pay for housing, the education, the health needs, social benefits and all the other stuff that makes it all work and allows the one sided wealth creation exercise to continue unabated. And it a genius. As much as I despise the European Union, Globalisation and Capitalism, you’ve got to give them their due. To move millions of people around Europe and get the host Country and it’s citizens to pay for it all is genius. Mind, that’s only the half of it. The real brilliance of the EU lies beyond 13 billion quids worth of fiscal governmental transactions that we in Britain pay to the EU every year.Nigh on 6 billion of that money gets spent on the countries who’ve dispatched their citizens West to become our cheap source of labour. It’s genius, especially if you are not the host country. Why genius? Well it it. All across East and Central Europe, for over a decade, British earned money has and is being spent in providing Britain with a future economic competitor. We’ve paid for thousands of miles of roads, Airports, Rail networks and factory buildings all across this region.Many of these places are now ready and prepared to receive and host British businesses that will soon relocate for cheaper labour and to increase their profits. And it’s all been paid for by Britain’s workers! Dont believe me? Just take a look at Jaguar Landrover and their plans to relocate to the Czech Republic leaving behind thousands of British redundant jobs. Essentially, without putting to finer point on it, we’ve actually paid the Government and the European Union enough money for us to lose our own jobs and get those jobs transferred to another Country that we bankrolled. As to people raising any objections? They’ve sorted that as well. They own and control the media and that’s why you dare not ever question anything for fear of being labelled a populist, a nationalist, a neo fascist or someone who’s just thick. No! All in all whichever side you stand ,you’ve gotta give the EU and our ruling elite their due praise. It’s brilliance at its best and it’s all paid for by the people who’ve been socially engineered into doing exactly what they’re told to do without a glimmer of resistance.
  8. And it’s not going to be a happy New Year for your homeland Irena. Once the European Union have destroyed all the opposition to Remain, branded and labelled everyone as Populist, Nationalist, Neo Fascist and Racist knuckledragging fools, it’ll be Poland’s turn. Yep! Poland, Hungary and Italy are going to get it and like Britain, all the other member states will sit back and say nothing because that’s the way it all works. Like last year, this coming 2019, sixty odd thousand Polish citizens will gather in Warsaw to peacefully celebrate with pride their nations independence and wave their national flag. And like last year the media will report it as a gathering for neo fascist racists who are a threat to our shared values. They’ll photograph a few joyous citizens who’ve raised their arm in happiness and before you know it, or explain what just happened, the raised arms will become a Nazi salute and everyone at the event will become an enemy of a totalitarian state. Happy New Year? No bloody chance!
  9. It’s very unlikely isn’t it! With Jean Claude Juncker still alive and showing no signs of him ever jumping off a Chanel Ferry and easing my pain, the Spice Girls reforming, terrestrial television dominated by celebrities cooking, dancing, singing, living together in a house or in the great outdoors just for our entertainment because that’s what they think we need, Katie Price going bankrupt which means we’ll get the chance to read her tenth biography titled, ‘my breasts and the men who’ve fondled them’, no signs yet that oily Macron the unholy reincarnation of Tony bas.tard Blair will get guilotined by the Yellow Vests, the chance that Kerry Katona might get pregnant again and Cheryl, whatever her name is nowadays gets to make millions out of her brand new Baby line in clothes sold on the advertising strap line of ‘My Bear loves these nappies ’, I reckon there’s little chance it will be a Happy New Year!
  10. Isn’t it all a pile, mound or hillock of steaming boll.ocks! Nothing functions anymore. It ought to but it doesn’t because it’s all been buggered up by the ‘suits’ who’s ability to string together a few words that mean absolutely nothing but read as though there’s some thought behind it all, are transmitted out to us telling us that everything is fine when it bloody isn’t! Nothing happens TwoWheels? Course it doesn’t. It’s not designed for anything to happen. That’s the whole point of this deranged dysfunctional arrangement between us and them. The Bastar.ds turned up outside my humble hovel with an intention to dig a hole in the road. First up, a company with ‘signage’ that’d be used to inform us not to fall in the hole that was about to be dug. Then another company tipped up and dug the holes. There were no more than three of them! Then another firm tipped up and did something within these holes that to thus day remain an unknown to me. it goes bloody on! Then another firm tipped up with wagons who tipped a load of gravel into the holes. Then another company arrived and filled the holes with soil. It goes bloody on! After the soil was deposited, another firm tipped up, belted the soil and the gravel flat and then fu.vk.ed off. Then, just after the bloody monsoon when me and everyone else got splattered in mud, another firm, bloody tarmacers, tipped up and repaired the surfaces. It goes on! Another firm tipped up to remove the signage signs that had happily warned me not to fall down the holes. Sadly thus crew, from the sixth independent company didn’t remove the signs because their van wasn’t designed or adapted to gather up all the bloody signs. Next day, another company tipped up and collected the signs. Youd think it’d end there. Well it bloody didn’t. In the days that followed I recieved one posted letter, one text message and a phone call telling me that they were sorry about the delay and as soon as the huge backlog of work was completed, all funded by the public ratepayer, would begin soon, explaining that they’d dig a hole and out right something I’ve still no idea about. At least seven different firms were involved in this who collectively deployed about 27 lads, 11 vehicles and an unknown number of staff who wrote to me, text me and phoned me regarding a job that was overseen by a private limited company known as Balfour Beatie who, incidentally only played one role. Collecting the bas.tard signs that warned me and many others not to fall down the hole! Litter! It no longer bloody matters. We’ve gone way past the tipping point of it ever bloody mattering reaching a point in my time that begs the question,’ why do any of us bother asking why everything is all buggered up’?
  11. The final stage of Britain’s farcical attempt to extricate itself from this totalitarian centrist neo communist regime the EU, that’s intentionally designed to create vast wealth for some one hundred global multi billionaires by using cheap migrant labour that’s subsidised by us the worker ants is about to be finally played out. Within a few months our parliamentarians will commit the British people to a second referendum thus enabling the people to correct their stupidity and their mistake in asking to leave the EU. The parliamentarians will finally drop all pretence of honouring the will of the people and with some underhand cross party collaboration they’ll get what they always wanted and secure Britain to the Union. And this referendum will not be like our first one. It’ll be very different. It won’t be Leave or Remain. This original democratic mistake that the ruling elite made trusting us to vote for Remain will not be repeated for a second time. The options on the ballot paper will be cleverly designed to make sure we vote to choose between a raft of questions that are worded in such a way that they confuse, bewilder and make one wonder why on earth we ever bothered in the first place. Three things will ensure we correct our mistake. One, the turn out will be far lower than the original 72%. Many like me will not bother because it’s all been a waste of time and are cognisant that Leave was, is and never will be an option that our rulers can accept. Two, the actual choice of confusing options on the ballot paper and finally, Three. Now the UN and the EU have committed themselves to the issue of Regular Migration and Irregular Migration that’ll make it European and International Law that stipulates anyone and everyone can move from Continent to Continent unchecked because of their Human Right, the issue of Free Movement Of People, which let’s face it was the driving force to vote Leave, will soon become an irrelevance. In short, no matter what you may think about the free movement of people, you’re getting it anyway whether you like it or not! And, more frightening, if the legislators across Europe are successful, and theyre are discussing it, it’ll become a criminal offence to ever question it because it’ll be the next Hate Crime, thus ensuring that the globalisation wealth creation machine continues unabated. The consequences for this betrayal? The ruling elite won’t care that National election voter turnouts shoot downwards. Should General Election results become unpopular with the people and there’s widespread protest against the result and outcome. They won’t care about that either. And should civil disorder become commonplace and the people begin a programme of violent disorder. Well that’s easy. Nothing to do with them. It’ll be the result of Populist Far Right Neo Facist Racist thugs who’ve never understood how lucky they were to be born to a democratic Country such as Britain.
  12. Isn’t it pleasing to see little Manny the pompous French poodle stuck in the eye of a storm of protests sweeping across France. Once again the people were fooled into voting for a man who looked nice, said very little, promised much, delivered nothing and presented himself to the world as a man of great inner wisdom and a face you could trust. When I glance at his little snide face I see the Great Liar himself. Tony Blair. The same far away holier than thou eyes and that messianic look that pleads ‘trust me’! The only difference between the pair is one is a wannabe, the other a worn out has been and the younger of the two would drape a string of onions around his scrawny neck if it meant he’d win your vote. And this is the man who would be king of Europe. A man who’ll happily strangle the life out of Britain, build an EU Army that’d be the ruin of Europe and steeped in the shameful French military ideology of defend, retreat, retreat again, desert, capitulate and then collaborate with their conquerer. As Merkle’s loyal poodle lap dog and a man so desperate to be listened to he’ll shamelessly rub Donald Trumps left bloody leg to win favour rather than face his reality that is ‘the French people can now see through him’. I recall his interview with Andrew Marr where he called the British stupid for voting to leave the Union. When pressed by Marr, Macron stated that he wouldn’t ever give the French a referendum on the EU because they may vote like the British and want to leave the EU. If ever a western leader has demonstrated the contempt that he and his ilk have for people and democracy, it’s this pompous French President who sneers at anyone who demonstrates a pride in their Country and holds patriotic views that he and the EU Commision wish to crush. As for the French Yellow Vest protests, very soon Macron, the EU and other Western leaders will mobilise the media, the people will be branded populist and like thousands of peaceful marchers who recently gathered in Poland to happily celebrate their nations independence, images on your television and your newspaper will convince you that sixty thousand marchers were neo nazis fascist Far right populist extremists who were a threat to western democracy. That’s exactly what will happen to these French people who’ve taken to the streets to protest against Macron and the political establishment. Thereafter, once the dust settles, order will be restored, the people will give up the will to carry on and come the next presidential election they’ll vote to return Macron and Bridget to the Eleyse Palace and do exactly what they’re supposed to do. Conform and obey!
  13. I’m now into my sixth day of a Hunger Strike. As I write this I’m experiencing feelings of disorientation, dizziness, I’m bloody hungry and my abdominal muscles are repeatedly cramping up and signalling to my addled brain that I need to eat before it’s to late. Why have I done this? Because Hereford Football Clubs Board decided to dismiss Peter Beadle. Not only that, his replacements, two of them, and a raft of others support staff, who’s antecedent history appears to be unblemished by any measureable football achievements, seem intent on following a unique and radical football philosophy that’s built upon a belief that we don’t need to score a goal. And the Chairman knows of my act of self sacrifice. Initially I told him that I was going to take my seat in the Merton Stand and engage in a Dirty Protest by covering myself in my own human excrement. His words to me, and I quote, ‘ not a chance you dirty bastard. The Stewards will not allow you into the ground’. Undeterred, I told the Chairman, ‘right then, you awkward sod, from hereon I’m on Hunger Strike and until such times as you lot reinstate Peter and rid our Club of the current management not one morsel of life giving nourishing food will be spooned into my fat face’. This cruel and insensitive power crazed Chairman then sent me packing telling me, ‘starve fatso. By the looks of your gut it’ll take twelve months before you meet your headstone.’ And so, here I am, barely able to walk, unable to climb the steps to take my seat in E Block and more determined than ever to carry out my Hunger Strike. And let’s be clear shall we. If I die of starvation, and God knows it’s bloody likely, my passing will be down to two people. The Chairman of my club and my wife who disappointingly seems overly enthusiastic in her steadfast encouragement that I starve to death. And I won’t crack! I know what I’ll have, what I won’t have and what I might be forced to have if they hook me up to a drip to prolong my suffering and I ain’t having this. I demand the Board meet my demands and until such times as they realise what and who they are up against I’ll continue to starve to death unless Peter is reinstated. What can any of you do to support my quest? Well don’t send me any food packages for starters. My wife won’t give it to me and I’ll be damned if I eat it. If any of you have little or no desire to watch me wither away into a skeletal state and you want Peter Beadle back then tell the lads on the Meadow End who’ll surely support my cause. If you can, Get on Twitter # bobby47 must eat or # Save the Merton 1 &Sack the Board. And that’s it. My mind is set and there’s no going back. And should I die, my headstone will read, ‘Christ I was hungry’.
  14. The politics that exist throughout France, Germany and much of Western Europe today are no different to those that brought chaos and misery to the world during the first four decades of the twentieth century. Despite our history and the knowledge we’ve all acquired from past European meddling and expansionistic policies, still we continue to not see the EU for what it is. A force for bad which I’m convinced will bring us war. Our good friend Martin references Neville Chamberlain and his ‘peace in our time’ bit of paper that he waved about after his final act of appeasement with the Germans. It’s really not such a far fetched comparison. In my view it’s very apt considering how Britain has been treated by our so called allies. And these continental European politicians, particularly those of a French pursuassion are not our friends. They’re most definitely not our friends. They are our ideological enemies. Frankly, given this latest political twist which was highly predictable as the whole thing fragments and falls apart, it seems as though the politics of fear, the very same ones that convinced Germany to wage war, are very much alive and well within Europe today. Who’d have thought that today, an Age of so called Enlightenment, the people of Britain could be manipulated and made to be frightened by a political class who were not happy with our democratic vote to leave the Union. The politics of fear. It worked for Joseph Goebells and it’s worked for all the political and social forces that decided we voted the wrong way. For us in Britain, we’ve swallowed the fears, the threats and the predictions of plague and petulance, and in the coming months we, like the French in battle, will capitulate and give the establishment and the ruling elite exactly what they wanted in the first place. To remain a component part in a neo communist federalised collection of insignificant nations who’ve been stripped of their sovereignty and ruled by unelected mandarins who slavishly follow the doctrine that ain’t to far away from that of Hitler and Stalin. Whilst I’m pretty certain we’ve passed the tipping point and are now doomed to be ruled by Brussels, there is a little ray of hope. Once we are buggered and the EU Commusion is convinced we are buggered, they’ll set their sights on the troublesome Visegrad Four and begin a long drawn out series of punishments that’ll be targeted at the Polish and Hungarian people. These punitive punishments, and the EU will carry out an attack upon the Poles and Hungarians, will be harsh and aimed at destroying their patriotic view of themselves. The EU Commision will fail. These people have witnessed and suffered at first hand decades of cruelty by the Germans and the Soviets and setting themselves up against the EU will not frighten these people. Frankly, these people’s have heard it and seen it all before and they will not bow to Brussels. if there is any hope for us, it’s to be found in future confrontations between Brussels and other member states. Perhaps then, when everyone is buggered, and we all realise we’re buggered, we’ll all begin to see signs that our captivity is at an end and this bastard devilish vessel, the bad ship EU begins to sink downwards toward the bowels of hell.
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