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  1. Noticed this weekend (just gone) that there's a large pothole, inbound, on the Barrs Court side of the metal bridge. Went over yesterday (Monday) and it's got 50% bigger and deeper in a couple of days ... So be careful if you are using that bit of road! If you hit it full on there's a potential to do some damage!
  2. As a new member, I am not sure whether this has been aired before . . . but is anyone else sick and tired of looking at the scaffolding in High Town? It is now three years since the fire at the River Island site and there is still no sign of a re-build. This inertia is particularly annoying at a time when the Council continue to give their unstinting support to the Old Livestock Market scheme - a project which will in itself challenge the viability of the historic city core. I have repeatedly asked Herefordshire Council why they are not taking enforcement action in order to insist on the rep
  3. This is a letter that I have sent to to our councillor today in the hope that I receive a response. I am sure that is also an issue in other areas, but when you are not even trying to join the que and waiting excessively, something needs to be done. As for the road surface saga - well its just a joke considering it’s a “new†development! I’ve driven on smoother farm tracks. I am writing to you in the hope that you may be able to help resolve some issues we are having on Woodward Avenue (formally Broxash Drive) Every weekday morning we have problems with traffic using the street as a r
  4. I was parked in the Welsh Club car park for no more than about 10 minutes early this morning, while I dropped off my son to play football on the meadows, when I got back there was a guy putting a ticket on my car. I have been told by a friend now that I should not pay it because it is not a penalty, can anyone else through any light on this please?
  5. How pathetic that you cannot buy hot food in Hereford after 1.30am! This stupid idea of Hereford Council I assume is designed to prevent a build up of people coming out of nightclubs...well guess what? It does not work! Because now people que at the sandwich bar in Commercial Road or in the 24 hour garage. So why can we not buy hot food? It's no wonder many people think the nightlife and everything else is so poor and choose to avoid Hereford altogether! This Council needs to have a rethink and get into the 21st Century! Hereford is becoming like a ghost town both during the day and night!
  6. It has come to my attention that there has been a considerable amount of anger & frustration at the regeneration of 'The Oval' over on Mybook Facespace or whatever it is? In particular, construction traffic and muddy roads etc. As I have been briefed, the case is, that someone will get run over by the construction traffic, excessive amounts of mud on the roads and health and safety issues amongst others; One jolly fellow even posted the site managers phone number and email , the disbelief! Its not that hard to find!! As I live on said construction site, in their defence, they have two sw
  7. Please do take the time to fill this in. I was unaware of this until today, whereas only 0.02% of the 56000 people in Hereford have filled it in. It's our county and what needs to be done. Don't complain if you don't fill it in. It even mentions a bypass!! https://www.snapsurveys.com/wh/s.asp?k=144620162827 Please tell everyone you know to complete it.
  8. Redundant South Wye Notice Board... I could not help but take a picture of this notice board, all the leaflets and information within are totally faded and in some case completely blank due to sever fading or lack of up keep. How much did this notice board originally cost? I remember attending a meeting of the Belmont Parish last year and the topic of a new notice boards came up and I could not believe the costs that were being considered for new signs! if I remember correctly a new aluminium notice board for Belmont was in the region of £4000+!! yes that's right you did read it correctly
  9. More fool me, I went into town today. Nothings changed, I need some ink for my printer, WHSmith was sold out, Cartridge World has moved to Holmer and the other places have closed. So I did the usual walk all over town looking for a basic product while being consistently hassled by the clipboard people* and finally picked up the very last 1 in Argos. While in town hunting for such a simple item (do you know Tesco doesn't sell pastry/cake cutters/shapes at all?), I noticed bins full to the brim, some with nappies stuffed in the tops, cigarette (phag is censored?) buts EVERYWHERE outside
  10. I wandered into town today and the usual drinkers' were camped on the wall swigging bottles/cans of that strong cider ..... In front of the Church ... Sat on the wall as the seats have been removed ..... I walked by an hour later and they were still there .... Commercial Road ... Not a good advert for Hereford .... This was approx. 13.45 and 14.45 btw so hardly out of hours for the people who should sort this out .....
  11. I visited BB drop-in session last week and again reported Stanberrow Rd. and Belmont Rd. regarding craters, these had been reported to. Amey and BB when they took over in September. I have just received a response as follows: This request is currently awaiting inspection, sorry Colin.
  12. Colin James


    I was at the post office early this morning and noticed these WEEDS! I have no words... How tall? how long they been here? What I find very strange is that thousands of pounds of public money is spent on 'Brand New Shiny Notice Boards' (That I am sure nobody reads) yet, within only 4 metres of one of these notice boards we have MASSIVE weeds that nobody has botherd to have removed? Hmmm oh well, maybe it's just me...
  13. I have to ask the question , is it not about time that we the Hereford people got organised and started a protest group to try and get something done about the absolutely horrendous traffic situation in the City? All members of the community should get involved, we all need the emergency services to be able to reach us in times of need, we would all like to pass around the city in a safe reasonable time, regardless of what our chosen mode of transport is, and was it not the conservative prime minister who said that it would be the small business's that would drive this country out of recessi
  14. I saw Cllr Powell here just after I took the above picture, and I explained that although Amey were cutting back weeds and bushes etc, they had not yet tackled the stumps, Cllr Powell informs me, that now, they are not sure if McDonalds own the land where the stumps are located and that the foundry is in the centre of the Newton Brook, and that they need to contact McDonalds to either instruct them to cut down the stumps or Amey will complete the work and invoice McDonalds, which sounds fine, ( I just knew that this would not be done today) I am just confused why this work was carried out last
  15. I see that a new footpath is currently being installed, I do hope that they get this one right! This is long overdue, I hope it will be lit up during the hours of darkness.
  16. Hi everyone, I'm a newbie and I wanted to open a new topic to ask if anyone has experienced rumbling\vibration noise from Tescos store? I live in Belmont, just down the road from Tescos store. Our family has been suffering from lack of sleep due to a constant low rumbling\vibration noise (like a car engine - as if its parked outside with the engine running). We have traced it to Tescos store and we have logged complaints with the store, but they have failed to respond or do anything about the noise. So we had no choice but to report it to the Environment Agency. We are maintaining a log of
  17. Chris....I have had discussions with someone from highways regarding the SCOOT system.It is broke and has not worked for more than 10 yrs.
  18. Any luck with your emails? Did you get any response? What about CVP any luck with B&M?
  19. "PARKING charges at Hereford County Hospital - already among the highest in the county - are due to go up again." Not sure how much it is now, the HT says £3, which I'm guessing is £3 an hour but I'm sure it was more expensive than that when I went there last We all need to go to hospital at some point and fight through the smokers that 'hang around' the main door 'like a homeless group meeting' just to visit a loved one, and I find it disgusting that people are forced to pay extortionate prices to see them?? It's a good job and mate of mine lives just 10 minutes away Oh, and why on the H
  20. I walk my dog three or four times a week in Belmont Park and I can assure you all that I pick up any deposits, no big deal. There are those who don't and I have spoken to them and had abuse or they just look at you as if you are mad, then there are others who do pick up with their bags then throw it into the bushes or into a tree. If you don't pick up well you don't give a monkeys for any normal behaviour. I have got to know most of the dog walkers and the ones I know I think clean up.
  21. Im given to understand that Councillor Glenda Powell has faced the might of the Councils Standards Board and been fully exonerated of fault and blame for the fiasco that was brought about by the Clerk to Belmont Parish Council and other serving Councillors. Im given to understand that this matter would have reached an amicable settlement sometime ago but, because of belligerence and sheer stupidity on the part of some, the chain of events and its accompanying cost to us the taxpayer could not be stopped and its only now that the entire stupidity has been brought to an end. I've been told by my
  22. I wonder can anyone tell me what on earth has happened to the once very pleasant walkway that used to run from Southolm Rd to Belmont Rd. I see somebody has decided that the best way to keep Waterfield Rd safe is to fell the dangerous trees and push them into the brook. Along with a wide variety of drinks bottles, carrier bags and numerous other items the brook is now becoming a health risk and a eyesore . Does anyone know who is responsible and if it going to be sorted ?
  23. My God! I've just this minute logged in and I can see that there are a whole bunch of H.T. Posters who've registered with Colin James and the good people of Belmont Voice. To those who don't pay any attention to the Hereford Times Posters, and personally speaking I can't blame you, we've gone on strike. Our demands were to not pay us, give us no fringe benefits, treat us with the contempt we all deserved and reinstate one of our comrades who'd been banished into the ether. The management of the Hereford Times had no difficulty whatsoever in agreeing to the first three demands but alas, thus fa
  24. Taken from the minutes dated 27/06/2013 - Item 092/13 You see this is what happens when you publish something that they do not like...and in particular what their Clerk, Liz Kelso more or less demanded I should remove! She really tried to put all her weight (and a lot of it in my opinion)in her pathetic attempt at threats if I did not remove this post, funny though as most of these tossers are as nice as pie to your face! Well their choice and clearly no loss to this website, the regular unique website visitors we have just go to prove that but they better make sure they keep everything sq
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