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  1. I knew Bob since he started up his dental practice, a really lovely man would put you at ease when going for treatment, He will be missed.
  2. I had the honour of meeting HRH on his many visit's to Hereford with the the Queen, but my lasting memory was in 2008 when I was invited to Buckingham Palace to a garden party whilst I was your councillor, he came up to speak to me and was very pleasant. I will hold the memory of meeting him for the rest of my life. RIP your Royal Highness.
  3. The full list of candidates nominated will be available between 8th and 9th April.
  4. Conservative- Ann marie Probert' Alan Jones True Independent, Lib Dems and Glenda |||||||||Powell Newton Farm Independent and two others. Newton Farm Independent
  5. I am standing in Newton Farm on May 6, I want a referendum about the axing of the bypass and link road. I fought for this in the 12 years I was the Hereford Independent councillor Residents know the things I achieved on their behalf, stopped the GP Centre at Asda from closing, 10,000 signiture petition to stop the post offices closing I took the petition to Downing Street, got bungalows built on the Oval regeneration, and the Wyes Moves buses where I received £774,000 to buy 4 buses and to run the service the service ran from 2003 to 2011 when the money ran out. I HOPE THE PEOPLE OF NEWTON FA
  6. This young lady has been found on the cinder path off Yazor Road, Hereford, she was taken to hospital where she is receiving treatment.
  7. Hello Everyone, its long time since I wrote any stories due to being in hospital. but like to wish you all 



  8. My mother ( May |Powell) was a Canary Girl she would be s proud and delighted at the renaming of this bridge.
  9. I said at the time that I felt the bull should of been put into the OLD MARKET shopping area, as it represents the cattle market and I still feel the same. I am surprised it still in High Town over the years it was been climbed on by adults at one time it had red paint poured over it.
  10. But if you take away the timber frame it wont be the same, repair the timber but dont take it away, the Old House has been in high town for centuries.
  11. I was contacted this afternoon Welsh Water to advised there is a boost water main in the Newton Farm and Belmont area, we will either lose our water supply or the pressure will be reduced.
  12. I went into town yesterday it was empty,everywhere was closing early including the banks,people were stopping in their cars looking at the floods on Greyfriars Bridge, and when I came back to South Wye the Asda roundabout was flooded to about 4ft into Belmont Road. I was told the old bridge was in a state of calapse, consideration was also was being considered to close Grefriars bridge. On the news it was also said the water around Asda was contaminated with suege.
  13. you can ring Hereford 260000 when the operator replies, tell him which dept you want and he will put you through. this number operated between 9am-5pm Mon-Fri.
  14. Yes I had Cllr Paul Rone who represents Redhill posting pamphlets for Jesse Norman through my door on Wednesday
  15. My water is still off in CHARLTON aVE
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