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  1. I know the True Independents don't figure in the planning committee, because they had left the Herefordshire Independent / Alliance when the planning committee was formed. According to Bob Matthews first story that appeared in the HT was although they were the largest group on the new council, not one Herefordshire Independent was a member of the cabinet, and he wanted Bernard Hunt on there and the other members of the Alliance said no. So Bob Matthews who was leader of the Herefordshire Independents for 25+ years walked away from the group and his loyal councillors for many years, including myself, and formed the 'true independents' with Bernard Hunt and 3 new councillors. The Alliance councillors did not keep to their election promises to get rid of the Tories and do away with the cabinet, in favour of a committee system, but that doesn't surprise me all they wanted was to be voted in, which the people of Herefordshire believed what they said, now they have decided to not go ahead with the bypass. If they can go back on their promises to the people within a month of being elected, what are they going to do to Herefordshire in the next four years !!!.
  2. Aylestone voice.... Are you a councillor now, as I have thought for a long time you were?. This post is old news now, I have already put it onto my website. As you will now know five of the Independents have left the Alliance and started up their own group True Independents. As I said the Alliance would not last long, and I was right, just a week into the new council and the Independents broke away.
  3. It wasn't the planning, but the police who have objected to the licence.
  4. Roger.... Like you I watched the debate, it wasn't any better than the first debate, other than my favourite Dominic Raab was voted out, Rory Stewart, and Jeremy comments were like a broken record, and its obvious they are Remainers,, so as far as I'm concerned there are only three left to choose from, and I wouldn't choose any of them, I know Boris I met him 8 years ago.
  5. Wasn't impressed by the first debate let hope the one tonight will be better, it will be interesting Boris will be there. BUT NOT RORY
  6. Roger.... was not 'out of touch' when I posted that information the court case was going through, a couple of days later it said on the news it had been quoshed. Apparently the man that brought the case they found out something about him, also he is a Remainer.
  7. There are two live television debates with the candidates for PM, tonight at 6.30pm -8.00pm channel 4 Boris isn't taking part, and Tuesday 8.00pm - 9.00pm channel 1. in which Boris has said he will attend, lets wait and see if he does.
  8. According to news and papers this morning 5 of the candidates are about to drop out of the running for PM, also 4 have admitted taking drugs within the last 20 years. The papers have really gone to town on Michael Gove for taking cocaine also Andrew Marr asked him on his show this morning should he be standing for PM position.
  9. Megilleland.... thanks for confirming the date, but in the HT it was supposed to have been the same day as Ross by-election!
  10. The by-election for Ross North was won by the Lib Dems it in the HT, no mention of who won Whitecross though.
  11. Mick... I was just thinking the same thing, I was half way to copying this story to put on here, you beat me to it. Hope Colin will contact them with his idea of the tram along GWW.
  12. I see the council has gone against Bob Matthews wishes by going with the western route for the bypass, In my opinion we just should have two more river crossing that would be better because at the moment the road would be 'a road to no where' which I said at councila few years ago.
  13. Just read in the HT that after considering his constituents comments that he asked for, he has decided not to run for PM
  14. If I remember correctly the Whitecross was an councillor for IOC, the one for Ross was either an Independent or UKIP, unfortunately the man died while he was canvassing.
  15. hillbilly... I said the Alliance wouldn't last, Bob Matthews always wanted an Eastern bypass, but to give up being the biggest group on the council just because they wouldn't give Bernard Hunt a cabinet post smacks with 'throwing your toys out of the pram' because he couldn't get his own way. He has now put the Tories back in charge with them being the biggest group on the council with 12 councillors. The Alliance fought the election on lies, their main aim was to get rid of the Tories according to all their leaflets. The electorate should demand another election, and start again, they have let down the people of Herefordshire!!
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