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  1. I watched this, and was surprised to know the people concerned.
  2. What I have heard over the past few months Tony Johnson was fed up of voicing his opinion on various decisions made by the Conservative cabinet, and being told " we are the controlling party of Herefordshire Council, and as Leader you just get on with what we have decided". in other words "do as your told". That has come from a reliable source in the council. In 2019 at least 8 Conservative Cllrs are standing down therefore they will lose their majority, again from reliable source Phil Edwards is going for Leader of the Council ?
  3. Denise, will be pleased to help, can you contact me 01432 360456 for a chat, Glenda
  4. See this story in the Sun news paper, and on National page of HT he was one of the Iranian Embassy SAS
  5. Dilligaf, Herefordshire council secured from central government £27m for the SLR, it is the first part of the Hereford Bypass, the rest of the links will then over the years form the bypass. When the SLR was first thought about in 2004/5 it had a river crossing from Belmont to Breinton . The first part of this road is the piece of road going from Ross Road to Rotherwas, which is seldom used, but because Herefordshire Council didn't go back for further funding in the allotted time they lost further funding and it was never completed. Back in 2004/5 I was a new councillor for Belmont ward and canvassed the whole south wye estates going from door to door with colleagues asking people what they thought, there was some opposition to the scheme because back then they were going to build houses on greenbelt land. Now as you know they are going to take even more land and Haywood Wood to complete it and build houses.
  6. Dilligaf are you sure this is the same man as according to police report he sustain serious head injuries and is in Birmingham QE, therefore he cant be in custody to appear in court on Monday ?
  7. Denise the answer to your question is NO, they will not do anything, and the actual ward councillor for Redhill where Hillside is situated is the cabinet member for health and Social Care for the Conservatives who are selling Hillside. Having just this weekend come back out of hospital I cannot do anything at the moment but I can assure you I will be at the public consultation, and I will be taking up the fight with possibly a piece in the HT. Glenda
  8. Having been in hospital over the past week, with hospital transport home we had to take an elderly gentleman to Hillside, the paramedics advised me that they were surprised to find the gentleman had been given a bed in the kitchen the only space left in the facility. this is appalling he should not of been discharged from the hospital, and Hillside should of told them there was no bedrooms vacant . Apparently I have been advised that there is to be a public meeting about the closure to enable people to comment on the closure.
  9. While I was in Hereford hospital for two months I witness the need for Hillside, people were blocking beds, doctors were telling elderly people they needed the beds yet they were not sending people to Hillside, instead they were talking to their children and getting them to pay for nursing home care. Then people with mental health conditions were being put onto cardiac wards to give the nursing homes they came from respite, we had six people with mental health conditions in one time.
  10. Hillside is a 22 bedroom rehabilitation centre that is owned by Herefordshire Council, therefore it is the council who will probably sell the centre. Councillor Paul Rone is the cabinet member for health and social care. I spoke to him before Christmas about Hillside he told me he will come back to me when a decision has been made, But I think that decision has already been made.
  11. Ragwert, if telling the truth is out of order in your eyes, then so be it!"
  12. I have to agree with Steve and Slim on this. A few years ago when I was a councillor Albert Heinz offered to put a tram system onto the GWW, he was going to pay for the lot including the upkeep afterwards, but the council said NO, Half of the time Chris you don't know what your talking about! you spout a lode of rubbish .The whole of Newton Farm could and would use the tram including people living in Redhill If it had been your idea you would being pushing it!!!.why don't you go back to doing what you know best which is nothing. Or maybe you should be more suited to being father Christmas at the community lunch but you made a hash of that and looked totally ridiculous.
  13. The land between McDonalds and the Three Counties Hotel is actually theirs, it was on the original planning application because the waste land was part of the land of the Belmont Inn, but they chose not to build on it when they built McDonalds originally.
  14. I thought I start early, I've already bought 7 presents for Christmas 2018 in the sales.
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