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  1. They done that lower Newton Farm, and outside my home, I caught a teenage girl walking down the road with a cone, I told her to put it back and she put two fingers up to me.
  2. NO' HHL money is used on the various contract for building of new or replacement housing, recent development in South Wye started off 8 years ago with the Oval Regeneration in Newton Farm, Brummy Stokes Court, and at the end of this year replacement of Prefabs in Beattie Ave in Hunderton, they have two developments in the City, as well developments North of the City. HHL and Shropshire Council have amalgamated they are now named Conexus just in case anyone didn't know.
  3. I agree with everything Aylestone Voice has written, this was supposed to happen 50 years ago instead we got the Greyfriars bridge. The route from the south was to get houses built which in my opinion would just make the matter worse and there is no outlet to get to the north from the south. HC over the years have just wasted tax payers money on many fanciful things that cost more than the original price in the end. In regard to the new council alliance I wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw them. After just one week of being in office the Herefordshire Independent leader left the Alliance with some of the Independents because IOC caused a lot of trouble and the election promises the Alliance made to the electorate were immediately abandoned. You CANT TRUST THEM!!!
  4. I notice Graffiti on road between Charlton Ave and New Kilvert Road on Sunday
  5. He seriously injured the child as well, they were both taken to hospital, and he now been sentenced to attempted murder. It isn't only in Hunderton a man wielding a knife at his next door neighbour in Newton Farm in the past seven days as well.
  6. The reason that some of you have not received a reply to your emails, Bernard Hunt has been busy giving story to HT.
  7. Martin, if you ring the council on 260000 and follow instructions to speak to BBLP or ask the operator on this number to put you through, Glenda
  8. Dilligaf, ask Jim Kenyon how he went about it, and I'm willing to help in anyway can, Glenda
  9. Martin, don't know about tree on left, but the right hand one looks like the tree they cut right back and its got its new growth in Waterfield Road, the tree stumps looks like the field behind Sherborne Close if so that's Herefordshire Housing land.
  10. I know its not been cut, but without sounding like a stuck needle BBLP refused to cut the grass when they saw Phil Edwards cutting it!
  11. Dilligaf, Are you talking about the play area by you? if so as a part of the Oval Redevelopment if so that belongs to Herefordshire Housing, ring them on 0300 777 4321.
  12. Martin he a member of Phil Edwards Newton Farmers grass cutting team (see the photo of them both on his election leaflet) BBLP didn't do a cut because Phil Edwards did it on his sit-on machine, although HC pays BBLP to cut the grass as a part of their contract with them.
  13. Roger.... I was neither making a cheap forum and pedantic point, this story is about NF, the problem may widespread, but at this moment Megilleland post above is about NF so are all the pictures.
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