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  1. Clarkester my apologies it was easy to take your post out of context it wasn't clear what 'unfair' you were referring to. If I'm wrong I say so thanks for the clarification.
  2. I agree Dippy this thread got out of hand but if we start attacking the very people who fight to stop this behaviour then we really are doomed! I stand by everything I said, this was an important thread and it deserved some respect, which it didn't get from a number of posters. Did Paul 'over retaliate' I'm not sure if did given his daily battle trying to fight for justice for these people that needed a voice and found it in Paul. I was incensed that two posters saw fit to give the thumbs down to the thread. That action alone was not an attack on Paul but on everything contained in the top
  3. Clarkester, You stated WirralPCs post was a bit unfair? Before I respond my comment to you was more in the way of a warning to be cautious before you respond to the thread, I am also not aware of you ever having commented on any of these important issues. So there's absolutely no confusion here, let me explain what I see. Paul Cardin posts a thread containing some of this Countries 'hidden' systematic abuse and cover ups pertaining to vulnerable members of Society perpetrated by Local Councils and Senior Managers assisted by Unions and Government bodies like the IOC and sanctioned by
  4. What a mindless bunch of morons, Pete Boggs, Aylestone Voice, and TWG actually are, I had my suspicions but thank you you've confirmed it! I await your retort with eager anticipation! Paul Cardin has more integrity honesty and decency than any of you could ever hope to have! A quick recap on the issues Paul Cardin has sunk his teeth in and won't be letting go of are the systematic abuse of disabled and vulnerable adults which includes allegations of rape! Gangs forming care agencies targeting vulnerable members of our society. The rewards heaped on the likes of Bill Norman who rocked up
  5. halle ****ing lujah! I love how people suddenly find their voice when there's someone like Bobby47 leading you? Think his rant was kinda the point! Don't stand behind Bobby47 stand on your own! If you knew it was wrong, wouldn't work or was a bad idea, might have been an idea to have said sooner!
  6. Well said! The first step is to persaude the Independent Councillor in the by-election to stand down!!! Or vice versa !
  7. Another missed opportunity to enlighten the electorate!
  8. Hinton Hitman, 34 posts to date and not one of them worth a read. Glenda when you've recharged your batteries I would start explaining your comments. This game we're playing gets dirtier by the second. We the electorate trade insults with Councillors from opposing parties on a daily basis and we convince ourselves we are on the right side, human nature dictates we choose sides and we do it automatically, we are drawn to the pack mentality. We are not developing a bond of friendship with these parties, that's not the way it's supposed to be, Councillors work for the electorate you're not t
  9. Well let's face it they couldn't do a worse job, could they?
  10. Cambo where did I get the idea that you were standing from! I'm seriously more upset than I thought or like you still legless! Please accept my apologies
  11. Denise we can only move forward when we admit our mistakes and don't make them again. People need to feel free to voice their opinions and take critism on the chin hold their hands up and say 'yep' big mistake won't be doing that again! It's not a question of forgetting about it and moving on, it's not yesterday it's today and I want an assurance that they won't make the same mistake again! Has everyone forgot we had the same discussion when Jon Norris stood in Pontillas? Ok on that occassion IOC came out on top but they gambled with the electorate it was a mistake then it's was a mistake yest
  12. I'm thinking this and I've switched off that filter in my head that stops me saying something that I know is going to provoke a strong reaction but I feel I have to say it and be dammed! IOC/ Indies you knew it was a risk to stand against an independent/ IOC candidate but you did it anyway! No amount of backtracking will alter that fact. Sorry to one an all but if I had been an IOC candidate or an Independent standing in my Ward I would have stood down rather than run the risk of splitting the vote! When I hear stories commending each other on what a good Councillor the Independent/ IOC c
  13. Cloudberry the decision has already been made, the Consultation will not see the light of day! I'm afraid this will go ahead regardless of public opinion. Can someone point me to a Consultatiin that actually changed the course of action originally proposed?
  14. Absolutely agree, what's the problem here? To my mind if Glenda Vaughan Powell and Chris Chappell had joined IOC as the preferred candidate for their ward they would not have risked splitting the vote! IOC would have been stupid to have proposed an alternative Candidate to either of them!
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