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  1. Simply well done guys as a pressure group and spring board for great idea's your right up there Keep the debate up!!
  2. This is a great idea we now have a river festival established we could create a carnival to go alongside this so we could celebrate all things hereford cider,ale,hops,beef let's get a team together to drive this forward Hereford city council have supported similar things. "Voice" folks let's make this happen!!
  3. Newton farm is an interesting ward no Tory standing two Indy's One lib dem and the infamous Jamal standing for It's Our County With one county council seat and two city council seats up for grabs this is a difficult one to call knowing all the candidates they all have strengths and weakness's good luck to you all !!!
  4. free parking for late night Xmas shopping and lights switch on was hard fought for and will hopefully encourage folks to spend their money in the city the 19th and 26th were just agreed after I put pressure on for every Wednesday in the run up to Xmas, Hereford city council have paid for the lights and the event to be put on originally in conjunction with the old market switch on it seems a shame they changed there date for there switch on without speaking to us "one city" and all that.
  5. This link road is about housing not roads or easing congestion if they really wanted to make a difference they would link Rotherwas to Hampton park road via a bridge that would be money well spent!!!!
  6. Unique all car parking revenues go to the council on the new site as well so it would cost the council in lost tickets sales I don't think the administration would go for that option because they would still have the old boys site to do something with as well my thoughts are bus station best alternative option, has anyone asked the residents of central ave what they want??
  7. Thanks for your views there are a lot of things to consider one being the retained firefighters must live within 5 mins of the station so moving it to far is an issue the fire service were told the bus station is not available for at least 5 years "I will explore this" moving forward we need a fit for purpose fire station in Hfd the current one is not. Please come up with some solutions not just for the fire station but what we do with bath street I will listen and push them forward if they are viable or try and explain if there not you want to be listened to this is your chance because rest a
  8. Folks I sit on the hereford and Worcester fire authority there is a real need for a new station the old one is not fit for purpose especially with the second pump looking at becoming day crew plus they will need sleeping accommodation it could mean if they don't find an alternative quickly they may go back to the bath st option. I know there have been some alternative suggestions on this tread can I suggest you get behind one else the fight you have put up will be in vain I'm afraid to say my priority is to get a new station that is fit for purpose with the changing in crewing which keeps the
  9. Strangely enough I've had an email today from the council to set up a meeting regarding this project for mid November I will happily report back to this forum then.
  10. Brilliant news for the city just a shame the jailhouse has just announced it will be closing after Xmas one step forward and all that!!!
  11. Guys I've been pretty quite on Hereford voice of recent as I have been up to my eyeballs I have to choose my words carefully about this tread but I will say I asked for this to be scrutinised right at the beginning it was refused by cllr Bowen I have been accused of bullying council staff over the leases by a council officer "utter rubbish" I asked to see them,Tiny Johnson has shouted and been abusive towards me twice regarding this matter over the phone all very strange action when a councillor asks a question. I will be calling for a full internal investigation into the way the council has h
  12. We are still looking for helpers on the night if anyone can spare the time we are expecting a huge crowd so have geared up this year please contact me if you can either on the night or the day before when we are building the bonfire.
  13. Hi folks this is the reply I sent to dippy before reading the tread. Hi dippy this is a very frustration situation St. Paul church team are dealing with this the vicar left after being on sick leave with stress someone else took over they are waiting until they have raised all the funds to me they are going about it all the wrong way I have stayed away from the project for fear of throttling someone for dilly dialling sorry I can't throw any more light on this feel free to contact St. Paul's PCC Cheers Jim Ps Sally Hollingsworth has also stepped back from the project for the same reason
  14. You can Report it to belfour Beatty direct the councillor you need is PAUL Rone
  15. Hi guys it was a great result that this application was approved we have managed to get £277,000 contributions to the locals schools £250,000 towards roads £68,000 towards off site recreation that will be shared between the quarry and Aylestone park all that was in danger if it had gone to appeal, we could have ended up with nothing the road scheme on Hampton dene Road and Ledbury road will be looked at I'm not sure if we have got enough to get rid of the lights but I'm going to have a good go.
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