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  1. A wonderful aerial view of Hereford's Edgar Street football ground. The Merton stand was built in 1968 following the demolition of the old Edgar Street stand for road widening. The Len Weston was built in 1974. So does anyone know the history of this photo from our Old Hereford Pics archive and what year this could have been?
  2. We spoke with the staff at the Mexican food giant Chimichanga this evening following rumours on social media that they will be closing their restaurant at the Old Market Hereford in the New Year. We are informed by staff that a burger restaurant may be opening in their place but as we have stated this is only a rumour and nothing has yet been confirmed.
  3. POP stars Peter Andre and Midge will be performing at an all day concert at Hereford FC's Edgar Street ground this May! The line up for the Hereford FC Live concert that will take place at Edgar Street on 12th May has been confirmed! Peter Andre Midge Ure Five The Real Thing N-Trance Cheeky Girls American Four Tops The concert will kick off at midday and run until 11pm. General admission adult tickets are £35 plus booking fee 10years and under – £10 plus booking fee Children 2 years and under go free of charge Peter Andre: Peter Andre is an English-born Australian singer, song
  4. Club’s tenancy at Edgar Street stadium secured for 10 years Hereford Football Club has signed an agreement with Herefordshire Council (dated 19 December 2017), which will secure the club’s tenancy at the Edgar Street stadium for a further 10 years. The extended lease - which can be triggered by the club - will allow for future development of the club’s stadium as part of a wider area that is set to further improve following the opening of the Old Market shopping development and the construction of the new City Link Road. The proposed ‘Urban Village’ project, part of the Hereford
  5. Breaking News | Old Market Gateway. The proposed development will comprise up to 13,000 sq ft (1,208 sq m) of retail accommodation with 38 dedicated parking spaces. Use The property has planning consent for A1, A3 or A5 retail use (Herefordshire Council Planning Ref: P161446/F) Rental/Lease Terms Available as a single unit, or in a combination of smaller individual units. New lease(s) will be offered on F.R.I terms. Rental on application. Specification The unit(s) will be built to a developer’s shell speci cation with capped off services. A specification is available on reques
  6. I am posting from my mobile and we are currently sat in Costa Coffee, can anyone please tell us where the nearest cash point is because we cannot see one?
  7. A new pop up shop to celebrate Hereford Football Club's success at reaching the Final of the FA Vase at Wembley in May opens at The Old Market shopping centre in Hereford tomorrow - Wednesday April 20th.
  8. A tractor driver somehow lost control of his tractor & trailer this morning and hit the side of the Old Market.
  9. I noticed that the person who runs the Hereford Cattle Market development FB Page is a tad upset reading these comments;
  10. Here is a link to the Old Market Website, I thought that they would of come up with a more modern attractive name other than 'Old Market' and I was expecting new modern glass fronted buildings, but it looks like it's mainly bricks.. Why on earth has nobody had the sense to built a glass roofed 'footbridge' from the new 'Old Market' complex over the main road directly into Maylord Orchards or somewhere near Tesco's? Thus having the best of both worlds and connecting the City Centre, instead of possibly isolating it. (This is what they have done at Cabot Circus in Bristol and it works perfect
  11. I was wondering around the OLM this evening and noticed that the Wildwood Kitchen has opened its doors. Anyone tried it yet?
  12. Sad to see, but Hereford's last BP garage in Edgar Street has finally closed its doors, Arrow next door is empty too.
  13. I love this, hardly 'Free Parking' I will never understand this. So they want us all to go to their shopping centre but we have to pay to park. I have just returned from Poland most of the shopping centres offer 'Free Parking' to encourage customers and also put of Free Buses in many places too.
  14. 26 November 2014 As stated on two previous occasions (4 August and 29 October), the council’s General Overview and Scrutiny Committee will undertake a full and thorough review on the process through which Herefordshire Council and Hereford United Football Club (1939) Limited concluded the three leases and development agreement relating to the Edgar Street ground after all pending legal action against the club has been concluded. For the avoidance of doubt, Herefordshire Council neither runs nor owns Hereford United Football Club (1939) Limited. Councillor Sebastian Bowen Chairman
  15. Wagamama Japanese Restaurant & Noodle Bar Now Open In Hereford. restaurant details addressunit 25 the old market shopping centre widemarsh street hereford HR4 9HR phone - 01432 367808 opening times: monday 11:30am - 10:00pm tuesday 11:30am - 10:00pm wednesday 11:30am - 10:00pm thursday 11:30am - 10:00pm friday 11:30am - 11:00pm saturday 11:30am - 11:00pm sunday 11:30am - 10:00pm capacity: 90 outdoor capacity: 20
  16. I went to the Old Market Hereford last evening around 6.20pm to find half the shops closed? Joules, Vodafone, Fat Face and Pandora all closed, I thought this centre was supposed to be open until 8pm every week night?
  17. I'm not knocking it because Hereford city needs it But "when does the development finish"?? I'm sure somebody said just before the first brick was laid that it would be late March early April. The reason I'm asking is that I've drove past the site a number of times and it seems to me that it may take a lot longer, Or will 'only parts' of the site be open first??
  18. CAR park prices at the Old Market in Hereford have been released. The prices are exactly the same as the Maylord Orchards car park, although Maylords is cheaper on Sundays. There will be 600 car park spaces available at the Old Market, including 31 disabled bays and 22 parent and child spaces. Merton Meadow car park is £2 all day. Old Market Car Park Charges 1 hour: £1.20 2 hours: £2.40 3 hours: £3.60 4 hours: £4.80 5 hours: £6.50 6 hours: £8.80 Over 6 hours: £10.50
  19. YOUR BRAND NEW CINEMA – ODEON HEREFORD OPENS 22nd MAY “Through our previous cinema site in Hereford, we are thrilled to have been part of the community for over 14 years and our recent investment in the area demonstrates our ongoing commitment to provide our guests with the best cinema experience possible. We are thrilled to be part of the Old Market development, it’s a great addition to the town and we’d like to thank our loyal ODEON film fans for their support. The team are very much looking forward to welcoming guests from Hereford and the surrounding areas to the brand new ODEON
  20. - The only new retail & leisure development to open in 2014 - British Land and Stanhope are pleased to announce that the £90 million Old Market shopping centre in Hereford opened today. The scheme is the only significant retail development to open this year and the first major retail development in Hereford for 25 years. Old Market was developed by Stanhope and funded by British Land, who now takes ownership of the scheme. Full Article Here
  21. I have heard from a very reliable source that the Old Market Shopping Centre will not be ready by the 17th and the opening has been delayed by 2 weeks! New opening date is May 9th. The developers will have penalties of up to £60,000 per day. Remember we're you heard it first!
  22. What's with all the wood?? It always gets me why do developers use wood on new projects? I suspect they would argue in this case that it lets in more light for cars going up the ramp onto the roof top parking but they could of used similar materials to what they have used around the other side near to the new cinema, which looks a lot more modern and better in my view. It's obviously cheaper! However, in a few years time it will go grey or even black in colour and look terrible. Have a look at the Courtyard Theatre, they have had to replace some and that looks even worse!! The rel
  23. The Old Market Leasing brochure attached Old-Market-Brochure.pdf
  24. Widemarsh Gate and Newmarket Street Improvement Works – 31st March – 7th April. Footpath works – Widemarsh Gate – works will continue in Widemarsh Gate with a single lane in either direction. Widemarsh Gate - works to the corners of Widemarsh Gate will continue in preparation of the resurfacing works. As work progress the pedestrian crossing points will be moved to the eastern side to accommodate paving works, as much advanced notice will be given prior to moving. Newmarket Street – north and south footpaths will continue. Two lanes will remain open for westbound tra
  25. Wagamama - Japanese Restaurant & Noodle Bar also joining the Old Market. Jobs advertised HERE
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