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    Duck Pond Clean Up 2021

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    I met up with Keith Marston yesterday morning to discuss how we can move forward with our Duck Pond Project.


    We have agreed our next clean up day will be on Sunday 24th October from 0900-1400.

    I think we need to have a good general clean up, remove any litter and objects from within the Pond, where it's safe to do so.

    There is plenty of weeding and the clearance of overgrowth from the immediate area around the main part of the Pond and surrounding gardens as well as the other end near to the Fosse.

    As a group we can check the fencing and decide an action plan for a bigger event in the Spring of 2022, but at least we can get things moving in October.

    We have already secured funds for aeration pumps and we will also look at purchasing these with a view to having them installed hopefully in the Spring or sometime next year.

    A full nature plan is what is required with tree surveys etc so we are looking forward to discussing all of these ideas with Herefordshire Council and Hereford City Council.

    There are some local groups who are also keen to get involved such as our Friends of the Castle Green.

    I have left a message for George Watkins at the Castle Hotel and I have had a good long chat on the phone tonight with Jim Kenyon to see how we move this forward. Jim has some really good ideas, which we welcome.

    So please let us know if you can Join us again folks? We need your help! You all did amazing work with us on this project and we would love to see you all again this time.

    Make a note in your diaries!

    SUNDAY 24th OCTOBER 2021 - 0900-1400

    Breaking News | New Hereford Gift Cards

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    Hereford City Life’ backed by Hereford BID are launching the ‘Hereford Gift Card’!

    They are launching a brand new gift card to help encourage customers to spend their money with local Hereford businesses.


    The Hereford Gift Card is a pre-paid ‘Master Card’ based programme, that can be accepted by independents and nationals within Hereford city centre.


    The new Hereford Gift Card can be purchased as a gift for a family member or friend or even to give to someone to say thank you. The gift card is just like any other gift card that you see on the high street and you will be able to use it to spend in many of the local shops, cafés, restaurants and bars and all participating businesses in Hereford City Centre including Marks and Spencers, Primark, New Look, Timothy Hawkins Gallery, Saxtys, Pleasance and Harper, Toni and Guy, Fox and Mabel...to name but a few however, a full list of those participating businesses will be provided once the gift card is launched in the next few months, just in time for Christmas!!


    This scheme is another great way to encourage visitors to shop and spend with your business and can benefit many sectors, including retail, hospitality, leisure and service. 

    How do I register?

    To register your business as an approved Hereford Gift Card location, please visit the registration page here https://hfd.news/kwj and follow the steps outlined.


    Being an approved location for the Hereford Gift Card will cost you nothing other than the levy you already pay to us. Every penny the customer spends on the card will be loaded on the card too - there are no hidden fees!

    What if I have more questions?

    If you have more queries about the Hereford Gift Card and registering your businesses, you can find FAQs on the Hereford BID website using our link - https://hfd.news/2so or alternatively, please feel free to contact Hereford BID by email info@herefordbid.co.uk 

    Historical Hereford | Hereford City Coat of Arms

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    On our recent visit to the Town Hall our friend John Marshall explained the history of the Coat of Arms and we are so pleased that he has put all of the incredible history into writing for your reading pleasure!


    It's been 376 since Hereford was under siege from the Scottish!

    The infamous battle resulted in the creation of Hereford's Coat of Arms, and the two stories are closely intertwined.

    In 1189, King Richard I gave the City its first royal charter, and with it came Hereford's first Coat of Arms, but the remainder of the design dates much later, to 1645, at which time the realm was in a state of Civil War.

    The City of Hereford stood for the King, and was stationed with Royalist troops. The garrison for the City, however, was very small, no more than 150-200 men at most. Then, a large Scottish force of 14,000 men marched to attack Hereford - mercenary troops fighting for Cromwell. They surrounded the City with the intention of capturing it, confidant that they could defeat the vastly outnumbered Royalists.

    However... the citizens of Hereford joined with the soldiers in the garrison, enacting the duties of fighting men so well that they kept the invading Scottish troops at bay for approximately five weeks. The enemy was unable to make a single penetration of the City's defences during this time, their only achievement being the destruction of one span of the old bridge over the Wye and dislodging a few stones from the City walls.

    In the end, the Scots gave up trying to capture the City and retreated, leaving the Royal Standard flying in triumph over the City. King Charles I, upon hearing of this, was delighted and full of praise for the citizens of Hereford. So much so, that he visited the City in order to thank them personally for their success, and made the Grant of Arms which the City now possesses.

    The shield on the coat was given ten crosses in white and blue, representing the surrounding forces of the Scottish troops. The motto for the City, which is also on the Coat, was granted; INVICTAE FIDELITATIS PRAEMIUM - which means; "Reward for faithfulness unconquered". A lion crest can now be seen on the top of the Coat, signifying loyalty and defence of the Crown. The helmet below the lion is also very rare, and is only found on the Coat of one other authority in England - the City of London.

    Full story of the Coat of Arms HERE


    Hay festival in disarray as director quits

    By megilleland,

    In The Guardian today:

    Hay festival in disarray as director quits after bullying claim upheld

    Exit of Peter Florence adds to list of woes that include two years of Covid cancellations and a sex assault claim against a Gulf royal.

    You could write a book on this!

    Search and Rescue Teams Deployed in Hereford Late Saturday Night

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service deployed boat crews from Hereford and Worcester stations, a drone was used from Ledbury Fire Station and another fire crew from Fownhope were all mobilised to reports of a person in the River Wye in Hereford.


    A Police helicopter was seen hovering over the River Wye using a search light and emergency services were near to the Bunch of Carrots. The incident was finally left with West Mercia Police

    We reported the story late last night here https://hfd.news/kud

    Old Hereford Pics | Coal Train Travelling Along the Great Western Way Hereford

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    Here's a wonderful photo of one of the regular coal trains crossing the river along the Great Western Way from our Old Hereford Pics archive.


    Who remembers when the trains were active along the GWW?

    Positive Hereford | Resurfacing Works Completed at Sellack Boat in Herefordshire

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    Herefordshire Council teams have recently completed a programme of resurfacing and drainage works on the U71005 - Sellack Boat, Kings Caple in Herefordshire



    Hereford Town Hall Freehold Disposal to be Considered

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    The freehold disposal of Hereford Town Hall is being discussed at a meeting set for August 6th


    It's not a simple 'yes or no question' because this is public money that needs to be spent!

    There are huge maintenance costs to consider, many of the county's historical buildings require regular maintenance and the Hereford Town Hall needs at least £2.5M spending on it immediately just to bring it up to standard, but there is a lot more work required. This is mainly down to the lack of ongoing maintenance since back to the 1990's.

    The reason for this consideration, from our understanding, is that the Town Hall could be sold to the Hereford City Council and or including a possible 3rd party (CIC) which will be discussed further at the meeting on August 6th 2021. A community interest company (CIC) is a special form of non-charitable limited company, which exists primarily to benefit a community or with a view to pursuing a social purpose, rather than to make a profit for shareholders. Therefore, access to finance – whether through provide donors, grants or community development finance – may lead a social enterprise to operate as a CIC rather than as a standard company. These funding options such as grants etc are available to CIC's but this source of funding would not be available to a Council. 

    Councillor Gemma Davies, cabinet member for commissioning, procurement and assets, said that in setting this year’s budget, it was vital £11.2 million in savings was identified, including new approaches to managing council assets.


    “We are in discussions with Hereford City Council around the transfer of Hereford Town Hall to their ownership,”

    she said.


    “The possibility of a community asset transfer has been explored, however, a receiving organisation has not been found to date, so the council is now also considering other options.

    “We appreciate how much local people and visitors love the town hall. It is a beautiful, historic building, and we have not taken this decision lightly."

    Hereford Town Hall was built in 1904 and is a Grade II Listed building.

    In order to bring the Hereford Town Hall and other historical buildings across the county up to standard would most likely result in a increase in Council Tax, so the real question here is; 

    'Would you prefer in increase in your Council Tax or for Herefordshire Council to consider these other options'?

    Council Leader confirms changes to Cabinet

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    Leader of Herefordshire Council, Cllr David Hitchiner, has announced changes to Cabinet Member portfolios, to take effect from 1 August 2021.

    Leader of Herefordshire Council, Cllr David Hitchiner

    Councillor Pauline Crockett will step down from Cabinet due to personal reasons, but will continue her duties as a ward member.

    Councillor Felicity Norman is the new Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Wellbeing, and Councillor Jenny Bartlett will continue as Cabinet Support Member.

    Councillor Diana Toynbee’s Children’s and Family Services portfolio returns to the full list of responsibilities which Councillor Felicity Norman had when she had this portfolio, but with the addition of Councillor Kath Hey who is appointed as an additional Cabinet Support to support Young People’s Attainment, including post-16 education, training and skills development.

    This additional support role is important to reflect the responsibilities that Councillor Toynbee has concerning the Improvement journey in Children’s Services and also the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on young people and to ensure that the county’s education and skills are aligned and delivered effectively.

    The new Cabinet will come into effect from Sunday 1 August 2021:

    • Councillor David Hitchiner - Leader of Herefordshire Council / Corporate strategy and budget
    • Councillor Liz Harvey – Deputy Leader of Herefordshire Council / Finance, Corporate Services and Planning
    • Councillor Diana Toynbee - Children’s and Family Services, and Young People’s Attainment
    • Councillor Gemma Davies - Commissioning, Procurement and Assets
    • Councillor Ellie Chowns – Environment and Economy
    • Councillor Felicity Norman - Health and Adult Wellbeing
    • Councillor John Harrington - Infrastructure and Transport
    • Councillor Ange Tyler - Housing, Regulatory Services and Community Safety

    News | Police issue statement after Youtube video is published

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    West Mercia Police wrote;



    "A statement from Superintendent Edd Williams following videos that have recently been circulating on social media.

    “We’re aware of two videos circulating on social media filmed at Leominster and Hereford Police Stations showing our officers engaging with a man who was filming in a public place, outside the police station.

    Whilst anyone can legally film in a public place there are security and safety considerations around filming police buildings.

    Our officers are trained to measure the threat, harm and risk of incidents and act accordingly, and where necessary will challenge individuals.

    “However, while it is only right that officers do challenge individuals this should be done in a friendly, professional and appropriate manner.

    We recognise the behaviour of one officer in the videos is not to the standard we would expect when engaging with the public and have spoken to the officer about this.

    “Our officers will continue to be proactive in addressing security concerns in and around police premises, which is as much about protecting the public as it is our own workforce.”


    Hereford Video https://youtu.be/10BTI0woGfU

    Leominster Video https://youtu.be/cWlN_NLBJtk

    #HerefordVoice | #HerefordNews | #LeominsterNews

    Breaking News | Hereford Old Bridge To Reopen End of September

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    In line with government advice on the removal of many Covid-19 restrictions, Herefordshire Council will begin the process of removing some Emergency Active Travel Measures following the 19 July 2021. 


    Some measures will be removed in the weeks following the 19th July, whilst the removal of others will follow after the summer to allow a more sensible and balanced return to pre-Covid streetscapes. 

    The initial elements to be removed are:

    • Footway widening in High Street Bromyard, Broad Street and King Street Hereford
    • Temporary 20mph limits in Hereford and the Market Towns
    • Highway Covid warning signage in Ross on Wye & Kington
    • Friday closure of High Street Leominster
    • Extension to closure time of Widemarsh Street Hereford

    Elements to be removed at the end of September:

    • Old Wye Bridge Closure Hereford
    • Footway widening in Bridge Street Hereford

    The following elements are to remain for the time being:

    • Closure of Aubrey Street Hereford
    • Advisory cycle lane on Ledbury Road Hereford

    Cllr John Harrington, Cabinet member for Infrastructure and Transport, said: 


    “In line with the government’s advice that social distancing and other restrictions are no longer mandatory, we will start to return roads and pavements back to their original layout. 

    “During this period many hospitality outlets have applied for pavement licences which we have been happy to support to allow these local Herefordshire businesses to trade as best as possible. Businesses will be able to continue trading until these licences expire at the end of September, so that they and patrons can enjoy the summer and school holidays.

    “After some consideration we have decided to keep the Old Bridge closed to non-pedestrian or cycling traffic (except emergency vehicles, buses and taxis) until the end of September. We have seen significant increases in walking and cycling in this area during the partial closure and I hope businesses who were initially nervous have seen the benefits of slower and less congested streets. The footway widening in Bridge Street will remain in place until 30 September to support the continuing closure of the Old Bridge and street pavement licences.         

    “I want to thank everyone for their input over the last few months, I know these measures were not universally popular but I believe this period of restrictions has allowed us to see a different way of using our streets. I am committed to providing the best environment for both continued use of motor vehicles in the centre of Hereford whilst encouraging better walking and cycling routes and better use of our pavements for hospitality outlets. 

    “We are working towards a masterplan for the City environs and will consult fully with all stakeholders and the public to get the best input for the vision we hopefully all share for our vibrant city and market towns.” 


    Hereford City Centre Shrinking!

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    Over the past few years, we have noticed more and more planning applications to change use from shops to residential flats and accommodation. Again today plans have been submitted here for 145 Eign Street



    Proposed variation of condition 2 of planning permission 163094 (Proposed change of use of shop to two flats and new dormer window to south elevation) minor changes to layout and change from Dormer to roof extension.

    Hereford shops are slowly disappearing and Herefordshire Council are often granting these plans. We will attempt to start highlighting each of these applications to show the scale of this trend from the Council.


    How plans were passed in Eign Street for this lot previously is beyond comprehension, how is this in keeping with the surrounding area? These buildings bricked up look horrendous! 

    Overgrown hedges, untidy kerbs and overflowing litter bins

    By megilleland,

    How tidy is your street, your estate. Seen any rats yet? We have had tree cuttings left on the ground since July 2020 even though they were reported several times since , there is even a Christmas Tree lying on the ground.

    It appears the council can take away a useful litter bin, but can't empty the ones which regularly overflow. Could that be the reason for the problem? If we didn't have several volunteers who take it on themselves to try and keep Newton Farm tidy we would be under a land fill site by now.

    Have you seen any councillors walking around the estate? What's their impression? Maybe they would like to knock on a few doors and seek residents views, but now the elections are over I imagine they have gone back down their burrows.



    Positive News | New waste strategy for Herefordshire

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    Reduce, reuse, recycle, recover – a new way for managing waste


    Reducing the amount of waste we produce, and reusing and recycling where possible, benefits the county and the environment, and is the aim of a new waste strategy for Herefordshire agreed at the council’s cabinet meeting today (29 July).

    The new waste strategy sets out the changes that will be taking place to the way that household and business waste is collected and then treated, and schemes that support and encourage a reduction in the amount of waste being produced. These include:

    • Reduce – promoting schemes that reduce the amount we throw away such as community fridge schemes
    • Reuse – supporting organisations that repair and reuse items, community share schemes and encouraging donations to charity
    • Recycle – composting garden waste, supporting people to recycle more
    • Recover – introducing a new kerbside food waste collection and producing energy from food waste

    The small proportion of waste remaining will only then go to landfill.

    The strategy also sets out changes to the black bin and recycling collections based on feedback from a resident consultation held earlier this year, when around 3,500 people told us what worked well for them and what could be improved about their kerbside collection service.

    A number of pilot schemes will trial these changes to see what works best, so that they can be introduced across the county in the most effective way.Cllr Gemma Davies, cabinet member commissioning, procurement and assets said:



    “We want to introduce and support more ways for people to reuse and recycle, reduce the amount of waste we all produce and ultimately reduce what goes to landfill, as this benefits residents and communities and is better for the environment. Our new waste strategy sets out clear measures to achieve this.

    “The council’s waste collection and disposal contracts are due to end in 2024. It is important that we use this opportunity to align our waste strategy with our vision for a more sustainable county and our declared climate and ecological emergency, and to fully consider how to make changes to meet the requirements of the government’s 2018 Resources and Waste Strategy for England.

    “I am particularly excited to see how we can work with our local communities to support and encourage people to reuse and recycle more. They do say one person’s trash is another person’s treasure - and we have set an ambitious target to increase the amount of recycling in the county. We also intend to make better use of our garden waste for composting and food waste to produce energy.”


    The new waste strategy, as well as the outcome of the rubbish and recycling consultation, can be found on the Herefordshire Council website.

    Hereford Police appeal for information following racially aggravated assault in Hereford.

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    Police in Hereford are appealing for information following a racially aggravated assault in the city.

    The incident happened in the Church Street area of the city at around 4.00pm on Wednesday 7 July 2021. The victim sustained facial injuries as a result.

    Officers are appealing for any witnesses to come forward with information and are particularly interested in identifying the man shown in the image below.


    If you have any information please contact PC Karol Kujawa on 07971 395081 quoting incident number 369i of the 7th July 2021 or report anonymously using the Tell Us About section of the website.

    Breaking News | Hereford Man Charged with Attempted Murder

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,


    Following on from our article yesterday here 👉 https://hfd.news/hwo Andrew Thompson, aged 52, Hereford, has been charged with attempt murder and will appear in Kidderminster Magistrates’ Court today (Thursday 29 July).

    He has been charged in relation to an incident that occurred in the early hours of Tuesday (27 July) in Dartmouth Court, Hereford.

    The cordons have now been released and we would like thank the community for their patience and help with our investigation.

    Breaking News | Hereford man arrested for attempt murder

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    Officers have arrested a 52-year-old man from Hereford on suspicion of attempted murder.


    The arrest was made after police were alerted to an incident at an address in Dartmouth Court at 2.12am on Tuesday 27 July.

    A man has received treatment for stab injuries to his neck and abdomen, he is now in a stable condition.

    A cordon remains in place at Dartmouth Court.

    The 52-year-old remains in custody while the investigation continues.

    We are asking for members of the public that may have seen or heard anything suspicious in the area of Dartmouth Court between 2am - 3am on Tuesday 27 July to please contact us via the website or via 101 quoting reference 55i of 27 July.

    Water companies to raise prices due to Covid

    By megilleland,

    UK water firms can raise prices temporarily to offset Covid costs

    The UK’s water regulator is to allow utility companies to increase prices temporarily starting next year to offset higher bad debt costs because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Water companies from April will bear 25% of bad debt costs where these are more than 2% of non-household revenue, and non-household customers will bear the rest, the Water Services Regulation Authority (Ofwat) said in a statement.

    The regulator added that the adjustments to price caps would apply for a minimum of two years.

    Utilities have been struggling with a sharp drop in water consumption by businesses as virus restrictions have moved people out of office buildings and into remote working, while defaults have also been rising.

    The largest water companies in the UK include Thames Water, United Utilities, Severn Trent and the South West Water owner, Pennon.

    “These decisions aim to protect the interests of non-household customers in the short and longer term … as the business retail market continues to feel the impacts of Covid-19,” said Georgina Mills, Ofwat’s business retail market director.


    I would have thought that if there is a drop in water consumption and people using meters to save water, I can't see why water companies can ask for more money, but it's no surprise. Same with all the other utilities - they have got the public over a water barrell.

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