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    What's going to happen after Coronavirus?

    By megilleland,

    What's going to happen after Coronavirus

    Where are we going when Coronavirus fades away and the government has run its course in keeping us at home.The sheer economic disaster coming and affecting everyone is already being discussed by some MPs. One remedy is to impose a one off wealth tax. The idea is that everyone – households and businesses, rich and poor – has to pay a sum equivalent to a chunk of their net assets. This would reverse taxation regimes across the world which tax income far more than the taxation of wealth.

    Ed Conway, the economics editor at Sky News, writing in the Times, roughly calculates that a one-off 10 percent levy on all household net wealth in the UK would generate over £1 trillion ($1.24 trillion) of revenues. That would be enough to pay off all the costs of Covid-19. It would provide for the NHS for generations and reduce the national debt from wartime levels to something more like normality. 

    The government reduction plans for local authority council funding on the basis that the shortfall can be made up with councils keeping the collection of business rates now looks a dead duck.

    The desire to give us all an identity card accompanied with a vaccination certificate looks pretty certain. Get ready for all citizens to be given a free smartphone and be fined if not carried on one's person at all times to enable tracking at all times.

    This quote says it all:

    “The telephone was not his favorite object, and more than once he had considered getting rid of his. What he disliked most of all was its tyranny. Not only did it have the power to interrupt him against his will, but inevitably he would give in to its command.”
    ― Paul Auster, City of Glass

    A Time Tour of Hereford

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    We received this absolutely wonderful creative short film from James Fox back in 2018, looking at different parts of Hereford over the last few years and centuries. This is brilliant!

    Thank you James Fox for sending us your work, we love it!

    Saving the planet?

    By megilleland,

    Saving the planet?

    Somebody every couple of months deposits a bag of cat litter and other items behind the garages between Muir Close and Sherborne Close and expects somebody to dispose of their waste. This is usually done by myself on a regular weekly litter pick. However I can't be bothered to tidy this mess up after this waster left his rubbish again behind the garages and some other idiot thought it would be fun to kick the contents over the footpath for others to walk through. Don't these people have waste bins to dispose of their waste properly.


    People (usually the younger generation) go on about saving the planet from pollution yet most of the litter I pick up is drink cans, fast food wrappings, scratch cards and sweet papers. A lot of the cans of drinks are labelled energy drinks, but obviously those drinking these have not got the strength to throw the items into waste bins. There are three bins in my area close to the local shop - why don't they use them?

    These plastic tops of drinks bottles are easily washed down the drains and need to be attached to the bottle.


    Another twist to recycling is the habit of some people putting a quantity of cans and bottles in black plastic bags. These are usually left by the waste bins or recycling bins. However the council will not recycle black plastic bags and leave the items on the footpath or behind outbuildings were they are dumped. The streets on our estates are now littered regularly, the drains blocked and kerbs overgrown with weeds. Slowly and surely this adds to the blighting of the area and our planet which the younger future generation couldn't care less about.



    📣 News | Contactless Purchase Limit Increases Tomorrow from £45 to £100 💳

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    Contactless Limit Increases to £100


    The maximum amount was increased from £30 to its current level at the start of the pandemic, and plans to raise it further were announced in the Budget.

    The pandemic accelerated a move away from cash, with shoppers often being encouraged to use contactless in many stores to reduce close contact between staff and customers. Nearly two-thirds of all debit card transactions are made via the tap-and-go technology.

    The decision to raise the upper limit from £45 to £100, breaking away from EU-wide limitations, was made by the Treasury and the Financial Conduct Authority in the wake of a public consultation and discussions with banks and the retail sector.

    UK Finance, the body representing banks, said the rollout would begin on 15 October, with some retailers accepting the higher payments straight away.

    It said terminals would need to be updated, and that it would take “some time” for the £100 limit to be available at all checkouts.

    If you are worried about misuse, check with your bank / banking app as some will allow you to set a cap or limit, or to deactivate the contactless option completely.

    JOURNEY TO YOUR CENTRE – THE ART OF MEDITATION Thursday 7 October – Wednesday 3 November

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    Hereford Cathedral will be hosting an exhibition of abstract pictures exploring meditation this Autumn.


    Journey To Your Centre – The Art of Meditation explores the practice of stilling, in order to experience the presence of God's love within. The exhibition by Bath based visual artist, Stephen Magrath will consist of eight different artworks which can provoke contemplation and reflection. Creating the paintings, which often feature circles and repeated pattern, acts as a meditative process for the artist and invites the viewer to centre themselves and discover inner peace.

    Stephen is an art teacher and meditation group leader who has exhibited his work nationwide. His work is motivated by an interest in health and a desire to contribute to the creative, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of himself and others in his community. He has qualifications in Social Psychology, Fine Art and Art Therapy and his work is in various collections including Wellcome Images, the University of Bath and Royal United Hospital Bath.

    Stephen Magrath, said: “This series of paintings and drawings are about inner movement towards an experience of peace, harmony and wholeness. Although essentially abstract they employ external geometric forms such as spheres, spirals and grids. I have worked up my designs on a variety of papers using graphite, ink, watercolour and marker pens.”

    The Revd Canon Chris Pullin, Chancellor at Hereford Cathedral, said: “We are delighted to be able to host this exhibition of pictures that focuses us on the practice of meditation.  In a world where there is so much distraction, noise, busyness and loss of spiritual repose, it is vital that we all find help in ‘returning to the centre’.  So many of the problems of the present age will only be healed when the human spirit is healed and at peace.  This exhibition presents us with a way of meditating that can bring us to the source of that healing.”

    Journey To Your Centre – The Art of Meditation will be on display in the North Transept of the cathedral from Thursday 7 October – Wednesday 3 November 2021 during normal cathedral opening hours.


    Event | A Fabulous Evening with Ian Rivers 🚣‍♂️ rowsentinel

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    An insightful and exciting evening with Guinness World Record holder Ian Rivers.


    Join Ian Rivers on 19th November 2021 from 6.30pm for an inspiring and thrilling evening.

    In May 2021 Ian Rivers embarked on a solo unsupported row across the North Atlantic from New York to the Isles of Scilly. Using only a sextant as the main form of navigation, this 3,100 nautical mile crossing tested human endurance, navigation and seamanship to the absolute limit. He has become the first Guinness World Record holder for rowing unsupported solo from New York.

    We followed Ian and Sentinel from the beginning and wow what a journey it was!

    A fabulous adventure, full of twists and turns and some terrifying force 10 storms too, Ian is not only a brave man he was clearly very determined and completed his task, making history and becoming a 'Guiness World Record' Holder!

    The row was designed to raise money for the Special Air Service Regimental Association (SASRA) and St Michael's Hospice - Hereford, whilst also raising awareness of the mental health challenges facing serving and veteran personnel.

    Spend an evening finding out about this remarkable man, and even have the opportunity to ask questions.

    What's On

    • 6.30pm – Welcome drink and ‘Sentinel’ boat on display
    • 7.00pm – Two-course meal *Curry & naan bread followed by lemon meringue pie
    • 7.45pm – An interview with Ian Rivers
    • 8.45pm – Charity auction
    • 9.00pm – Q&A with Ian Rivers
    • 9.15pm – Event ends

    Date | Friday 19th November 2021 - 6.30pm - 9.15pm

    Venue | Bartestree Village Hall, Ledbury Road, Bartestree, Herefordshire HR1 4BY

    Tickets are limited so we would suggest booking early to avoid disappointment - £25

    Book here 👉 https://www.st-michaels-hospice.org.uk/.../an-evening.../

    Free onsite parking

    #HerefordVoice | #HVEvent | #HerefordNews

    Launching Today | HEREFORD LIVE

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    Launching Today | 'HEREFORD LIVE'


    After months of work behind the scenes today we are pleased to announce 'HEREFORD LIVE'

    LIVE FEED https://hfd.news/k17

    Hereford Voice have completely sponsored Hereford's first LIVE HD Webcam from the heart of of fabulous city!

    Check out the panoramic view of The Victoria Bridge and the River Wye hosted by our good friends at The Pavilion, Castle Green in Hereford.

    Part of the Skyline network of high definition panoramic webcams scattered around the world with the sole goal of promoting tourism, art and culture!

    Statistics | You will be able to see how many people are online libe as well as how many visitors there have been viewing our fantastic city.

    Web | www.herefordlive.uk

    Host | https://www.castlegreenpavilion.co.uk

    If you have a great view in Herefordshire that you would like to share and are interested in having a LIVE webcam sponsored by Hereford Voice please get in touch.

    Premium | If you would like to view any of the cameras on the network it is completely FREE but there is just one 5 second advert however, for a small fee of €9.50 per year you can go Premium. The Premium option allows access to features and services that will render your navigation experience on SkylineWebcams more exciting.

    With Premium you can explore the site without ads, view webcams in Full Screen mode, quickly access your favourite webcams, take pictures and share them on the site, communicate with other users thanks to the chat, travel from one corner of the globe to another in just a few seconds with the interactive map and the search engine.

    Belmont Parish Councillors Planting Bluebell Bulbs Early Today

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    Community | Belmont Parish Councillors and Herefordshire County Councillor Tracy Bowes, have been up early this morning planting 500 bluebell bulbs, daffodils and trees on Jubilee Field in Belmont.

    They still have lots of daffodils and snowdrops to plant.

    243817539_340038851229581_6408691606191382442_n.jpg.c4a14f4a8cd6109125ba8a12ba2d056d.jpg 244016675_2169840246501933_569630466137898779_n.jpg.6c79603d103371e5b5becd071f9547d9.jpg 

    244683704_908140550125185_4844276281729104886_n.jpg.5e358ae600e1ef78ef157c41f10f88dd.jpg 244482485_572871500728405_7840151114679747069_n.jpg.454a8ec914e4d95fd7c6ad1930f846a9.jpg

    Well done to everyone involved. 👏


    Herefordshire Bridge Forced To Close After Being Hit By Vehicle

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    Traffic & Travel | EMERGENCY ROAD CLOSURE C1122 - MARDEN - Laystone Bridge, road closed for safety after a vehicle hit the bridge, see images below ⬇️



    Tanners Wines Named National Wine Retailer Runner Up

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    Congratulations to Tanners Wines who have been named National Wine Retailer runner up in the Decanter Awards 


    “We're thrilled to be named Runner Up in such a prestigious category”, said James Tanner, chairman. “This is a testament to the hard work from all of the Tanners team. It means so much to us!"

    Tanners Wines have branches in Hereford, Shrewsbury, Chester, Bridgnorth, Llandudno and Welshpool.

    New Book Of Writing By Herefordshire Men Living With Mental Health

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    ‘Cathartic, a little bit scary and ultimately immensely rewarding’

    A group of men in Herefordshire who have been living with mental ill health have produced a book of their own writing.


    Further Beyond Words showcases original poetry and short stories by men who use creative writing to help them deal with anxiety, depression or other mental health issues.

    Many of the 20 poems and stories delve into darker urges and emotions in a cathartic way, while others express hope, positivity and a sense of recovery.

    Herefordshire-based horticulturalist, broadcaster and writer Monty Don, who has faced his own struggles with mental illness, wrote the foreword, and all artwork is by students at Hereford College of Arts.

    The book is a result of a collaboration between two prominent Hereford-based mental health champions and FurtherBeyond, a local creative writing project.

    The two main driving forces, Euan McPherson, chief executive of Hereford Services for Independent Living (who also supports Hereford Men’s Mental Health group), and Cllr Paul Stevens, Mayor of Hereford, have experienced mental ill health themselves – and both have contributed poems.

    Euan said:


    “Our hope is that Further Beyond Words will help raise awareness of men’s mental health issues and inspire others to try creative or personal writing.”

    Paul said:


    “When we started seeing all the great writing by members of the group and others, Euan and I felt it would be timely to help the men share their work and hopefully, in turn, encourage others. We’re delighted that HCA students were inspired to provide such fantastic illustrations.”

    One contributor, who uses the pen-name BlackDog, said:



    “I'd never considered putting pen to paper before it was suggested by the HMMH group as an opportunity. Suddenly I’d found a way of expressing emotions and feelings that I was otherwise unable to convey - not just to other people but even to myself.

    ‘Using creative writing as a recovery tool was cathartic, a little bit scary and ultimately immensely rewarding.”


    Another contributor, known as Glyn, said:


    “I found the whole process of of writing my feelings down expressively and sharing them hugely beneficial. Through this book I’m hoping that someone else is helped in a similar way.”

    Monty Don writes in his foreword:

    “There is still far too much ignorance, shame and fear surrounding mental illness. So it is especially important that publications like this, as well as being a celebration of the creativity that can emerge from troubled minds and troubled times, can help confront these attitudes.

    ‘Art, of all kinds, can put our own minds right and can change others’ minds.”

    Funding was provided by Herefordshire Community Foundation and Great Places.

    The book will be available for purchase from the Services for Independent Living website www.s4il.co.uk with all proceeds going to support Hereford Men's Mental Health (HMMH) group – Further details to follow.


    📣 Hereford Cops Appeal for Information Following Incident Near Newton St Margarets, Herefordshire.

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    Yesterday (05/10/2021) a group of males were discovered digging a Badger sett close to the River Dulas. The group were subsequently located near a parked car where they threatened a local resident with baseball bats. The four males then left in a silver Peugeot estate (possibly a 54 plate).


    If anyone has any information about this incident then you are asked to get in touch quoting incident 449_i_05102021. Information can be passed online at www.westmercia.police.uk or via 101. Anonymous information can be passed via Crimestoppers.

    Badger baiting is a barbaric and archaic activity where terrier like dogs are sent into setts to locate Badgers. The group will then dig down when the dog has located a Badger. The group will remove the Badger and force it to fight a number of large, powerful dogs. The Badger is usually killed by the dogs or beaten to death by the group. The dogs involved usually sustain horrific and long term injuries that are rarely treated by a vet due to the risk of the offenders being identified.

    Offenders face 6 months imprisonment and/or an unlimited fine if convicted. 21058


    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    The Very Revd Sarah Brown was installed as the new Dean of Hereford on Saturday 2 October during a special choral evensong which also celebrated the Feast of St Thomas of Hereford.


    In a service which was livestreamed and attended by members of the cathedral communities of Peterborough and Hereford, representatives from Hereford Diocese and local dignitaries, Sarah became the first woman in the 1,300 year history of the diocese to be appointed to the role of Dean of Hereford.

    Dean Sarah opened her sermon by thanking everyone who had made her so welcome in Hereford before calling on the community to grow as disciples and help bring forward the next generation to Christ. Those present were encouraged to demonstrate generosity to others as Sarah explained how the cathedral will at times need to meet the spiritual, and sometimes physical needs, of the city and county before its own. The Dean’ssermon closed with an acknowledgement of the challenges that lay ahead in a post-Covid world and a promise that Jesus would be central to every decision she makes moving forward. 

    Sarah joins Hereford from Peterborough Cathedral where she has served in the role of Canon Missioner for three and a half years. Since her ordination in 2008, Sarah has worked closely within the agricultural and rural community as well as gaining valuable experience of ministry to market towns and a cathedral city. As Dean of Hereford, she will have overall responsibility for the cathedral’s life, mission and ministry, alongside administration, finance and fabric matters as well as holding responsibilities in the wider diocese.

    The Very Revd Sarah Brown, Dean of Hereford, said: “I’d like to say a big thank you to all who pulled out all the stops (some literally) to produce a spectacular time of worship for my welcome and installation. I have been amazed and touched by the generosity and kindness already shown to me and my family by so many people and look forward to serving among you, learning to be the kind of Dean the Cathedral needs for these times and working with a whole range of people and organisations to make Jesus known in the world. 

    “It is exciting to start this new phase of life in Cathedral and diocese with you and we shall see what God calls us to do.”

    The Rt Revd Richard Jackson, Bishop of Hereford, said: “I am pleased to welcome Sarah officially as Dean of Hereford, a role which is for the Cathedral and community as well as the wider diocese of Hereford. Sarah brings a wealth of experience from her life before ordination, in the Farm Crisis Network, and her ministry in Peterborough which will enrich the life of our Cathedral and diocese.  

    “I would like to add a public thank you to Precentor Andrew Piper who has been Acting Dean, he has been a huge support during the vacancy.  

    “Sarah’s appointment brings the senior team back up to full strength. We are now looking forward to working as a team supporting and encouraging our churches and communities as they rebuild post lockdown.”

    Sarah has moved into the historic Cloisters of the cathedral with her husband Richard, they have two children; Alice, who is a musician and Edward, who is training to be a vet. Sarah’s parents have also relocated to the city and Richard’s family are based just across the border in Monmouth. 


    The livestream of the installation of the Dean of Hereford is available to watch on the cathedral website: www.herefordcathedral.org/news/installation-of-the-dean-of-hereford

    Positive Hereford | Launching Soon..

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    Watch this space 👀


    All will be revealed in the next 48 hours..


    Who cares about the Carers?

    By megilleland,

    Who cares about the Carers?

    I've just signed Carers UK's petition asking the Chancellor to fund care now to help millions of older people, disabled people and carers who are desperate for better care. At the moment they're being ignored by the Government's reforms, which won't start until 2023.

    You can help by signing the petition too - it only takes a minute.

    📣 News | The Old Wye Bridge Has Reopened Today

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    Herefordshire Council originally closed the bridge over a year ago as part of the Emergency Active Travel Plan in line with the governments advice to help combat the Covid-19 pandemic by creating more space for social distancing.


    In line with government advice on the removal of many Covid-19 restrictions, Herefordshire Council began the process of removing some Emergency Active Travel Measures in July.

    The initial elements that were removed in July were;

    • Footway widening in High Street Bromyard, Broad Street and King Street Hereford.

    • Temporary 20mph limits in Hereford and the Market Towns

    • Highway Covid warning signage in Ross on Wye & Kington

    • Friday closure of High Street Leominster

    • Extension to closure time of Widemarsh Street

    Elements that have been removed today include;

    • Old Wye Bridge Closure Hereford

    • Footway widening in Bridge Street Hereford

    During the period of closure there has been a significant increase in cycling and pedestrians in this area.

    Cllr John Harrington, Cabinet member for Infrastructure and Transport, said: I know these measures were not universally popular but I believe this period of restrictions has allowed us to see a different way of using our streets. I am committed to providing the best environment for both continued use of motor vehicles in the centre of Hereford whilst encouraging better walking and cycling routes and better use of our pavements for hospitality outlets.

    Benefits of a University for Hereford

    By megilleland,

    How Lincoln University regenerated the east Midlands city

    Could the benefits seen in Lincoln since the university’s inception be replicated in similar areas such as Hereford?

    When the University of Lincoln was first built on a derelict rail goods yard, it’s said that one of its buildings was designed to be converted into a shopping centre if the university didn’t work out.

    While that may be an apocryphal story, it speaks to the tremendous success of the university and its value to the local community. Since its inception in 1996, Lincoln has grown from 500 students to 14,500, generating £430m for the local economy annually. In this small east Midlands city of 99,000 people it is a vital presence: one in six people either works with the university or studies there.

    Local residents say the university has transformed Lincoln from provincial backwater to a culturally thriving, diverse city, with new shops and restaurants springing up to accommodate students and the graduates who stay to work in hi-tech businesses supported by the university.

    Maybe a chat with those involved with Lincoln's success would be useful for Hereford Council.

    📣 Spooky News | Did anyone see this in the sky last night?

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    Spooky image in the night sky

    Danielson Wilde sent us this spooky sighting that he captured over Belmont Abbey last night.

    Halloween has come early 👻

    243392588_280502613712999_1210752091388901183_n.jpg.81b659349a9cd880d6bcd9efdfdfc521.jpg 243083013_1393668751028978_4491166801402002198_n.jpg.8204863f7c9efaa9d941fa361770442d.jpg

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