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  1. Good luck guys, this is a brilliant project. Unfortunately I cannot make it this year because we will be in New Zealand visiting family.
  2. Good idea and it encourages people to shop local which is what it is all about.
  3. It was hit by a car and a bloke was charged see HT article here
  4. Brave men and woman. Thank you for your sacrifices RIP
  5. I hope that this excellent project gets the funding. It would completely transform the Castle Green and attract more tourism to Hereford.
  6. Well deserved, keep up with all the wonderful stone work
  7. This road should meet the Worcester Road, stopping on Ledbury Road is of no use to anyone.
  8. The police have sorted this out swiftly. If he is found guilty should face life
  9. Brilliant!! This is real positive stuff well done to all those people involved.
  10. We are seeing this all too often these day unfortunately. Difficult to tell who is genuine, easiest way to to donate to legit charities and it will find its way to the genuine people.
  11. This is a great little pub, been here many times so I am not surprised by the accolade
  12. Why is the footpath still closed down the side of the Saracens Head? Is Cllr Rone responsible for part of the path seeing as it goes over his property?
  13. I read somewhere that there was a lot of opposition to this drive-thru going ahead
  14. Society is broken, a lot of our current generation has no respect for anything or anyone
  15. I would not be paying for that newspaper when there are plenty of free sources like Hereford Voice offering news for free. You also have Twitter and other local news channels to choose from, all free.
  16. I agree I am pleased that the council are keeping this iconic house maintained for future generations to enjoy.
  17. The Hereford Times have got a subscription service read this article. I will not be paying any subscription for news when it is free and in the public domain. Their whole website if FULL of annoying pop ups and adverts and stupid surveys, it's all over the place, I find it very difficult;t to even respond to their stories, hence why I prefer to have my discussions here.
  18. These people are brilliant in their field, they do this everyday and now people are starting to notice how much we need their skills. Thank you so much
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