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Found 13 results

  1. The Ship Inn site could look like this if the new proposed project is accepted.
  2. I was parked in the Welsh Club car park for no more than about 10 minutes early this morning, while I dropped off my son to play football on the meadows, when I got back there was a guy putting a ticket on my car. I have been told by a friend now that I should not pay it because it is not a penalty, can anyone else through any light on this please?
  3. The Traffic Officers were down Hollybush walk today. pity they werm't here last Wednesday.
  4. Holme Lacy Road is to undergo extensive improvement works from mid-February 2016. The improvements, which are designed to make pedestrian and cyclist access easier will take around fourteen weeks to complete. The work includes: Narrowing the existing carriageway to provide a measure of traffic calming The installation of three toucan crossings located outside the Co-Operative stores, the Post Office and near Oak Crescent Widening of the existing footways to provide off-road cycling facilities Source
  5. I took some photographs of the floods while I was out and about today, here are a few from the Bishops Meadows
  6. Herefordshire Council have received a planning application to turn the Broadleys Pub into a Co-Operative store according to Tina Carey (Landlady) I think we have enough supermarkets, I would rather see this turned into a Toby Carvery rather than another shop personally. This is the message that Tina Carey put out on Facebook Last night.
  7. Hinton Community Centre have submitted plans for an extension to the gym and church with additional outside decking. Number P152833/CD3 ProposedPlans+235251.compressed.pdf
  8. Serious accident on the A49 Ross Road near to the Ship Inn. The accident happened around 7am and there are long tailbacks, which will take some time to clear, even though the road has now be re-opened.
  9. I have to ask the question , is it not about time that we the Hereford people got organised and started a protest group to try and get something done about the absolutely horrendous traffic situation in the City? All members of the community should get involved, we all need the emergency services to be able to reach us in times of need, we would all like to pass around the city in a safe reasonable time, regardless of what our chosen mode of transport is, and was it not the conservative prime minister who said that it would be the small business's that would drive this country out of recession?, that one must have got past the conservative members of the various councils who govern us, you try delivering around the town with its gridlock traffic, unhelpful parking attendants and some very out dated parking restrictions. The council policy of driving motorists out of Hereford is bonkers to say the least, yes they do with parking restrictions, refusing to allow business to build car parks, and driving the parking problems out on to the estates, you try driving up Hinton Crescent its blocked by cars parking to avoid the charges in town. Do councillors still have the right to free parking?they did when I worked for the council, many a weekend saw councillors parking in the rear of Garrick House so that they could take their families shopping. As a council employee I was also entitled to free parking and was given a permit to park in the swimming pool car park when I worked in Garrick House, I live in Hollybush walk so that was very useful We need people to come and spend their hard earned and limited cash on goods and services, not spending hours in traffic jams to pay ridicules parking charges and for our local trades people to be able to transact business in a free and easy manner which allows growth and jobs. Their are job opportunities, Paul the ex Treacle mine Burger Van could open a mobile cart selling food and drink to the people waiting on the Belmont and Ross roads, full English for me. I believe that it will be the pubs and restaurants and other eating places that will save this city next year so lets get behind them and create footfall and jobs, The council seem to be shoehorning in more developments in to an area in which the infrastructure is failing at every level, I see that there is another back street housing development in the pipe line, more cars more people more traffic misery. Public Transport is poor to say the least, the state of the roads is abysmal, our councillors are rubbish , all to eager to give excuses as to why they have not done something and ready to blame someone else, I just wish they would man up ( or woman, equal rights for all) join together regardless of what political party they support on the day and simply put the citizens of Hereford first for once instead of the petty minded squabbles that they all engage in for their own satisfaction and self importance and to get their pictures in the paper again
  10. Just a line or two regarding traffic orders. I contacted Cllr. Price Cabinet member highway in the hope he could speed things up regarding the three year wait to get a traffic order implemented. He informed me that he had asked one of the highway officers to look at it and let me know, that was in early October. After a couple of weeks I emailed the officer for an update, no response. Then about two or so weeks ago I repeated the same, still no response. I have just sent a third email, now this officer may be off work for some reason but we are normally informed if this is the case.
  11. This is both sides of the gates leading onto the Bishops Meadow (Hinton Road). I noticed it this afternoon, again, this looks like same writing to me as the others.
  12. Here are a few from St Martins and Putson This first one is along Hinton Road This one is just outside the funeral directors
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