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Found 11 results

  1. I will be attending a meeting in the Town Hall Council chambers this evening with our MP Jesse Norman, Paul Hillman from the HA ( Paul Hillman designed both the Belmont/Asda scheme and Edgar St ) his boss Andy Butterfield as well as national campaigner/expert Martin Cassini, John Harrington, Amanda Martin and John Llewellyn-Perkins. We all want them to trial a "lights out" hopefully in Hereford sometime in the New Year (but I suspect it is not as simple as that) as well as discussing the possibility of making the ring road traffic lights part time (7pm-7am) I will update you all later. Wish us good luck.
  2. Cllr. Jim Keynon has had a meeting with Hereford Council and it seems that they may have agreed to turn off the temporary traffic lights on the Edgar Street roundabout southbound for a week, it's now down to the Highway's Agency, so fingers crossed. At least if they trial this for a week we will know if my idea works but I am confident that it will be a lot better with them turned off. Nice one Jim!!
  3. Here is a link to the Old Market Website, I thought that they would of come up with a more modern attractive name other than 'Old Market' and I was expecting new modern glass fronted buildings, but it looks like it's mainly bricks.. Why on earth has nobody had the sense to built a glass roofed 'footbridge' from the new 'Old Market' complex over the main road directly into Maylord Orchards or somewhere near Tesco's? Thus having the best of both worlds and connecting the City Centre, instead of possibly isolating it. (This is what they have done at Cabot Circus in Bristol and it works perfectly) This would also be safer for pedestrians, and would also not interfere with the traffic flow by having pedestrian lights stopping the traffic. Anyway, you make up your own minds and have a look at the animation Old Market Hereford - Check Out The Animation You can also view the webcam
  4. We can't achieve anything without something in the kitty to pay for speakers and events to get the message over so come for a large slice of veggie, Caribbean themed reggae pie at the Black Lion on Saturday 19th July 2014. Please tell your friends and come and join us for a few beers
  5. We had a presentation to the Council with the help of Councillor Jim Kenyon last December, which was discussed in our Traffic Lights Out Meeting topic here, since this time we have been working on our mission statement etc. The following letter was sent out to the Hereford Cabinet a few weeks ago but we have not received a response at all. (I have also attached it in PDF format) Cllrs Lights Out Letter.pdf
  6. Chris....I have had discussions with someone from highways regarding the SCOOT system.It is broke and has not worked for more than 10 yrs.
  7. Can someone please, for the love of f***, explain to me how the people running this city STILL maintain that they are doing the right thing? Please, I cannot comprehend the ignorance. We've had several weeks without lights Northbound on the A49 and traffic flowed perfectly. Today the city is in gridlock because the lights have been put back on. Queuing starting at the Broadleys on Ross Road (I didn't dare venture up Belmont Road), all the way down to Currys. Locked, cars sitting with their ignitions off. You do not need a masters degree in traffic architecture to see that the lights are making things WORSE. Are you people that ******* blind and that ******* ignorant that you think this is acceptable? For f*** Sake.
  8. This was the traffic at the A465 Tesco roundabout at 0720 this morning. Photo's 2 and 3 show an ambulance struggling to negotiate the traffic. Is anybody listening yet?
  9. Please select your preferred name choice from the list above for our lights out campaign group. This poll ends Tuesday 10th December 2013 - 2100 hours.
  10. Northbound traffic all last week was great, once you had got over the bridge the problem was driving back up Edgar St where the temp lights were. WHY have they got those there? Pointless, this is the only point wee there is a problem, can't they see that?
  11. I wish someone would authorise somebody to turn off the traffic lights at the Asda junction! The traffic lights are not working today and guess what... NO LIGHTS = NO TRAFFIC! Turn them off permanently! I took these pictures at 8.40am this morning.
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