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Found 15 results

  1. Colin James


    I was at the post office early this morning and noticed these WEEDS! I have no words... How tall? how long they been here? What I find very strange is that thousands of pounds of public money is spent on 'Brand New Shiny Notice Boards' (That I am sure nobody reads) yet, within only 4 metres of one of these notice boards we have MASSIVE weeds that nobody has botherd to have removed? Hmmm oh well, maybe it's just me...
  2. I see that a new footpath is currently being installed, I do hope that they get this one right! This is long overdue, I hope it will be lit up during the hours of darkness.
  3. Driving back into Hereford along Haywood Lane I noticed that one of the new duck signs has disappeared... The picture on the right I took yesterday. Can we have this replaced please?
  4. Oh Dear, Oh Dear, Oh Dear, l do hope this is not the finished article. This is worse than before. It has now become a health hazard.
  5. Information I received from Amey However, as tree works of any kind are often emotive any queries / complaints please contact me.
  6. Over the past three weeks I have requested Amey to carryout works in Newton Farm, Hunderton and Belmont, the flaying of trees and undergrowth along the whole of the GWW will be completed by Friday this week,lighting has been checked and repairs done where needed, a meeting has been arranged with the PCC Mr Longmore to take place next week to ask for CCTV on the GWW.I Will update you on this after the meeting. The Newton Brook in Newton Farm is in the process of being cleared and trees cut back, this work will carry on into Hunderton, The Brook From Northolme road through and along the CH7 in Belmont will be done at the same time, Amey is aware of a Badger set in Northolme road so care will be taken not to disturb the Badgers. The trees / undergrowth and grass will also be cut in Glastonbury Close open space along the boundary. This additional work I have requested will be completed within the next two weeks. The trees and undergrowth will be cut back where necessary along the Shaw Walkway, also I have had a site meeting with Phil Pankhurst from Amey in the past week to look at the condition of trees in the nature reserve in this area some work will be carried out. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following people Neill Davies, Phil Pankhurst and Adrian Hall for work that has been carried outso far, and in the process of being carried out. I have been on a site visit this morning in Newton Farm, Hunderton, Belmont and GWW with Amey checking work in process.
  7. Guest

    Roadworks at 6am

    Can anyone explain why TESCO are being allowed to dictate when AMEY carry out roadworks on Abbotsmead Road?......this week they decided to start at 6am....to avoid disrupting the deliveries....idiots!!
  8. Well to be fair, credit where credit is due, I was walking along the Great Western Way earlier today and was pleasantly surprised to see this. Remember this lot? Well this is how it looks today, beautiful in comparison.
  9. HEREFORDSHIRE Council will not renew its contract with highway and parks partner Amey, it was announced this morning. The local authority said a 12 month tendering process will now begin ahead of the Amey contract ending next summer. The new company would be involved in various projects, possibly including the much-talked-about city bypass. Geoff Hughes, the Council’s director for places and communities, said the authority wants to provide the best value for money, adding there is nothing stopping Amey from applying for the new contract. More here; http://www.herefordt...abs/?ref=twtrec
  10. I cannot believe how the new signs look. This is the result of the new KEEP CLEAR signs How useless is that! restricted to one lane, so cars coming from Abergavenny will completely miss this and will still continue to queue preventing vehicles from Belmont getting onto the Belmont Road as you can see, this defeats the whole object and anyone trying to edge their way out from Belmont will cover this little sign! So I thought I would help Amey out by giving them a little clue on how it should look...
  11. This is a nice welcome sign coming into Hereford. Some sad person has decided to illegally spray the word Poland across the word Hereford on the welcome sign coming into Hereford on the A465 Belmont Road. (You may have already guessed which road by the amount of traffic in the picture) If the Council have anything about them they should instruct Amey to remove this immediately or at the very least cover it, so lets see how long this takes them to sort out. I have reported this directly to Amey who have informed me that several signs were sprayed during the night and that this would be removed as a matter of urgency today.
  12. I was talking with a young guy who cycled into this post and hurt himself the other week. I am surprised that he has not taken legal action for some sort of compensation. This post is well redundant and seems to serve no purpose, so why is it still there? obviously dangerous in this case... While I have been out and about, I have noticed that there are lots of dead unsightly posts. Why is this? is it that Amey or who ever is responsible can't be bothered to remove them or what? I found another here near the top of Newton Farm, on the walkway down towards the school and another one here near the 'hardly ever open waste of money' Newton Farm police station. I am sure there must be plenty more, feel free to add any that you find, can these be removed at some stage?
  13. I was walking along the great western way the other night and noticed a fair amount of litter, the whole area is poorly lit at night too and very overgrown in parts, which must be nerving for people walking along there alone. Who is responsible for litter, grass, hedges and lighting etc?
  14. What a pleasant suprise to see Amey pull up this morning and start cutting back the tree's and brambles on the green at the bottom of Glastonbury Close.
  15. This is what happens when requests are ignored... Do you all remember when I asked for the Tree's at the bottom of Glastonbury Close to be cut down and bushes cleared? Well after many discussion between myself Cllr Powell and Amey eventually, a few men were sent up to clear the open space area. (Nov 2009) At the time the supervisor from Amey suggested that they only need cut back the tree's, both Cllr Powell, myself and other residents said it would be better and safer (preventing kids climbing on the spiked metal fence surround McDonald's) if the tree's were cut down totally, but no he insisted that they would leave stumps... I told them then that they would need to come back within a year or so, no no no he said it will be at least 4 or 5 years before they need pruning again. Well this is what they looked like when Amey had completed their work And this is what it looks like today I guess it's time for another call to Amey eh..
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