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Found 13 results

  1. until
    All residents of Belmont are invited to an extra ordinary meeting of the Parish Council on 16th March at 7pm at the Three Counties Hotel Hereford to discuss the issues, meet council officers, councillors and view the presentation. Please share the date and time with your neighbours.
  2. I attended the BRPC Meeting last night at the Northolme Community Centre. During the public participation I asked if we could have at least 3 salt/grit bins for Glastonbury Close. One to be situated at the top of the close near Sydwall Road, another at the bottom of Glastonbury Close situated in the turning point on the final bend and the 3rd positioned near to the open space at the very end. Last Winter I drove to Tesco and collected grit on a few occasions and gritted the whole of the close from top to bottom as it is like an ice rink when the temperatures fall below zero. Over the years I have seen the bin lorry struggle and slide like you would not believe as well as vans and cars. I remember seeing some yellow bins some years back but they have since disappeared. I will also write to the clerk to request a few additional bins in and around Belmont too.
  3. Why is the bank balance of the BRPC showing over £100k? Why is OUR money Not being used within the Belmont Rural Parish? The concentration of effort appears to be limited on or around the Jubilee fields. I requested a Salt Bin back last November for Glastonbury Close and it was refused/deferred now this is something that would cost less than £100 to buy and very little to maintain. I also highlighted the lack of gritting in Belmont way back in 2010 in this topic about No Gritting. We have overgrown tree's and bushes which the council do not have the money to maintain unless it becomes and health and safety issue. Some of these trees are that tall and overgrown they prevent street light for illuminating the footpath below. We also have various public open spaces of long grass which has not be cut or maintained for sometime, Sydwall Road is a good example. The long grass and bushes around the length of the brook could do with being sorted out and the rubbish that is in the brook and causing blockages along the route could also be cleaned up with Parish money which is just sat in the bank account. The BRPC are advertising for a handyman, who could possibly tackle some of these jobs and do this work but from my understanding this position is ONLY for only 5 hours a week! To be totally realistic what is a single person going to be able to do in just 5 hours a week? Why not use some of this money to actually employ someone full time? Pay them a wage! I am sure that there are many other things that this money that the BRPC are reluctant to spend could be used on, after all, it is OUR MONEY! Please add your suggestions and idea's on what this money could be used on within the parish and I will gladly put these idea's forward at a future meeting.
  4. The next Belmont Rural Parish Council meeting will be held on Thursday 4 December 2014 at the Belmont Community Centre, starting at 7.00pm. It is hoped that Natalia Silver of Herefordshire District Council will attend and finalise HDC’s proposals for the Belmont Library for 2015-16. Currently available information suggests that, if the Belmont Library is to continue as it is now, there will a £7,000 to £10,000 in HDC funding. Which agencies, if any, who might be willing to bridge this shortfall is not established. Notwithstanding South Wye Community Association, the charity which owns the Belmont Community Centre, has made it very clear that, though they would like to keep the Library on their premises in the public interest, they cannot afford to subsidize it. A £2,000 rent reduction was imposed on the Association this year, and any further rent reduction might threaten the financial viability of the Belmont Centre. SWCA has clearly indicated that a rent of £7,950per annum is required from the Belmont Library. The reader should be aware that maintenance & repair, utility costs, cleaning, and freedom of access to kitchen and toilet facilities, to Library staff and visitors, are included in this rent. Furthermore compared to the hire charges requested from the Centre’s other users the Library rent is already substantially discounted. Taken from the Belmont Community Centre Website:
  5. I see that a new footpath is currently being installed, I do hope that they get this one right! This is long overdue, I hope it will be lit up during the hours of darkness.
  6. Future Development Of Belmont Rural What's this all about then? Nice to see our money being spent on fancy glossy flyers advertising the BRPC's AGM...
  7. As the vortex was given away to developers does this mean another car park put in the wrong place that is what happened at Newton farm waterfield road part of an arrangement that was done by the developers do you see a pattern emerging ?
  8. Im given to understand that Councillor Glenda Powell has faced the might of the Councils Standards Board and been fully exonerated of fault and blame for the fiasco that was brought about by the Clerk to Belmont Parish Council and other serving Councillors. Im given to understand that this matter would have reached an amicable settlement sometime ago but, because of belligerence and sheer stupidity on the part of some, the chain of events and its accompanying cost to us the taxpayer could not be stopped and its only now that the entire stupidity has been brought to an end. I've been told by my drinking buddy that the Board were particularly critical of those who took part in this political act of mean spiritedness and its they who've lost face rather than their target Councillor Powell. If this is true, and I wouldn't have transmitted it if I'd not been certain, then Im pleased that this worrying burden is now lifted from Councillor Powell who hadn't done anything wrong in the first place.
  9. Driving back into Hereford along Haywood Lane I noticed that one of the new duck signs has disappeared... The picture on the right I took yesterday. Can we have this replaced please?
  10. Taken from the minutes dated 27/06/2013 - Item 092/13 You see this is what happens when you publish something that they do not like...and in particular what their Clerk, Liz Kelso more or less demanded I should remove! She really tried to put all her weight (and a lot of it in my opinion)in her pathetic attempt at threats if I did not remove this post, funny though as most of these tossers are as nice as pie to your face! Well their choice and clearly no loss to this website, the regular unique website visitors we have just go to prove that but they better make sure they keep everything squeaky clean or it will be published on here! Another reason they did not want a LIVE website, hence their glorified notice board! I have just obtained all of the minutes from the NCC since the centre was opened, which also makes for interesting reading so don't worry, I will make sure that all of these finance topics are kept on the front page and I will write to the Hereford Times and Hereford Journal asking for their comments too... Finally, Here is the full content of the pm 's between Liz Kelso and me for you all to read at your leisure Thank you for your message. Whilst I entirely agree that freedom of speech is important, a statement that is untrue and damaging is libellous. For the parish council, a statement by someone who would be considered to be aware of the facts that is untrue and states that as a result of parish council negligence a child has been hurt, goes well beyond an appropriate use of freedom of speech. As I have said, formal action is now being taken on this and your comments have been noted. Administrator Sent 05 June 2013 - 03:30 PM Dear Liz, I am somewhat confused, please see all messages above, I did all that I could with your request in fairness to both parties as I saw it. We often have comments made from members of the public saying things like, "This rubbish has not been removed yet or the council have still done nothing about it" etc.. So are all members therefore libelous in their comments at some point? That said, You requested that I keep our discussion private I then notice that bobby47 has recently made comments about so called demands made by the BRPC etc. in a recent thread and I have asked him how he knew or seemed to know about our PRIVATE discussions that we had previously had as I have NOT spoken with ANYONE about it, as per your request. I notice that the BRPC have though! And have also published the fact in their recent minutes. It would have been courteous maybe to be informed of the outcome... I also notice that your receptacle link to my website has now been removed as a direct result? Even though it had been previously agreed to link sites and noted in the minutes of February 21st 2013, so before I address this, am I to believe, that if every time I receive a request from BRPC to change, remove or delete a post that someone may have made, If I refuse, my link is then removed from BRPC as some sort of punishment? Seems a little childish in the circumstances from where I am sat to be honest. The original post in question will soon be archived anyway... (085/13 It was also noted that further requests for the offending website article to be removed had been refused both by the website administrator and author. Accordingly it was felt that further links to the website from the Parish Council website would no longer be appropriate.) I would also like to point out that an author does NOT have the facility to remove a post that they have made; only the administrator has this facility available to them, the author has a small window of time in which edits can be made. I would kindly again request a link back to Belmont Voice from the BRPC Website and an explanation as to why the link was removed in the first instance within 14 days if possible. I would kindly request information on how the BRPC website is funded, as a tax paying member of the public, I feel, that I may be being possibly discrimination against by removing my link, so I await your reply with anticipation. I may end up contacting the Hereford Times for their view on matters and also possibly seeking legal advice. I really was hoping it would not come to this, but it all seems to be rather misplaced and could of been resolved differently perhaps, however, we still have time to rectify this small issue, so I look forward to response. Finally could you please confirm the date and venue of the next meeting, is it the 27th? Kind regards Colin And this is in my opinion the reason they (Liz Kelso) no longer wish our websites to be linked..
  11. Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Belmont Rural Parish Council Held on Thursday 16th May 2013 at Northolme Community Centre, Northolme Road, Belmont Hereford. Annual Parish Council Meeting Minutes - 16.05.2013.pdf Annual Parish Meeting - 16.05.2013 - Minutes.pdf
  12. Meeting dates for the forthcoming year are agreed at the Annual Parish Council meeting which is held in May each year. For 2013-4, the following dates have been agreed: ​I have added all of these dates to our Community Calendar, which you can download or subscribe to here 2013 27th June - Belmont 8th August - Northolme 19th September - Belmont 31st October - Northolme 12th December - Belmont 2014 23rd January - Northolme 6th March - Belmont 17th April - Northolme 29th May - Belmont
  13. I have been somewhat confused for sometime about our street signs. They always used to be quite nice, for example like this one; But none of them are the same, they vary quite a lot, I would assume that it would make sense and look smarter if they were all of the same format, but they are not. Whitefriars Road, the sign as you approach on the left is the one above (green) but the one exactly opposite it is like this one from the other end of the road; As you drive around you then come to Chancel View, again a different sign; Then you get to Glastonbury Close, now the one on the right as you approach is this one; But the one exactly opposite is this one (which needs replacing)and they are getting cheaper... Just an observation, but I just thought that it would be nicer to have them all in the same format, obviously the 1st green ones are the smarter more attractive signs but they have got cheaper and more tackier over the years. So is there a standard format to street signs? To me, it is false economy to use the cheaper signs with stickers as they have to be constantly replaced, the last sign has been replaced a few times as the lettering just wears off. Surely it makes more sense to use more solid robust painted signs that last for years and years.
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