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  2. That junction is a dogs dinner. The priority coming out of the railway station or from the Royal Mail side is basically a guess. The light phase is set for a collision as the green phase is simultaneous for both. There's been a major smash there already.
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  4. I think Food 'Ratings' lose their meaning if a 'Zero' rating means a free pass to continue trading. You could write a book about the Jalsagor. More plot twists than a Hitchcock film.
  5. How do I remove this, due to lack of interest . Thanks Or if admin can please do so ...
  6. I don't want to be a damp squib but 95% of the people I've seen using these bikes are teenagers larking about. Riding about randomly on pavements. In pairs. I don't think Hereford is big enough to sustain this bike initiative. As a money making exercise. Who is the main target customer? There's a Beryl Bike Bay outside the train station. How many people are going to alight from a train and rent a bicycle? If this scheme is making money then I'm staggered. If it's a philanthropic exercise then fair enough.
  7. There has to be a saturation point for the number of hair cutting outlets in the City Centre. You can only cut so much hair. 'Overheads' obviously an issue. Pun intended.
  8. I think it was 1989 when the government funded a scheme (LOTS - Living Over The Shop) to convert empty spaces above shops in town centres into homes and which ran for about 20 years. At that time, it was estimated that at least 250,000 homes could be created. It never really took off in Herefordshire - landlords didn't want tenants above their shops, the Council didn't want it, just because, (same old) and arguably there was little demand at that time. Times are changing, in 2012 the NPPF turned planning on its head, with a presumption in favour of sustainable development and the Federation of Master Builders realising there was money to be made by converting the High Street. The latest proposal in Hereford is the new planning application to convert Peacocks in Eign Gate to university accommodation with teaching space on the ground floor.
  9. This Change of Use is nothing new ...........I can recall in the early 90s the Government of the day was encouraging this change of use in Midland town centres from shops etc to flats etc. again to bring more life into the town centres Perhaps Twowheelgood can confirm ?
  10. Approved, despite considered objections from the City Council, Civic Society and the Ward Councillor, amongst others.
  11. Here is another in Eign Gate planning number P193209/F
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  13. The Jalsagor Indian Restaurant in St Owens Street Hereford was visited in August and given a food hygiene rating of zero, which is the lowest possible score. Ratings are a snapshot of the standards of food hygiene found at the time of inspection. It is the responsibility of the business to comply with food hygiene law at all times. This includes: Handling of food How food is stored How food is prepared Cleanliness of facilities How food safety is managed The food hygiene rating scheme does not provide information on the following factors: Quality of the food Customer service Culinary skill Presentation Comfort For suspected food poisoning, seek medical advice from your GP and contact your local environmental health or food safety team. Understanding ratings The rating shows how well the business is doing overall, based on standards found at the time of inspection. The ratings can be found online and on stickers which are displayed at business premises. The back of the sticker and the online rating will also show the date of the inspection by the local authority’s food safety officer. Ratings are typically given to places where food is supplied, sold or consumed, such as: restaurants, pubs and cafes takeaways, food vans and stalls canteens and hotels supermarkets and other food shops schools, hospitals and care homes A food safety officer from the local authority inspects a business to check that it follows food hygiene law so that the food is safe to eat. At the inspection, the officer will check the following three elements: How hygienically the food is handled – how it is prepared, cooked, re-heated, cooled and stored the physical condition of the business –including cleanliness, layout, lighting, ventilation, pest control and other facilities how the business manages ways of keeping food safe, looking at processes, training and systems to ensure good hygiene is maintained. The officer can then assess the level of confidence in standards being maintained in the future Exemptions There are two groups of exempt businesses which are inspected by the local authority food safety officer but are not given a food hygiene rating: Businesses that are low-risk to public health, for example, newsagents, chemist shops or visitor centres selling pre-wrapped goods that do not require refrigeration, childminders and businesses that offer caring services at home. The rating scale The hygiene standards found at the time of inspection are then rated on a scale: 5 is top of the scale, this means the hygiene standards are very good and fully comply with the law 0 is at the bottom of the scale, this means urgent improvement is necessary To get the top rating, businesses must do well in all three elements which are referenced above. If the top rating is not given, the officer will explain to the business the necessary actions they can take to improve their hygiene rating. A breakdown of the three elements making up the food hygiene rating for business is also provided with the online rating. This information is available for businesses inspected since April 2016 in England and Northern Ireland and for businesses inspected in Wales since November 2014. Detailed information is included in the food safety officer’s inspection report. If you want to see this you could make a Freedom of Information (FOI) request (Opens in a new window) to the local authority that carried out the inspection. You can find the local authority’s contact details by searching for the business and then clicking on the name of the business. The local authority will consider your FOI request and will usually send you a copy of the report. In some cases, the local authority may decide that they cannot do so but will let you know this and explain why. Any concerns relating to a business's food safety can be reported to the local food safety team who are responsible for the business. You can find the local authority’s contact details by searching for the business and then clicking on the name of the business. Ratings can be displayed in an obvious location within the business’ window or door. You can also ask a member of staff what rating was given at the last inspection. Putting a hygiene rating on show is a good advertisement for businesses that meet the requirements of food hygiene law. If the rating is low you can then choose to buy your food or meal from a place with a higher rating. ENGLAND Businesses in England do not have to display their rating at their premises but are encouraged to do so. WALES Businesses in Wales are legally required to display their ratings in a prominent place, like the front door, entrance or window of the business. All businesses in Wales must provide information on their rating verbally if requested in person or over the phone. The scheme applies to businesses who sell to businesses including food manufacturers and wholesalers. Takeaways must include a bilingual statement on menu leaflets and flyers which tells consumers how to find details of the rating on our website. NORTHERN IRELAND Businesses in Northern Ireland are legally required to display their ratings at or near each customer entrance like the front door, entrance or window of the business. Stickers must be displayed in a location where they can be readily seen and easily read by customers before they enter the establishment when it is open for business. All businesses in Northern Ireland must provide information on their rating verbally if requested in person or over the phone. Differences between online ratings and rating sticker displayed There may be temporary differences between the rating displayed at a business and online rating for which there are valid reasons, such as: The business has appealed its latest rating and is awaiting the result. The local authority is in the process of uploading the new rating to our website. Even if a business achieves the top rating there can be a short delay while the local authority updates the website. Local authorities upload ratings at least every 28 days. If you cannot find a rating for business then you will need to contact the local authority responsible for inspecting the business. You should also contact the local authority if you are concerned that a business is deliberately displaying a higher rating to the one on the website to suggest it has higher hygiene standards than it actually does. Businesses with poor ratings Businesses which are given low ratings must make urgent or major improvements to hygiene standards. The local authority food safety officer has several enforcement options available as well as giving advice and guidance to make sure these improvements are made. The food safety officer will also tell the business how quickly these improvements must be made and this will depend on the type of issue that needs to be addressed. If the officer finds that a business’s hygiene standards are very poor and there is an imminent risk to public health, when food may be unsafe to eat, the officer must act to ensure consumers are protected. This could result in stopping part of the business or closing it down completely until it is safe to recommence. Frequency of inspections A new rating is given each time a business is inspected by a food safety officer from the business’s local authority. Each local authority plans a programme of inspections every year. The frequency of inspections depends on the potential risk to public health. The assessment takes account of the following factors: Type of food that is handled The number and type of customers, for example vulnerable groups Types of processes carried out before the food is sold or served Hygiene standards seen on the day of the last inspection Businesses that pose a higher risk are inspected more often than businesses that pose a lower risk, for example a small retailer selling a range of prepacked foods that only need to be refrigerated. The time between inspections varies from six months for the highest risk businesses to two years for lower risk businesses. For some very low risk businesses, the interval between inspections may be longer than two years, however there may be some exceptions to this. In between inspections, local authorities may also monitor businesses in other ways to ensure they are maintaining hygiene standards. If these checks reveal anything that might indicate that hygiene standards have deteriorated, the officer will carry out an inspection and the business will get a new rating. If the local authority receives a complaint or new information about a business that they are not due to inspect, and this suggests hygiene standards are not being maintained, the local authority will investigate and may inspect the business and give it a new hygiene rating.
  14. The man has now been charged with firearm incident
  15. Incident resolved , 65 yr old man apparently arrested for firearms offence(s) . As an aside I can see that in the near future ( two to five years )all Police Officers will carry a firearm .
  16. Update from West Mercia Police Officers are currently responding to an incident this morning (Monday 16 September) in Hinton Road, #Hereford. A cordon is currently in place. Please take an alternative route. We will update as soon as possible.
  17. This is the profile of a new terrace of brick-built houses near Birmingham city centre (designed by the Courtyard's architect Glen Howells) which is due to be unveiled later this month by the developer Urban Splash. What a pity something as architecturally well-mannered as this couldn't have gone up on the ex-Rockfield DIY site alongside Hereford Station, which will shortly be playing host to a student accommodation block which looks more like a STASSI training centre!

    Brick houses.jpg

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  19. I heard whisper a little while ago that this junction was to be redesigned, hopefully not by the hopeless bunch who messed it up first time round.
  20. This road is going to be gridlocked with traffic once all the building has finished. Should of been a roundabout on this junction with a pedestrian crossing on each road leading to it & a 20 mph speed limit.
  21. Dear me, these range from mediocre to appalling. I've voted for the least worst but it doesn't fill me with any burning pride for the County. The 'unofficial' flag is better than any of these - what was wrong with that?
  22. Here are the 5 choices left: Complete your vote online here, deadline 30th September 2019
  23. We’ve got just over 600 parliamentary constituencies. Around 420 parliamentary seats voted to Leave. A pretty good working majority you’d think to Leave the Union and yet, because of the will of the ruling elite, the establishment, our celebrity culture and a highly organised Remain Protest Group, it never counted for anything. Seems to me that Democracy only ever works when one side, the losers, accept the outcome of the vote. In this case nobody from the Remain side ever accepted this democratic vote and so we are now where we are. Knackered! Well, you reap what you sow and in our forthcoming near future my guess is that now, because of all this, no election result will be safe from any contesting group who claim they were robbed. And why should people accept any electoral poll? If you don’t like the outcome, get yourself organised, create anarchy and aim to get your preferred Candidate placed in power. F.u.ck democracy and the notion that one vote from one person counts for something. The next General Election, if you can be bloody bothered to waste your time and cast your vote? Then vote for the one who’s face you like, is least likely to burgle your home or kick you senseless outside the Commercial Ale House. It’s no more or less irrational than selecting the Candidate who you believe can represent you in Westminster and fulfill manifesto promises.
  24. Corbyn is a absolute traitor in my view and I am please to see a PM with some backbone for once. I am also-lease that the PM deselected all those idiots that voted against the government last night and probably again tonight. I do not recall seeing this option at the bottom on the ballot paper
  25. MPs took control of parliamentary business for a bill to prevent a no-deal Brexit. Jesse Norman and Bill Wiggin supported Boris. However 21 Conservative MPs went against Boris and will be collecting their P45's. Let's hope the British public don't screw up when the election is called and get Brexit finalised ie OUT.
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