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  2. Wonder how much of this amount will be spent on the Car Park at Plough Lane ?
  3. I have no problem eating an animal that is bread to eat but I draw the line torturing the animal first.
  4. The sooner we can get out of this corrupt European Union the better. They have really shown their hand with their bully boy tactics.
  5. Herefordshire Council has approved expenditure to invest £150k in improving car parking across the county. The council operates 43 car parks throughout Herefordshire and as these are well used and important assets in local economies it is vital that they remain fit for our visitors and ensure continued growth countywide. Herefordshire Council, as a member of the British Parking Association, considers factors such as accessibility and car safety as a priority when promoting the use of a car park in a local area. The programme of enhancement works we are carrying out include works to improve signage and accessibility at Maylords car park, particularly for those parking with children – including 12 new parent/child spaces; Improving the car park surface and signage at Merton Meadow car park; Improvements to tackle anti-social behaviour and improve safety at Garrick Multi-Storey Car Park, as well as a new lighting system at the heavily used Plough Lane car parks. Several car parks in locations throughout the county have also been identified as being in need of some minor enhancement, such as surface repairs, line markings or replacement drainage. Chris Jenner, Assistant Director for Technical Services, said:
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  7. Animals are your friends - why do you eat them?
  8. About time a forum was opened for this. It is fairly public now Jon Johnson for Wormside is not standing again. I do not think David Harlow is standing either.
  9. Peri Peri or whatever it is called that is scheduled to move into the Matabeaux premises is all Halal apparently -
  10. If you had a 100 people in a room only 37 of them voted for Brexit. I wonder why this is all a mess caused by Eton boy Cameron trying to placate his split party and trying to stop UKIP getting any MPs.
  11. SETTING: Early morning in the kitchen of the Speaker’s Residence, Houses of Parliament. Rt Hon J Bercow: “Sally dearest, I do wish you would come in properly attired. A torn pair of pink knickers bearing an unsmiling emoji across the crotch is hardly appropriate for the Speaker’s spouse. Anyway, what time did you get it?” Mrs Bercow: “Just after 4.00 a.m. Is there any Merlot left?” Bercow: “I think I’d switch to Nescafé if I was you. Can you please pass me that tool kit under the sink?” (The chimes of Big Ben striking 9 o’clock ring out, causing the whole kitchen to shudder. With difficulty, the Speaker’s wife delivers the heavy tool box.) Mr Bercow lifts its twin lids, mumbling to himself: “It HAS to be Imperial. Metric would never do!” Mrs Bercow: (pouring herself the last of the Merlot): “What on earth are you on about, John?” Bercow: (Furiously rummaging through the contents of the tool box): “I’m looking for the 16” adjustable with the chromed handle. I need it for tomorrow morning. Before the Prime Minister’s final Brexit statement.” Mrs Bercow: “What are you planning to fix? My bathroom shower?” Bercow: “I’m not planning to fix anything, my dear.” (Triumphantly waving aloft a large mole wrench.) “THIS is to be my final Spanner in the Works!”
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  13. Good luck to the man, he purchased his ticket and was lucky enough to win big, now go and enjoy the rest of your life.
  14. I share the same view, it is cruel and inhumane. I believe the Razbari in Whitecross Road also serves Halal
  15. I enjoy good food but I refuse to eat in restaurants where I am aware that they serve Halal meat. I am aware that both the Mary Gold and Mowchak restaurants serve Halal meat, which other restaurants in Hereford serve Halal?
  16. Well perhaps someone could ask Paul Tobin who was the developer? Did he build something dodgy and just walk away with the profit from the development without a care for structure? I understand he creates a limited company to carry out development but then closes it down when the building is complete so he can walk away without any comeback To me it does seem wrong that we re picking up the bill for scaffolding to hold up a private persons development apparently indefinitely. Good old Paul was also the developer of the flats in Greyfriars Avenue by the river - should the owners of those be worried?
  17. It's previously been reported on this Forum that the rear structure was deemed to be unsafe.
  18. The Twitter is being bombarded with begging requests ..... Despite the winner NOT having a Twitter Account. As detailed by Wales Online .... A story oblivious to the HT!
  19. Last week
  20. The evidence seems to suggest we have too many shops. We either have empty shops or they are turned into a barbers or charity shop. In contrast we have a housing crisis. So I'm never gonna put up too much of an argument to defend change of use planning applications in most circumstances.
  21. That one is horrific - 12 rooms, reminds me of a factory farm. Lots of points don't comply with Building Regs either(not that that stops Planning).
  22. Another application went in last weeks for the storage building next to and back of British Heart Foundation shop in Commercial Street to be turned into a HMO. https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/info/200142/planning_services/planning_application_search/details?id=190882&search-term=registered in the last 7 days&search-service=recent&search-source=items&search-item=registered in the last 7 days
  23. EU MELTDOWN? Anti-EU party's victory in Dutch elections sends SHOCKWAVES to Brussels elite THE EU establishment have been plunged into yet another crisis after a shock victory for an anti-EU Dutch party in crunch elections this week. A populist eurosceptic party has stunned the political establishment in the Netherlands and sent shockwaves across the European Union after a stunning election victory. The Forum for Democracy (FvD), which campaigns for a Dutch exit from the EU, won the most votes in elections for the upper house of parliament earlier this week. This has plunged the country and EU leadership into crisis, just as Brussels struggles with more deadlock over Brexit. Thierry Baudet, who leads the FvD, which was only launched three years ago, told supporters: “We stand here in the rubble of what was once the most beautiful civilisation. “We won because the country needs us. We are being destroyed by the people who are supposed to be protecting us. “The voters in the Netherlands have spread their wings and shown their true power.” He claimed that the “stupidity and arrogance” of the elites had been punished. Only want Italy to tell the EU to get off when they are hoping to sign a Chinese trade agreement this week and then the EU will realise the people come first and not the bureaucrats and their henchmen.
  24. Soon there will be no shops and then wait for the moaning, personally, I do not think change of use of many if these shops should be granted, it is a shopping retail area, there are plenty of places around for flats, this will end up being bedsits, you mark my words
  25. I know someone who could give better clarification as to what's happening so I'll ask
  26. Theoretically yes. Practicality no. Until there is affordable, efficient and effective transportation throughout any city to coincide with my 24hr lifestyle, it's not going to happen - either way!!!!
  27. Posted March 8 From the Council's 2019 contract register Jacobs Court scaffolding Reference Number: N/A Contract Title: Jacobs Court scaffolding Directorate: Economy and Place Department: Building control Brief Description of Contract: No entry Supplier: Lyndon Scaffolding PLC Supplier Status SME / VCS: N/A Company and/or Charity Registration Number: 934513 Estimated Contract Value: £52,800 Estimated Annual Value: £4,800 VAT not recoverable: N/A Start Date: 22/05/2015 End Date: 31/08/2020 Review Date: 31/08/2019 Option to Extend: Yes Extension End Date: TBC Quotation or Tender: Quotation Nature of Contract: Services Funding Source: Council funded Sector Type: Private Register Entry Comments: This is an on-going maintenance contract for a scaffold to support Jacobs Court that has been determined to be in a dangerous condition. The scaffold was initially erected to make the building safe, and requires monthly maintenance in line with the HSE guidelines. No scaffolding inside the building so presume it's either the fitting of the window frames, cladding or metal frame structure. Didn't the building inspector check at the various building stages?
  28. Does anyone know the history behind why there is scaffolding around the stair and lift tower behind Jacobs Court on Commercial Street? Research shows that planning permission for this tower was granted in 2005 but was found to be in contravention of building regulations sometime after that. The scaffolding has been in place for many years now which is a shame as the main building is quite beautiful both inside and out. Is there a plan to have the work completed or will it stay like this forever?
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