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    Getting off the bus this evening at 6pm came across a woman and I presume her daughter with a litter picker and black bag. In 20 years this is the first time I have come across another member of the public on Newton Farm trying to keep the environment tidy - well done.
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    With the scaffold down, some of the worst quality face brickwork I have ever seen is now on view. The workmanship is just appalling. It's even worse than the photo suggests!
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    To put this in perspective, when the Town Hall was opened in 1904, it had taken 2 years to build, from scratch, and that included slum clearance beforehand. No machines, all manual labour, finished inside and out to an extremely high standard. Yet this relatively small repair took almost twice as long as it took to build the Town Hall in the first place!
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    I think people have gone past caring. Everything else is neglected. Council Grass s 4 ft tall behind my house. City is over run by serious organised crime. Or applications to commit serious organised crime. I can't get excited over this!
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    Today is International Women in Engineering Day (INWED). INWED is an international awareness campaign to raise the profile of women in engineering and focuses attention on the amazing career opportunities available to girls in this exciting industry. I copied the above from an Armed Forces Group , believe that the proposed Engineering University in Hereford have missed an opportunity to spread the word further on this special day - you might be aware that the Armed Forces have numerous opportunities for Women in Engineering.
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    Nothing has changed? Everything has changed! Give them a chance, the first Cabinet meeting is on 13 June - no doubt they will start to discuss it then - it's not something that can happen at a stroke.
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    Maggie I have much respect for all other road users, however in my experience cyclists are even worse in some cases! Particularly in London, they all try to be clever now by wearing head cameras (I understand the reasons why) and a lot will go out of their way to provoke motorists, believe me, I have seen it all. Many also expect the motorist to abide by the highway code, yet when it suits they will go the wrong way around small junctions and bollards, often they will mount the pavement to avoid red lights and once the other side will come back down onto the road, they will often ride 2 or 3 side by side, so it is virtually impossible to pass them in a vehicle. I see guys riding no handed while texting and this is on the pavements. They will often shout abuse too, so they are not as squeaky clean as people may think.
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    I agree that cyclists have become a hazard on pavements and the law does little to prevent it. If footpaths are above a certain width cycling is allowed but I have always thought the onus is on the cyclist to respect the welfare of pedestrians in the same way as the onus is on motorists to respect the welfare of cyclists on the road (not sure if this is law or just accepted courtesy). Whether law or courtesy I see little evidence of it shown by cyclists riding illegally on footpaths. The shared space pavement on Whitecross road confuses me as the law clearly states that riding a cycle on a pavement is illegal.
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    Cyclists should not be allowed to ride on footpaths, they are FOOT paths. I understand all the reason behind this but it is starting to become the norm and I think the police and local authorities needs to do more in the way of enforcing the law and by providing more cycle lanes, which I appreciate is difficult on a lot of narrow roads.
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    I agree AV however, I do see many cyclists riding on the pavements, riding across pedestrian crossings without getting off their bikes and ignoring traffic lights. I actually saw a lad today on his mobile phone while riding on the path, the law should be applied to all road users, I also think cyclists should have some sort of insurance.
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    It is sad that all cyclists seem to get the blame for the actions of a minority. But you are right if there was a bit of enforcement there would less problems
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    Illegal or not, when was the last time anyone saw a cyclist using a pavement being approached by an officer of the law? My front door opens directly onto the pavement. I've lost count of the number of times I've almost had a collision with a cyclist when leaving my house. Now I look both ways, as if I'm crossing the road!!! One more for you. A year ago I was walking along Broad Street, away from High Town. A cyclist was coming towards me on the pavement, no lights (it was dark enough to need them) and effectively going the wrong way on a one way street. I watched in horror as I became aware of a car approaching the cross roads from West Street. I was helpless to stop either of them. The cyclist seemed not only oblivious to how daft they were being, but also to the fact that they were approaching a road crossing, where pedestrians would always come to a stop before crossing. She went straight in to the wing of the car, her wheel hitting the car's wheel, she rolled over the bonnet, bike looked a mess and bloke swearing about the damage to his car, which was a lovely mini less than a year old. Cyclist was having a go at the driver! No insurance to pay for the car damage obviously. What if someone had been injured??
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    Watch UK Column live daily at 1pm or on demand to get into the reality of Brexit. We are not cutting ourselves off from the EU administration, but behind the scenes, assisting in the creation of an EU military force and adopting their laws and not creating our own. The whole thing is a smoke screen to maintain the status quo. I am tired of the anti brexit rant of the BBC and in the national press. Now it is seeping into our local press and local government and adding weight to the establishment's desire to keep themselves in the manner accustomed ie calling all the shots and shafting the British public.
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