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    I had high hopes following the local election results 9 months ago. However, aside from kicking the bypass into the long grass (but at a ridiculous £0.5m cost) absolutely nothing tangible has happened to improve life in the County. Nothing. I appreciate a lot of problems were inherited and they want to fundamentally change policies but it's also about PR with the Council Tax payers, and all we're seeing is press releases for this, that and the other review. From reading the Hereford Times and comments, it seems the initial goodwill is quickly evaporating, because we're not seeing anything tangible on the ground. Do something, anything, no matter how small - turn off one set of traffic lights for instance. As for salary scales for 'Officers' how did that happen? Are these people worth £100k or more for so little done so badly? Of course not, but they're all looking after each other instead of doing the job. A benevolent dictatorship has never looked so attractive.
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    This is not so much about what it is but who it is perhaps
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    This is a feeble excuse from the planners, there are vape shops springing up all over town, so what's the difference here?
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    This application has been withdrawn by the applicants, the reason not being stated.
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    Typically badly written and misleading press release from the Council. From the Zap-Map website; Rapid DC chargers provide power at 50 kW (125A), use either the CHAdeMO or CCS charging standards, and are indicated by purple icons on Zap-Map. These are the most common type of rapid EV charge points currently, having been the standard for the best part of a decade. Both connectors typically charge an EV to 80% in 20 minutes to an hour depending on battery capacity and starting state of charge. The Council’s current chargers eg at the multi-storey car park are 7kW, which will typically take 4-6 hours to charge, again depending on the battery capacity. 30 minutes is largely useless for the 7kW chargers and drivers will inevitably have to buy a ticket anyway - an hour would have been more sensible. If you can afford an EV, you can afford to buy a ticket!
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    Hereford Voice - Turn Traffic Lights Off! Campaign: Traffic Lights Out! Guess What...NO DELAYS!! 'The Traffic Just Flows' Councillor John Harrington kindly just send us this video, which clearly shows at 'rush hour' with the traffic lights out how smoothly the traffic just flows!! Please continue to support our long campaign to trail turning these lights off, sign our petition:
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    I just responded on the FB page but yes this happened to me before Xmas, parked in Castle St but I had input the number for St Owens St, I was issued a ticket and they would not remove the fine even though I could prove that I had paid to park for an hour, I'm sure that I had input Castle St so it could be a bug with the app regardless of that if you have paid to park the council should revoke the ticket, its expensive enough to park in Hereford as it is
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    At 23:00 GMT on the 31st January 2020 and after 47 years, the United Kingdom formally left the European Union and ceased to be a member of the bloc, Brexit has finally happened. There is still a lot to discuss and months of negotiation to follow. While the UK has agreed the terms of its EU departure, both sides still need to decide what their future relationship will look like. This will be worked out during the transition period, which now begins and is due to end on 31 December 2020. During this 11-month period, the UK will continue to follow all of the EU's rules and its trading relationship will remain the same. This morning you are waking up to an exiting new era for the UK, but who will be next? Share your thoughts with us.. #HerefordVoice #Brexit
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    Yet again Hereford City Council mistaken for Herefordshire Council, but good publicity for the proposal nonetheless, Can't come soon enough in my view, but everything is beginning to take rather too long. Just pick a simple one to start with and do it now!
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    Most of us will be dead n buried by the time anything is done. Why not show us you are really keen to aliviate some of the major problems in the City by starting with an easy one John which will cost nothing at all. Switch them bloody lights off on the Newmarket Roundabout.
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