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    I have no problem eating an animal that is bread to eat but I draw the line torturing the animal first.
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    I enjoy good food but I refuse to eat in restaurants where I am aware that they serve Halal meat. I am aware that both the Mary Gold and Mowchak restaurants serve Halal meat, which other restaurants in Hereford serve Halal?
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    SETTING: Early morning in the kitchen of the Speaker’s Residence, Houses of Parliament. Rt Hon J Bercow: “Sally dearest, I do wish you would come in properly attired. A torn pair of pink knickers bearing an unsmiling emoji across the crotch is hardly appropriate for the Speaker’s spouse. Anyway, what time did you get it?” Mrs Bercow: “Just after 4.00 a.m. Is there any Merlot left?” Bercow: “I think I’d switch to Nescafé if I was you. Can you please pass me that tool kit under the sink?” (The chimes of Big Ben striking 9 o’clock ring out, causing the whole kitchen to shudder. With difficulty, the Speaker’s wife delivers the heavy tool box.) Mr Bercow lifts its twin lids, mumbling to himself: “It HAS to be Imperial. Metric would never do!” Mrs Bercow: (pouring herself the last of the Merlot): “What on earth are you on about, John?” Bercow: (Furiously rummaging through the contents of the tool box): “I’m looking for the 16” adjustable with the chromed handle. I need it for tomorrow morning. Before the Prime Minister’s final Brexit statement.” Mrs Bercow: “What are you planning to fix? My bathroom shower?” Bercow: “I’m not planning to fix anything, my dear.” (Triumphantly waving aloft a large mole wrench.) “THIS is to be my final Spanner in the Works!”
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    Peri Peri or whatever it is called that is scheduled to move into the Matabeaux premises is all Halal apparently -
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    Over the past few years, we have noticed more and more planning applications to change use from shops to flats. Again today plans have been submitted here for 145 Eign Street Hereford shops are slowly disappearing and Herefordshire Council are often granting these plans. We will attempt to start highlighting each of these applications to show the scale of this trend from the Council. How plans were passed in Eign Street for this lot previously is beyond comprehension, how is this in keeping with the surrounding area? These buildings bricked up look horrendous!
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    I notice that the Hereford Times website if offline yet again, it has been down for several hours. It was offline a few weeks ago too, very odd, you would think a website like that would be more rigid and reliable
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    I see this happening all the time, good to see this article, soon these NEW residents will be complaining about noise or something coming from their retail neighbours no doubt.
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    The Twitter account is now 'suspended'. I would guess that it was a totally rogue account. I obviously never 'followed' or retweeted the content!
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    The local planning authority should be prosecuting the owners of these grade two listed buildings for failure to maintain them...............oh!!
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    I have just been listening to the live stream from Full Council held yesterday at the Shire Hall in particular, the reactions from various Councillors about the alternative budget proposed by IOC. Live Stream can be found here At around 228 of the live stream Cllr Paul Rone speaks, during his brief response I notice that he says that if turning off the traffic lights is such a good revolutionary idea, then why has nobody else done it? Well actually Paul, quoting you using your own words from yesterdays meeting, "Seek Before You Speak" Turning off traffic lights has been successful in several towns and cities, one that comes to mind is Portishead, check out the video below: Portishead Traffic Lights Furthermore, you suggest that nobody has done this other than Invercargill in New Zealand, you also suggest that this place has a mere population of 7,500 people, well actually you are wrong sir, it is almost as big as Hereford! Education Lesson below: You also say that it would be dangerous for pedestrians?? I am confused as there is no suggestion that any of the pedestrian traffic lights would be turned off at all, they would still be working, if this was given a trail and yes that is all we have ever asked for, a trial. Cllr. Rone also suggest that it would work for maybe 12 hours and then there would be mayhem? Again, we have video evidence much of which you will find on our youtube channel where the traffic lights have been out of order for several days and it is common knowledge that when these lights are out of service and using our words, the 'traffic just flows' in Hereford. To suggest that the members commenting on here are irresponsible keyboard warriors is totally unfair, there has been a lot of research over the past 20 years including that of one of our members Martin Cassini, you can check out his credentials here Martin Cassini on the One Show Finally, you also ask why is nobody else doing this? Because people like you are all too quick to reject these proposals. Well as you can see above other towns and cities are doing this successfully or is your dismissal just down to the fact that this is not your or Cllr Edwards idea? Cllr. Rone and Cllr. Edwards, I am passionate about our city and keen to explore all ideas that may eliminate the terrible daily congestion in Hereford, I just wish others would look and explore some of these ideas.
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    Good to see this area of the city changing for the good
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    Yet another building occupied by our Council in danger of becoming beyond economic repair https://www.herefordtimes.com/news/17501979.part-of-shirehalls-ceiling-collapses/ Please can we have a Council who actually cares about the county
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    Letter in Hereford Times - 12th March 2019: Built into ordinary people (the majority of us) is a set of principles. These prevent us from committing criminal acts. We need neither fear of being caught nor of retribution as a deterrent. We acquire these principles, as well as self discipline, in childhood in a normal family. Very regrettably, our society in the last 40 years has systematically derided and attempted to destroy the normal family, advocating its replacement by a ‘menage’ of various sorts in which children grow unsupervised and with no examples set for them. We revel in the misfortune of having no father in the house, which may sometimes be chaotic and drug ridden. We now reap the harvest of our folly. We have managed to produce a generation including a proportion of undisciplined, selfish, knife-carrying individuals, totally lacking in self control. They will thieve, or murder as the urge takes them. More policing will help, but will not deal with the root of the problem. Nor can we expect the schools to solve this problem for us. Bring back the responsible father and mother in the home and give them the means to survive on adequate wages for a good day’s work, together with the time and space to bring up our children. Hubert Porte Madley Bang on Hubert thoroughly agree.
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    Truly mind boggling amounts of money. Yet, the more we pay, the less we seem to get. Never has the County, and the City in particular, looked so scruffy, dirty, run down, graffitied, pot holed and full of litter and weeds.
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    Well Done Cambo! Mixing it with Parliament's top echelons now. A very courteous reply too. I always much preferred her to her rather pugnacious husband and, frankly, I think she'd have been a better choice as Jezza's Deputy.
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    Reminds me of those satanic cotton mills/warehouses seen in our industrial wastelands.
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    I also think unless we get a better deal than the current terrible one that we should walk away with NO DEAL.
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    I see yesterday at planning that Edwards speaks out about the 178 bedroom student block that votes for it obviously he is a very shy Tory.
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    Typical, too much hassle for a lights out trial for a week but okay to close Haywood Lane for 10 weeks for some timber footpath that nobody other than Phil Edwards wanted for his Haywood Park ongoing project
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    I always thought that Colin's idea of a tram along the old railway lines was an excellent idea but it is falling upon deaf ears unfortunately.
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    Yes Edwards is a lovely chap who mows the large green area in front of his house with a mower from Barry so that Balfour Beatty don't have too. Currently he is vice chairman of Herefordshire Council the Unitary authority and of course on a regular basis votes with his Blue mates. He will of course be standing again for City and County and if you want the status quo to remain you know what to do with your cross on May 2nd. Paul will be doing the same in Redhill out with mower, cooking at the Kindle centre but like Phil when it comes to the big difficult decisions like improving the traffic system in the City what will they do? Oh yes of course tell you more roads will be required one will be called a Bypass. Don't be fooled it's not a bypass it's a distributor road to allow the Tory paymasters such as Bloor homes to build housing to further block the west of the City. The sensible thing would of course be to build new bridges to the west and east of the city and convert the existing "lines" in a light tramway. Good luck all May 2nd
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    Bobby, you know I adore you, despite your truth bombs. The allusion to your enormous girth revolves around us never having met but someone telling me that you looked a bit like me, What they meant was you had a beard. What I took from that was your were fat too. As fat as me, probably even fatter. Fingers crossed for May 2nd Mon brave, keep up the good work, your comments are much enjoyed.
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    Poison Polly Andrews as I understand she is known should have been informed by officers at Herefordshire Council. As others have said not her idea to have the memorial restored and bench placed so very sour grapes, well done Hereford City Council.
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    We have hit over 100 individual signatures tonight which is brilliant. Please share the petition on social media and with your friends.
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    "..Just a bus stop, as pointed out on another forum" That would have been me, Magic!! Well done Colin for persevering with this. There is so much support for your idea, that quite frankly it beggars belief that it hasn't been done. I shall sign your petition!
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    A friend of mine went in his works van to drop off five or six bags of grass cuttings only. He was promptly stopped and accused of depositing trade waste. When being questioned he argued how in any way does grass cutting relate to roofing. Still the the attendant said it was trade waste, so my friend then points to some tiles and bags of trade rubbish in his van, the bloke said no can't take that trade rubbish. Again questioned about grass cuttings and adamant it was trade. So finally my friend points to a big slab of scrap lead at the back of the van, to which the attendant promptly opens the back doors and said yes we'll take that! Needless to say he was told by my friend - NO THATS TRADE WASTE MATE! and where to go - politely!! I have a 4x4 SUV and keep getting told it's a trade vehicle, despite having two child seats in the rear and a boot smaller than an erde trailer- which all the old boys from the allotments use; isn't that trade waste? I was also wondering why there is a mixed skip of rubble and soil? Surely these would be easier to recycle separately? To top it all off they then charge you to buy back your grass clippings as compost!! I think the attendants think they are on a power trip, knowing that you have limited place to dispose your rubbish. Jokers United.
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