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    It going to be ok folks,Iv'e just pulled the plug out
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    Boris for me and time to get shot of Corbyn and his cabinet of clowns
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    Denise is struggling! Who isn’t! I’ve come to the conclusion that you may as well vote for the Candidate who’s least likely to burgle your home and steal all your belongings or accost you outside the Commercial Ale House and beat you senseless for absolutely no reason at all. Irrational? Perhaps. But it’s no more or less irrational than voting for the oily, yellow bellied tw.at who promises you it all and then delivers you nothing. Voting for them and believing their pledges is an irrationality in itself and so, if I vote, and frankly at the moment I can’t be bloody bothered, I’ll vote for the Candidate who’s got the Far Away Messianic Christ Like Eyes who just might be carrying the marks of the Holy Stigmata that suggests to stupid gullible idiots like me that Jesus has returned for a second time.
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    Pepe's Piri Piri looks likely to be opening in Commercial Street very soon. It is good to see this area becoming more and more busy with new shops
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    This sign is being used in Whitstable , Kent .
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