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    Hereford the Awake! At last, a city with individuals at the helm with the gumption and vision to challenge the dysfunctional traffic system and adopt a progressive, enlightened approach! But beware. The rules of the road need changing. As currently misconceived, the rules promote neglect. How many drivers notice or stop for a mother with a toddler in a buggy waiting at the side of the road - the toddler at the optimum height to inhale the invisible toxic fumes that damage development and lodge in the brain, heart and bloodstream? It's nothing less than state-sponsored child abuse. To recoin Orwell’s phrase: all road-users are equal - and should take it in turns - but some are more equal than others. Drivers should give way to vulnerable road-users: children, disabled, blind, pedestrians in general. Not only are they vulnerable, they are non-polluting road-users. "No lights, equal rights" (Colin's phrase) sensitises drivers to the needs of others. When free to use our 'inner lights', we make decisions based on social protocol, rather than in blind obedience to a system that promotes abuse of our fellow humans. So in addition to deregulation, we need a programme of re-education. Also roadway redesign to express equality. This can largely be achieved through public meetings, media, and subtle signage. I look forward to working with John Harrington and helping make Hereford the first city to pioneer an enlightened, humane solution to most of its road safety problems, and many of its congestion problems.
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    Dear me, these range from mediocre to appalling. I've voted for the least worst but it doesn't fill me with any burning pride for the County. The 'unofficial' flag is better than any of these - what was wrong with that?
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    And the crossings for pedestrians are very poor, especially the ones between Royal Mail and the Railway Station.
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    I cycled past this today - it's very, very big. No thought for cyclists by closing the shared space along the side of the road (the red sign says 'cycleway closed'). I have to say the Link Road is one of the most dangerous pieces of road I have cycled - signing is non-existent, turning right is a death wish, really, every councillor and officer involved in the delivery of this should be made to cycle it end to end in both directions to see just what an appalling and dangerous mess it is.
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    That's been widened and resurfaced to a very good standard courtesy of Section 106 monies from the redevelopment of the old school site for housing, with a link bridge though to that housing over the brook. It shows up a lot of other cycle paths in the City for the run down and/or badly designed things that they are. The Great Western Way is a fantastic facility, years ahead of its time when it was opened, must have carried millions of journeys, yet it's in desperate need of upgrading, proper resurfacing, lighting and cctv. The cost is absolute peanuts compared to new roads. The riverside path was very badly surfaced by the Council and is unpleasant to ride. The new greenway is covered in graffiti from end to end - a bad oversite not to have put cctv in when it was built. Such a shame to see a flagship facility so abused and no effort at all to clean it up (it took over a month of complaining to get some highly offensive wording dealt with - BBLP didn't even bother to clean it, just painted over it).
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    What is it with people that all the good people do is rubbished by the few. How can the county ever hope to improve when there is little or no deterrent for the low life who are hell bent on destruction.
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    You have very difficult times ahead Martin , I wish you and your Partner all the very best positive luck and good fortune in the future .
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    Really happy to see something finally possibly happening with the new administration in Hereford. This lights out trial is long overdue. Hopefully we can also look at making some of the other traffic lights part-time in other words, turned off between 7pm-7am for example, pointless sitting on a red light at 3am when there are hardly any other vehicles around.
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    Everyone recognises 'Art' with some thought behind it. A lazy teenage type 'tag' is just vandalism. There is a difference. Widely accepted in Society.
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    Listening to H&W radio this morning and main story about no thought been given to the support infrastructure concerning building 5000 houses around Worcester. The Worcester Royal says a lack of funding £7.7 million from the developers will exasperate the running of A&E, already under pressure. The hospital once a city hospital and now a county hospital, and I predict to become a regional hospital, it seems amazing that there is no overhaul strategy, and if there is, it is drastically in need of life saving attention. Hereford will also end up in this state until it becomes absorbed into a regional Clinical Commisioning Group, already being talked about with Worcester and people will die being transferred 26 miles and waiting in queuing ambulances. Add in housing developments planned all around Herefordshire and the infrastructure will collapse. Building bigger hospitals mean local community hospitals being closed.
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    No Deal is on the table. That was always my choice. That might focus some minds' if we were serious about leaving. Which we never have been ~ as a Govt. As for Jesse Norman he has never engaged enough with the Brexit process for my liking. He seems to be backing May with that tweet but he has been too low profile on this important issue. Or rather no profile.
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    Well done Colin you know my feeling on this issue up and at them!!!
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    This is absolutely unbelievable and beyond words!! Beryl Bikes set on fire near to the skatepark at Newton Farm Hereford. We received this email just:
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