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    See a megaphone 📣 think Hereford Voice 📢 We love 💖❤️ our city and county and we like to shout about it and promote everything positive. It's all too easy to moan but we are privileged to live in such a beautiful part of the World. We will continue to promote local business and encourage people to visit Hereford and Herefordshire. Join us and 'BE POSITIVE' about this fabulous city of ours. 👉 'Positive Hereford'
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    A few really bad timed comments on facebook saying it was an "insurance job" ......sounds like they didn't have any insurance
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    I’ll be damned if I follow this madness and comply by wearing a face mask. And, if the shops refuse to serve me food, which is essential to prolong my pointless life, then so be it. I’ll starve to death. Whatsmore, if it becomes known nationally and internationally that I’m not complying and all permanent sitting members of the United Nations draft a binding resolution to force me to wear a mask and threaten that if I bloody don’t theyll carry out strategic bombing thrice fortnightly on me and my abode, still, even then, I won’t comply with this madness. They can flatten the place. I couldn’t care less. And if I manage to survive the dreadful attack upon my personal sovereignty, I’ll emerge from the dust and rubble and tell the media, ‘I ain’t wearing a bloody face mask’. I don’t believe in any of it. I’m not going to hate the Russians, the Chinese or anybody else they tell me to become scared of. I don’t believe in Greta and her apocalyptic prophecy that the planet will crack in two, the oceans will boil and we’ll all die in agony in some fiery Hell Fire. I don’t believe in anything that Megan and Harry have to say, I don’t believe in crazed divisive ideologies such as Black Lives Matter that only succeed in breaking up and shattering the spirit of our imperfect societies, I hate the bloody EU, and I don’t believe in our celebrity culture that helps drive the power of the Far Left Marxist ideologies that only want to destroy everything they hate, which is pretty much everything that brings about happiness. Anyways, there you have it. I ain’t wearing no bloody face mask and I definetly ain’t going to start kneeling wearing a bloody face mask!
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    Yes, we've used them a couple of times - first class service.
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    That danger is no different to how it has always been. All this so called cycle lane does is attempt to reserve a space for cyclists where they would have been cycling anyway. So as a cyclist you are still at risk from the parked cars and have to hope that the vehicles passing you keep outside the lane - which in giving cyclists a 1 metre gap when passing they should be doing anyway It is no change from before
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    Wow....I work in a chippy at the moment....so something to think about
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    It was a faulty temperature gauge on the fryer Rob
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    Positive vibes well done, fed up seeing people moan moan moan
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    I'm waiting till the weekend when most not all of these cones and their accompanying signs will more than likely end up in the river Wye.
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    Shades of the infamous traffic reversal scheme!
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    At the top of Westfaling Street HR4 0JG. Entrance between the Scout Hut and Quay House Medical Centre.
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    Moovit4u is a award winning removals & transport company Based in Herefordshire. Moovit4u was voted best of Hereford business of the year and best of the UK’s removals and transport business of the year, you can be sure you’re in safe hands when you come to Moovit4u. Specialising in both domestic and commercial removals, we are very proud of our reputation locally and have worked hard to establish ourselves as being very reliable and professional but friendly and affordable too. Moovit4u are specialists when it comes to the transportation of high end goods and we have plenty of experience when it comes to moving larger items such as pianos and grandfather clocks etc. Fully insured, we also feature same day delivery / collections both locally and nationally, weekdays or weekends, 24/7 within mainland UK.
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    Top local company
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    The council has put out a you tube post asking what to do with Maylords because it purchased the complex without a plan. I do hope somebody is challenging the investment decision because this situation at best is gross incompetence and at worst smells very fishy.
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    This council got in on a Brexit protest vote and has achieved nothing. The focus on cycling will destroy Hereford business as the congestion will increase and make Hereford even less appealing as destination to shop. Put simply Harrington and his deluded cronies haven’t got a clue what they’re doing apart from pandering to the 5% of Herefordians that like to cycle. They will be remembered for missing the opportunity to move traffic away from the City Centre and destroying any chance for the city to flourish.
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    First e-scooter trial launched in Middlesbrough this week. A fleet of 100 are being distributed across Middlesbrough and nearby Hartlepool for anyone over the age of 18 to jump on, swipe an app and zip away. In the age of coronavirus age, the thinking goes, they could ease pressure on public transport while helping ensure the economic recovery is not built solely on emission-spewing cars. Tees Valley is the first place in Britain to pilot them, e-scooters are almost certainly coming to a town or city near you soon. At least 50 local authorities are currently said to be in talks with different companies about launching similar schemes in their own areas. Portsmouth, Derby, Birmingham and Bristol are all hoping to launch trials later in the summer, while international scooter firms, such as Lime and Tier, are clamouring to be allowed into markets like London, Liverpool and Manchester. If all goes well, bosses at Ginger – the British start-up behind the Middlesbrough trial – hope to have 10,000 of their black-and-orange models on British roads by next summer. Even rural locations could see an influx: council officials in Staffordshire are currently in talks with the firm about how they could be used to connect the county’s villages. Source: Independant Transport secretary Grant Shapps announced the go-ahead for an accelerated trial of e-scooters in a press briefing on May 9. As well as announcing £250 million for pop-up cycleways and widened sidewalks—part of a £2 billion package to boost cycling and walking—he said he was “fast-tracking trials of e-scooters, bringing this program forward from next year to next month.” He was doing this, he said, “in a bid to get e-scooter rental schemes up-and-running in our cities as fast as possible” to “reduce car use on shorter journeys.” The trials will allow companies to offer rental e-scooters to adults only. Hirers will need driving licenses, either full or provisional, but won’t need to wear helmets. The e-scooters will be allowed to be ridden on roads and cycleways, but not on sidewalks or shared-use cycleway/sidewalk combos.
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    Since when did people call 119 and not 111. Also please confirm/advise if the people that want AWOL 3 days ago have been traced or are still out and about potential infecting dozens of other people.
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    The bull has become a local landmark now
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    It was put in High Town way before the Old Market was built Glenda & I also remenber you saying it looked like a Spanish Bull too
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