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  1. Noticed this weekend (just gone) that there's a large pothole, inbound, on the Barrs Court side of the metal bridge. Went over yesterday (Monday) and it's got 50% bigger and deeper in a couple of days ... So be careful if you are using that bit of road! If you hit it full on there's a potential to do some damage!
  2. I have just been alerted to this Facebook Topic, it names Conservative Cllr. David Greenhow as the suspect in this bizarre act of animal cruelty, which now appears to possibly be a criminal investigation, see what you think:
  3. I have just been listening to the live stream from Full Council held yesterday at the Shire Hall in particular, the reactions from various Councillors about the alternative budget proposed by IOC. Live Stream can be found here At around 228 of the live stream Cllr Paul Rone speaks, during his brief response I notice that he says that if turning off the traffic lights is such a good revolutionary idea, then why has nobody else done it? Well actually Paul, quoting you using your own words from yesterdays meeting, "Seek Before You Speak" Turning off traffic lights has been successful in several towns and cities, one that comes to mind is Portishead, check out the video below: Portishead Traffic Lights Furthermore, you suggest that nobody has done this other than Invercargill in New Zealand, you also suggest that this place has a mere population of 7,500 people, well actually you are wrong sir, it is almost as big as Hereford! Education Lesson below: You also say that it would be dangerous for pedestrians?? I am confused as there is no suggestion that any of the pedestrian traffic lights would be turned off at all, they would still be working, if this was given a trail and yes that is all we have ever asked for, a trial. Cllr. Rone also suggest that it would work for maybe 12 hours and then there would be mayhem? Again, we have video evidence much of which you will find on our youtube channel where the traffic lights have been out of order for several days and it is common knowledge that when these lights are out of service and using our words, the 'traffic just flows' in Hereford. To suggest that the members commenting on here are irresponsible keyboard warriors is totally unfair, there has been a lot of research over the past 20 years including that of one of our members Martin Cassini, you can check out his credentials here Martin Cassini on the One Show Finally, you also ask why is nobody else doing this? Because people like you are all too quick to reject these proposals. Well as you can see above other towns and cities are doing this successfully or is your dismissal just down to the fact that this is not your or Cllr Edwards idea? Cllr. Rone and Cllr. Edwards, I am passionate about our city and keen to explore all ideas that may eliminate the terrible daily congestion in Hereford, I just wish others would look and explore some of these ideas.
  4. This is a letter that I have sent to to our councillor today in the hope that I receive a response. I am sure that is also an issue in other areas, but when you are not even trying to join the que and waiting excessively, something needs to be done. As for the road surface saga - well its just a joke considering it’s a “new†development! I’ve driven on smoother farm tracks. I am writing to you in the hope that you may be able to help resolve some issues we are having on Woodward Avenue (formally Broxash Drive) Every weekday morning we have problems with traffic using the street as a rat run on to Belmont Road which is causing queues of traffic on our street and problems for residents not being able to manoeuvre vehicles on or off driveways. This morning the traffic was particularly bad on the street and vehicles were queuing up as far as the top of the road next to the children's playground and blocking every driveway. I came out of the house this morning with my 5 year old to take her to school in Madley and despite all the traffic seeing me getting in my car, not one car left me any room for me to pull off my driveway. When the traffic started moving I slowly started to pull of my driveway only for another car to then pull forward, blocking me again, and refusing to move for me to be able to come off my drive, despite me telling them I wanted to go in the opposite direction to them. When I was eventually given space to reverse off the drive I was unable to see down the road to see if anything was coming the other way as the vehicles were obscuring my view, I was lucky that there wasn't a car coming as there would have been no way I would have seen them, or them see me. There are also problems with drivers speeding down the road, especially towards the earlier part of the morning before the majority of the traffic builds up on the street. The road itself is an utter mess with major potholes all along the street and the extra traffic using the road is only going to make things worse, we have been told by the highways agency that despite this area being classed as a new development, there are no funds available to resurface this road. Unfortunately I think at some point in the future if these issues are not addressed there will be an accident on the street, whether due to speeding vehicles, poor condition of the road, or queuing traffic obscuring residents view/access off or on driveways.
  5. Herefordshire Council News 13 October 2014 Full steam ahead or will it hit the buffers?
  6. Good Morning Just a reminder that The South Wye Transport Package, travel improvements consultation is being previewed at the Three Counties Hotel today between 10 am and 8 pm. Council and BBLP staff will be available to answer questions, you will be able to see the proposals and view a short video, highlighting possible changes. You will also be asked to complete a questionnaire on the proposals. It is certainly worth a look and getting your views put across.
  7. Hi The Parish Council will be holding a Community Action Day in Belmont on Saturday 15th October 2016 from 10.30 am. The aim is to get as many volunteers as possible to try and help with jobs around the parish, including Jubilee Field and public paths. There was a similar event earlier in the year and I ended up spending a considerable amount of time helping to clear a large area of brook with another volunteer!! I am sure the Parish Council will be putting up posters with more detail in the near future, but I wanted to give people advance warning, to save the date :) I think it is a really good opportunity for the community to come together and improve/make a difference to some of our public areas. If you know an area with Belmont Rural that you think might benefit from some work, (please remember it will be for a few hours and will be worked by volunteers), please let me know and I can pass on the information to the Parish Council. It would be fantastic to see lots of volunteers and I believe there is even a free BBQ for those that help. See you there.
  8. Apparently Graham Powell has resigned from the Cabinet, confirmed by Tony Johnson in letter today. He will still apparently remain as Cllr for his ward, Golden Valley South. David Harlow (Birch Ward) is replacing him. Remember where you heard it first!
  9. Just wondering as there appears to be a 'push' in that direction with publicity for the Polish night at 'The Victory' and also publicity for the new 'Polish' eatery on St. Owen Street. ..... ?
  10. Bearing in mind the welcome opposition councillors' planned coup, regarding the cabinet system next week do we get what we deserve? How are these councillors going to carry us through to the election polls next May? As witnessed on these pages not many councillors engage with us on the many local issues affecting the city and which concern us. Directness and honesty seem to be secondary considerations, often only telling us how bad things are after they have gone t"ts up. Consultations are undertaken and ignored if the results do not fit the planned agenda. How much has and is this costing us? Nearer to us in the West Midlands last week, the election for a police commissioner attracted only 1 in 10 registered voters. The vote following the death last month of Bob Jones resulted in a turnout of 10.4%, the lowest recorded since the posts were created two years ago, prompting demands for the process to be reformed. The cost of the election to the taxpayer has been estimated £3.7m, just under £20 for each vote cast. Is that the price for democracry today? Quite cheap for those wishing to remain in power.
  11. Notice of disposal of Public Open Space land at Newton Farm Playing Fields, Hereford The County of Herefordshire District Council intends to grant a Lease of the playing fields, car park and changing rooms at Newton Farm, Hereford. Plan here: Anyone know who may have an interest in this scheme and how long the lease will be?
  12. Thursday 21st August 2014 in News Hereford Times by Bill Tanner About time - Bill Tanner is the Hereford Times.
  13. Hereford Times News: Friday 27th June 2014 by Bill Tanner So that's where the grass cutting savings went. Amazing that when the staff at the lower levels are "transformed" they get to lose their jobs and forgo pay rises, whereas those bringers of change at the top shovel more of our money into their pockets and put PFI payments into their friends companies offshore. No wonder they want UK Column off the air.
  14. While I understand and appreciate that there is an election coming up and each candidate has a budget with which they can use for their own campaigns, surely this is private property (I believe was purchased by Mr Cheung some years ago) so Cllr. Edwards has no right to advertise himself here without permission? Which I know for sure he will not have because the council have been trying to locate the Chinese owner for sometime.
  15. Please read and give us feedback guys. (Colin will be happy because we have committed to asking the Highways Agency to trial traffic light removal where appropriate, i.e./ Belmont/Asda and Steels/Tesco). http://www.itsourcounty.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/IOC-Manifesto.pdf
  16. I saw today that yellow signs have gone up at Penn Grove Road indicating that traffic regulation is proposed between Moreland Ave and Admirals Close. That's where the commuters/students/hospital people park for free just beyond where the existing yellow lines stop. The details of the restrictions are not yet on the relevant Council page (link here) but they are sure to appear soon and will probably stop people parking on that section of road full stop. I'll be quite pleased if this happens as the current free for all makes driving along there inconvenient and sometimes dangerous. This follows on from existing proposals to stop all that dodgy parking on Aylestone Hill (lines are yet to be painted) and a Public Meeting which was held at Brockington Towers on 30th January: Hereford Times Report When the lines do appear the cars that do end up getting shifted are sure to clog up somewhere else because the drivers' are obviously looking for free parking. Even using the new Council car park at Station Approach for £3 a day adds up to £60 a month (20 working days) which is certainly not cheap. Certain people think the Council are bringing on these parking issues themselves. Such as causing the fiasco outside the Leisure Centre where all the car park has emptied out onto the adjacent A49 ...
  17. Councillor Mark Hubbard has this morning resigned from Herefordshire Council's Planning Committee after claiming the planning process has been brought into disrepute. Cllr Mark Hubbard was left angered after a planning application submitted by a committee member was approved by the chairman during a meeting last month despite it being recommended for refusal. Full HT Article
  18. If Im right and its true that Councillor Mark Hubbard is considering not standing at the next local elections then I'd say to him, 'think again'. I've watched from a distance the way in which this chap carries out his duties and there's no doubt that Mr Hubbard is a gifted and dedicated public servant and, given the state we are in, we can well do without losing people of his calibre. During the time I've been contributing on this site and the Hereford Times you can't fail to appreciate the hard work and commitment some Councillors display. At one time, because I knew buggar all, I had no time for them at all. Now, because I've watched, read and listened I now appreciate the hard work of Mr Hubbard, Liz Harvey, Jim Kenyon and more recently Jon Norris. Then of course there's our Glenda and Chris Chappell who, like their IOC colleagues work so hard to provide their best efforts to support their constituents. It's all these things that I once didn't know that I now know which compel me to thank these people who represent out interests. But back to Mark Hubbard. He's founded a political party that's strong, its growing and its impacting and affecting the way in which we all now look at the political scenery in Hereford. My guess is, and it really is just a guess, is that Mr Hubbard handed over the leadership of his party because he was knackered and facing burn out. You can't graft like he does without it impacting upon your time and energies. Mind, I know buggar all. Im just guessing, but, if Im right, and I may be, we are going to lose one of our great local politicuans simple because he couldn't find a way of pacing himself. Well it can be done. You can pace yourself and learn to manage your time and energy better. You simply stop trying to do everything, stop trying to please everybody, give of your best and having done that, do not give things a backward glance and worry about an outcome. Now, more than at anytime Mark Hubbard needs to recharge his batteries, as do all the Coucillors who I've mentioned previously, and position themselves ready for the next election. This is very important and this offering is not meant to embarass Mark. If anything, he should take this as a compliment and feel good about himself. The reason I've posted this? I've had the good fortune to form friendships with a lot of the regular bloggers. Many are like me, Gridnocker and Ubique. We are old. Our back legs have gone and our best, if we ever bloody had any are gone. However, there are many younger bloggers emerging and they are the future and they need people like Mark Hubbard to continue, get to the finishing line and when this Cabinet have gone, be in place to help rebuild our shattered economy and public services. I'd say to Mr Hubbard, you've achieved remarkable things in a relatively short space of time and you owe it to yourself to fulfill the promise. Today, I had the good fortune to meet Cambo. This is a young, highly intelligent young chap who's driven to make a change. It's people like Cambo, Dippy and Smartiano who are the ones who'll eventually pick up the baton, stand for Office and help get us all out of this mess. Frankly, we don't need Mark Hubbard or any other hard working Councillor leaving the theatre now. Not now. If ever there was a time not to go its now. My hope is that Mark Hubbard remains, I actually hope he gets rested up and returns to lead his party and rid us of this chaotic and deluded Cabinet who are bringing us all to a point in very close proximity to ruin. On a personal note, I say to Mark Hubbard, you and your colleagues should be very proud of your many achievements but now is no time to be considering whether or not you should end your tenure as a Councillor. Have a little heart. Have a little faith and get the youngsters within these pages to help you with the burden and the load of responsibility. Do this, pace yourself and delegate more and very soon, quicker than you might think, the fire in your belly will rise and you'll begin to feel like I do. Desperate and driven to throttle Jarvis and roll him round in nettles. Stinging nettles. Nettles harvested in August. The worst nettles. Bloody Jarvis!
  19. Report here about Herefordshire Council considering the proposals for a joint property vehicle (JPV) with Worcestershire and the alternative options for commissioning of property services. Part of the government's instruction for regionalism of services and management of key services. Strangely the council appear to be wary of it, although there is mention of putting in place a partnership agreement with a private sector partner while retaining an intelligent client/strategic asset management capability within the council. Is that a call for the return of a Hereford Futures type organisation?
  20. Interesting article in The Guardian today confirming how bad things will get - sounds familiar in Herefordshire. The local authorities are just conduits for passing taxes, monies and grants to private companies, partnerships and unelected bodies such as The Marches Local Enterprise Partnership. I also read that yesterday that Scotland Yard commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe is driving an idea to reduce more than 30 forces in England and Wales, to create nine super-forces, based on the regional boundaries. I imagine these will be riot poice. The police are showing interest in those attending public meetings as here at Canterbury Christ Church University.
  21. 1st August 2014 in News Hereford Times It appears the Council appear unhappy that the local media isn't putting the right spin on their activities. Well done the Times and Bill Tanner. Lets hope there is more serious delving into the way this Cabinet system works and arrives at its decisions. Long live the free press!
  22. Space for Cycling recognises that we need networks. It is calling for high standards of cycle infrastructure design and the invesment needed to ensure it. A Dutch-style approach to cycling. Anyone cycling anywhere. Imagine. It asks people who want to see this to lobby their local councillors. CTC and Cyclenation have created a web-based campaign that enables people to do this and to see the results on a national map. If you do this now you will be contacting your Herefordshire councillors in the run up to a vote on the Local Transport Plan (26th September). A perfect opportunity to concentrate their attention on cycling and the need to continue and increase investment. To participate in the campaign, and find out more, please check our website: CycleHereford
  23. Annual Review Letter to Mr Alistair Neil, Chief Executive, Herefordshire Council From the Local Government Ombudsman with its annual summary of statistics on the complaints made to the Local Government Ombudsman (LGO) about your authority for the year ended 31 March 2014. How many of these issues were reported by the Hereford Times, especially where complaints were upheld?
  24. From Hereford Times today: Is the nomination date correct? Two days notice. Haven't seen this advertised in the press. ELECTORAL SERVICES NOTICE OF CASUAL VACANCY in the office of UNITARY COUNCILLOR for Ledbury Ward also another notice here for ELECTORAL SERVICES NOTICE OF CASUAL VACANCY in the office of UNITARY COUNCILLOR for Leominster South Ward
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