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Hereford Voice Members Terms & Rules

Members, please read all the following rules and guidelines very carefully.

By posting you agree to these guidelines and must obey them at all times.

1. We have implemented the following rules to ensure a relaxed and welcoming community environment for our members.

2. Topics must be submitted to the relevant forums. Please read the forum descriptions before posting but if you are unsure which forum to use select the Open Forum. A member of our team may later move your topic to a more appropriate forum.

3. Please no vulgar language.

4. Please respect the opinions of other members.

5. No advertising any websites unless given permission by the management team.

6. Editing your own posts is limited to a time restriction of 30 minutes, once this time has passed the editing facility will be removed, so please check your topics and posts.

You will need to send an edit request to the administrator or moderator after the time editing window has passed. Please note that this will be in the form of a request and the administrator or moderator has the right to refuse.

7. We reserve the right to edit or delete posts or topics, deemed inappropriate without forewarning or explanation.

8. Please do not ask or demand that another members comments be removed by the administrators or moderating team as refusal may offend.

9. Hereford Voice will not get involved in any individuals complaints/legal/libel issues with regard to what another members may have posted. Our interest is limited to providing a platform where 'Freedom Of Speech' exists and where everybody has a right to their opinion.

As a member, you have features available to you which allow the emailing and printing of discussions, if required. Please DO NOT put demands on the administrators or moderators to provide you with information that may have been removed, moved to another forum, hidden or deleted as this will be refused. (quite frankly, we are not interested in petty legal arguments).

10. You may not use profanity in usernames, posts, signatures or anything else on this website.

11. We reserve the right to suspend, monitor or ban any member who violates our guidelines or disrupts our community. We will be as fair as possible and in most cases provide warning.

12. All of these rules also apply to the internal messenger system (PM).

13. We allow members to hold only one account on our forums. Please DO NOT attempt to set up more than ONE account (regardless if you are using your real details or an alias) as this will result in a Instant BAN! We use a very sophisticated system with excellent security features. Even if you attempt to hide behind proxies an alert appears within the admin panel.

14. It is the responsibility of each member to check their messenger when online, as certain messages from staff members may require prompt answers. Members who ignore these messages from staff may be warned, suspended or banned, depending on the situation.

15. Please keep images to a sensible size an image of approximately 640 x 480 is a good guide, please try to keep within these sizes as large images may be edited or removed.

16. As the author of your own topics and posts, YOU are responsible for your content so please think about what you publish beforehand as topics & posts will not be removed by request of the author once published. Do Not allow anyone else to post on your behalf.

17. There will be NO Hijacking of threads. Hijacking is where someone posts within a thread to cause it to change subjects to something other than what was originally created. Such posts may be deleted without reason. Multiple hijackings will result in a temporary ban and could lead to a permanent ban. Please keep the discussion on topic or you can always create your own.

18. If someone upsets you, please report it to a moderator or administrator, do not throw a tantrum and demand that your membership be deleted. Your membership here, once registered, will remain in place, if you decide to no longer participate in discussions then that is absolutely fine, but your account will remain.

19. Please keep the first opening topic to a sensible size because the first topic created is what appears on the 'Front Page' (portal). Huge topics will be removed or edited in order to not dominate the 'Front Page' (portal)

20. Any member who is intentionally unpleasant, unreasonable or we feel is disruptive may receive an initial warning or have their topics and posts moderated without warning, ultimately, the member could face a complete ban. The time frame for these actions, if implemented, is totally at the administrators or moderators discretion and their decision is FINAL. Warnings are usually in place for a period of a month but in some circumstances could be in place for up to 3 months. If any member receives 3 warnings in total they will automatically face a ban.

21. While debating and heated discussions are fine, we will NOT tolerate insulting posts; personal attacks on other members or purposeless inflammatory posts. This is at the complete descretion of the management team. Our decision is final in these matters.

22. Please DO NOT be defamatory about our website on other social media web sites simply because YOU do not agree with one of our members view on a subject. This action could lead to a warning or permanent ban. We have a large membership and to generalise our website based upon a small selection of our members would be unacceptable and quite frankly unfair.

23. All the information or discussions within a topic or post is the opinion of the author it is not necessarily our view. We have an amazing forum with a wealth of helpful people and information. Yet remember, it's open to all, and sometimes comments and replies posted can be misleading or just downright wrong. Most users are helpful but there can always be a few bad apples. Don't rely on information being accurate or complete. If you do, it's at your own risk. Please do your own research before responding to a topic or post or acting upon its content.

24. Please do NOT ask the administrators or any moderators to post anything on your behalf.

The Final Word

The administrators and moderators of this site reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any post or ban any user for any reason.

By registering with the Hereford Voice forums, you agree to these rules and guidelines.

 All content posted on Hereford Voice is granted to the Hereford Voice with electronic publishing rights in perpetuity, as all content posted on this site becomes a part of the community.

Please note that all posts express only the views of the author. Neither Hereford Voice nor its administrators or moderators are responsible for the content of any post.

While these rules cover most common situations, they cannot anticipate everything. Consequently we reserve the right to take any actions we deem appropriate to ensure these forums are not disrupted or abused in any way.

These rules and guidelines are subject to change at any time without notice.

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