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  1. I always thought that Colin's idea of a tram along the old railway lines was an excellent idea but it is falling upon deaf ears unfortunately.
  2. I am not sure I like this type of sculpture, I have seen them before, they always look cheap somewhat
  3. I agree, it was okay though years ago when they had their burger van parked outside the Greyhound Dog with people fuelled with alcohol straying onto the main road, no worries about the safety of those people back then. I remember they battled with the council back then to keep it open and I am certain that they lost, funny how things turn out eh.
  4. He runs a taxi, it is not in his interest to turn off the lights, the clock is ticking while the taxi is sat waiting for the green one
  5. If if were true she is breaching patient confidentiality too! This is so so wrong on many levels, she needs to go
  6. Happy new year everybody
  7. Apparently lots of local young people have been wanting a BK in Hereford for sometime and some speculation that one could be opening at the Old Market
  8. Struggling to listen to this without registering but what does this have to do with this particular application?
  9. We were only sat on this bench at the weekend and thought how wonderful it all was, so failing to see how she can complain to be honest.
  10. I am sure that I will get slated for my response and although this person appears to be living out of a tent there are plenty of other places he could set up rather than in a graveyard. Authorities need to remove him from this location.
  11. I understand that we need more houses but we also need to keep some open space otherwise house will just be looking over houses. There are plenty of other areas where houses can be built. I also fail to understand why they never replaced the old flats with newer ones and maybe even increase them by other floor. We have less house now than before!
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