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  1. I was in Leeds for a month last year and from what I saw the 20mph areas caused more problems, 30mph has not bee na problem so why change it now?
  2. This must be so devastating for the people who's homes have been flooded
  3. Traffic is always better, I think Colin has proved that with his campaign for a long time, still nothing done about it
  4. How much charge will a vehicle obtain in 30 mins? Is this enough time, I know very little about these new electric cars
  5. We rarely watch BBC, licence should be scrapped
  6. We visited the exhibition, it was very moving and sad
  7. I had the same problem, I struggle with my phone sometimes because my fingers are too big, so now I ask the wife to do it or me. Traffic warden was about to give me a ticket and when she could see what I had done, she let us off with the ticket and just advised to double check the location, she told us quite a few people have got caught out entering the wrong location
  8. Happy new year to you all lets hope that 2020 really does turn out to be a good year.
  9. I just clicked on the photo to see it is full size and it really is a wonderful photograph, well done to the photographer
  10. This is all very bad news for the people who have lost their jobs through to the people who have worked hard and payed lots of money for their holidays
  11. Complete mindless idiots! What is wrong with people ?
  12. Bloody Quality Street in Tesco's already, its August not Xmas!

  13. Trail will be good if they can get it to happen
  14. Welcome Nick. Great service that you are offering, now I know who to call
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