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  1. I love a nice BK and travel home via Ross a few times in the month, I often call into Greggs at this service station but welcome a new drive thru BK
  2. I am not really surprised with this statement, John Harrington has always favoured the eastern route.
  3. The start of the end on Maylords I fear
  4. I have been admiring all the work being done at the hotel, will be going to have a look at the bar this weekend, got to try a cocktail or two :)
  5. I have just read this article: It is a pity that there is mention of Colin or Hereford Voice within any of this publication.
  6. I wondered what was going on when I walked past early this morning
  7. I notice that the Hereford Times website if offline yet again, it has been down for several hours. It was offline a few weeks ago too, very odd, you would think a website like that would be more rigid and reliable
  8. Good to learn that the remaining names have been added, it looks wonderful in all fairness.
  9. I never give them money anyway, there are a lot of professional beggars about these days
  10. Steve, I agree, there were only a handful of shop in the city centre open, we went shopping in Philip Morris and the Steamer cook shop most of the others were all closed at 8pm.
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