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  1. Some of the councillors in the meeting have raised concerns over flooding (once pond removed) and traffic leaving the site and turning right, this is is going to be a serious problem, you'll see.
  2. This will be passed, it is so controversial the Herefordshire Council planners are daft enough to allow this building to be demolished in favour of big corporates.
  3. This is almost an insult, especially as a local hotel was home to asylum seekers for over a year.
  4. More than happy to accommodate genuine asylum seekers from war torn countries but not economic male migrants which is no doubt who will be arriving in Hereford, let us hope I am wrong.
  5. I would report that to the police
  6. I have tripped along here a few times over the last couple of years, so this work is definitely required. It's a pity that the current council have to pick top the costs and all the flack, when it was the Tories that got it wrong in the first instance.
  7. Try reducing the amount of disable bays. Need parking in the city centre ideally sideways on if the roads are wide enough.
  8. They should bring back the birch to deal with idiots that cause damage like this. Soon be moaning if they close the toilets again.
  9. It is a lot of pish if you ask me
  10. Been ill for over week and only just read this. Love the idea, I have already checked it out this morning, beautiful views over the river.
  11. Good luck guys, this is a brilliant project. Unfortunately I cannot make it this year because we will be in New Zealand visiting family.
  12. Good idea and it encourages people to shop local which is what it is all about.
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