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  1. Keep up the fantastic work guys we love you all. Ignore the twats, you will always get them unfortunately
  2. I see that this was updated on the last day to 209.1mm for the month, incredible
  3. So where is the new joint station likely to be sited?
  4. Feel so sorry for these people who have had their homes wrecked by these floods
  5. I love a nice BK and travel home via Ross a few times in the month, I often call into Greggs at this service station but welcome a new drive thru BK
  6. I am not really surprised with this statement, John Harrington has always favoured the eastern route.
  7. The start of the end on Maylords I fear
  8. I have been admiring all the work being done at the hotel, will be going to have a look at the bar this weekend, got to try a cocktail or two :)
  9. I have just read this article: It is a pity that there is mention of Colin or Hereford Voice within any of this publication.
  10. I wondered what was going on when I walked past early this morning
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