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  1. Been ill for over week and only just read this. Love the idea, I have already checked it out this morning, beautiful views over the river.
  2. Good luck guys, this is a brilliant project. Unfortunately I cannot make it this year because we will be in New Zealand visiting family.
  3. Good idea and it encourages people to shop local which is what it is all about.
  4. It was hit by a car and a bloke was charged see HT article here
  5. Brave men and woman. Thank you for your sacrifices RIP
  6. I hope that this excellent project gets the funding. It would completely transform the Castle Green and attract more tourism to Hereford.
  7. Well deserved, keep up with all the wonderful stone work
  8. This road should meet the Worcester Road, stopping on Ledbury Road is of no use to anyone.
  9. The police have sorted this out swiftly. If he is found guilty should face life
  10. Brilliant!! This is real positive stuff well done to all those people involved.
  11. We are seeing this all too often these day unfortunately. Difficult to tell who is genuine, easiest way to to donate to legit charities and it will find its way to the genuine people.
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