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  1. Result of Election of a District Councillor for the Newton Farm Ward 6th May 2021 Jacqueline Ann Carwardine (190 votes) 1 Kestrel Road, Newton Farm, Hereford, HR2 7TN Liberal Democrats Steve Horsfield (64 votes) (address in Herefordshire) Labour Party Alan John Jones (62 votes) 17 Wyedean Rise, Belmont, Hereford, HR2 7XZ Independent Glenda Ann Powell (45 votes) 6 Charlton Avenue,Newton Farm, Hereford, HR2 7HP Independent Ann-Marie Probert (282 votes) - Elected 71 Holme Lacy Road, Hereford, HR2 6DF The Conservative Party Candidate Amelia Ros
  2. Just voted 10:00 am very quiet. Will it be any different after the votes have been counted. I doubt it, it's all about the parties not the people.
  3. One day to go to voting and judging by the few responses not much interest. Nice to see Glenda still going at it. More local support to push for the above items would be a start to improve the neighbourhood with maybe some resident's meetings linked to Neighbourhood Watch on a regular basis with Housing Association, BBLP representatives so that they are all singing off the same song sheet.
  4. Previous post highlighting more examples of graffiti seen in the area over the past years.
  5. These people are morons. We have just had a spate of graffiti around Muir Close and Sherborne Close with red paint sprayed about. Just waiting for the authorities to spring into action and wipe it out . . . but no doubt will be waiting for ever.
  6. Less than a week to go and little interest from the electorate on this site. Newton Farm needs a good clean up and to make it somewhere to be proud to live. If you ignore the people and the council show a lack of interest in the area no wonder it will become more blighted.
  7. Newton Farm Ward * Community Centre built - as part of the original Oval Development * Neighbourhood Watch and foot patrols reinstated * Street Cleaning - ie weeds removed from kerbs * Tree Pruning - restore some light to affected properties What about the other wards - any suggestions - only two weeks to go till voting 6th May. Elected councillors will forget once voted in so a reminder/checklist may help them.
  8. What is the view and position of the local election candidates regarding this issue. The Hub appeared to be a softener for getting the Oval Development approved and built. Strange that in order to improve the area The Vortex and Church were demolished to allow this to happen.
  9. Contacted BBLP again. Said they would send someone out to look at the trees and get back to me - so far nothing. Maybe our prospective local election candidates can do something.
  10. Unfortunately these large store companies have realised that their business is making just as much money on the internet. By closing the stores the staff are made redundant and they will not be paying rent and business rates - economic fact. The worst example is Amazon. The town centres have to change to get people in.
  11. The cutting back of trees in Muir Close goes back years when most requests were deemed not worth doing. There has been some lopping of certain trees which has resulted in the subsequent thickening up of greenery and the consequence of sunshine being blocked from several households. Is it too much to ask that the Council and BBLP can sort this problem out especially when people spend a lot of their free time in their gardens. Also my partner is confined to a wheelchair and can only sit in the back garden to enjoy the warmer weather and she misses the sunshine - remember vitamin D3 is good
  12. Had a flyer put through the door today from the Independents. Alan Jones is taking the right track by adopting a community approach. I've had a gut's full of our present lot who don't give a fig about the electorate and bow down to BBLP passing millions for a job half done. I have matters raised from July last year still outstanding concerning the state of trees and waste and they are not really interested. They soon removed a waste bin from the street because it was an inconvenience to them - nice and easy. In view of the lock down and more to come what has happened to the community centre, p
  13. Here's a tip. Take it to the recycling centre. Oh I forgot you need a licence for that, but it must be cheaper than the fine.
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