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  1. Company claims dog poo litter in Hereford has risen massively By James Thomas, Hereford Times - 18th February 2021 A waste company has claimed dog poo litter is up 200 per cent since the coronavirus lockdown started WALKING the dog has become one of the few opportunities to get outside for some fresh air during lockdown, but it has come at a stinking, germ-ridden cost, according to a cleaning company. Divert.co.uk, a dog poo litter removal company, claimed dog poo litter in Hereford has been "up 200 per cent since lockdown", which it says is a "clear indicator that not all dog o
  2. Elections postponed The following will be run on 6 May 2021 unless otherwise specified by UK government in further legislation: National elections Police and Crime Commissioners Election Local Government by-elections Brampton Bryan Parish Election Brockhampton with Much Fawley Parish Election Bromyard West Parish Ward Election (two seats) Dilwyn Parish Election Eaton Bishop Parish Election Hereford, Bobblestock Parish Ward Election Hereford, Newton Farm Parish Ward Election Newton Farm Ward Election Ross-on-Wye East Parish Ward E
  3. Just to say thank you to the two ladies from Brampton Road doing a litter pick and seen in Muir Close. More public spirited people like this tidying up the estate will make a visible change to the existing environment. More information on organising a litter pick, but just start outside your own home and spread outwards.
  4. Below are people views and articles drawing our attention to the state of our environment both urban and countryside. Of course it is always someone else's job to clear up, but it would be encouraging to see others doing their bit within their community starting outside their home. Any suggestions to improve matters? But don't people drop litter all year round?
  5. From Herefordshire Council website: Is there a doo poo bin in your area? Muir Close borders the large open space close to Argyll Rise and I cannot see any sited in this area - maybe I am wrong. Now the waste bin in Muir Close has been removed and judging by the amount of dog poo in this area. Somebody needs to get this problem sorted out.
  6. Maybe we should learn from other countries that we are not using our bikes to their full potential! https://says.com/my/fun/overloaded-vehicles-in-china
  7. Welsh council admits it should not have approved vast poultry farm (extracts from Guardian article)) Permission for 110,000-chicken farm in ‘poultry capital of Wales’ withdrawn after legal challenge brought by local pressure group Powys has become a focal point for opposition to the boom in intensive poultry units (IPUs) after freedom of information requests revealed the authority has approved more than 150 in the past five years. The Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales (CPRW) led calls for a moratorium on intensive poultry farms after discovering Powys had received
  8. Pet waste article in The Guardian today Regarding the Guardian article I don't think I have seen a dog poo bin so a lot of it must be going into litter bins. Can't the dog owners put their pet waste in their black bins or is not allowed? Is Herefordshire Council going to take away all the waste bins as they did in Muir Close because of one person constantly dumping their cat litter on the footpath behind the garages.
  9. Balfour Beatty have just come along and taken away the waste bin which is regularly used and full because it is an environmental health hazard. It appears that the bin has had cat waste deposited in it and the operative has refused to empty it. This cat waste as mentioned above is regularly deposited behind the garages at Muir Close by persons unknown who carry this waste presumably from their house and drop it on the footpath by the garages. The photo of this rubbish dated 7th September this year has lain strewn over the footpath until last week when I swept it all up and put in the waste bin
  10. All part of the Global Reset. Watch all the other banks follow suit. Coinage of the Realm is going to disappear to be replaced by personal credits all through your smartphone if you use one.
  11. Don't worry Denise, it's most probably 5G so you should be able to get good reception on anything you touch! Funny that they are outside older persons homes ie Brook Farm Court and another on Belmont Road at Priors Walk.
  12. Meeting: Herefordshire Council Meeting date: Friday 22 January 2021 Title of report: Appointment of Chief Executive Report by: Chair of the Employment Panel Purpose To approve the appointment of a chief executive and head of paid service. Recommendation(s) That: Recommendation(s) That: (a) Paul Walker is appointed as the council’s chief executive and head of paid service. (b) The solicitor to the council is designated to be acting head of paid service from 12 February when the current chief executive leaves the council’s employment and until the newly appoin
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