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  1. Back in 2010 this Simpsons episode makes for interesting viewing in 2020.
  2. Waste still on the verge since July 18th. No one interested in sorting this out or contacting me. All sitting at home with their computers.
  3. From The Hereford Times today: People told they must book to visit Hereford and Leominster tips By James Thomas @JamesThomasHere Reporter HEREFORDSHIRE Council is set to stop people visiting tips in Hereford and Leominster if they haven't pre-booked a timeslot. Currently, the sites in Chapel Road, Hereford and Bridge Street, Leominster are open as they were before the coronavirus pandemic, but the council has told people they will need to pre-book in a bid to cut down on queues. From Monday, September 14, the two sites will follow a similar system to those in places
  4. In 1988 when my wife and I converted a 14th century hall house in Eyton into a small country house hotel we had the problem of the building's waste running into a septic tank which then overflowed into the stream passing through the property. In order to cure the problem a mechanical treatment plant costing upwards of £25,000 would have to be installed according to the Environment Agency. A chance meeting with Dr Rick Hudson of Cress Water resolved the problem for only £900 and was the first reed bed installation in Herefordshire. The reed bed sat unobstrusively in the grounds and the wat
  5. Save the River Wye! Demand moratorium on all new poultry units in Powys Kate Bull started this petition to Powys County Council Every summer now, the River Wye is turning a putrid green and its delicate ecology is being destroyed by algae blooms that are caused by effluent from poultry farms flowing into it. If this goes on, we will lose everything that we treasure about the Wye. It will turn a horrible, ugly green every time it gets sunny. The fish will go, and they will be followed by our kingfishers, our dippers and our herons. It is very, very worrying. There are now 116 int
  6. The Hereford City Youth Council are making a map of Hereford showing some of the youth facilities in Hereford and we need your help. We have created a list of some of the youth facilities in Hereford but we know we have missed some. If you know of any more youth facilities we would like to know. Here is what we have so far: - Hereford SkatePark, Holmer Road - The Core Roller Skating, Foley Trading Estate - Close House Youth Centre, St Peters Close - Hereford Canoe Club, Castle Green - No Wrong Door, Commercial Rd - Green Spider Climbing, Rotherwas - Boulder Barn Climbin
  7. It's not working in Berlin Berlin reports rise in fatalities as new bike lanes fail to keep cyclists safe (extracts) A coronavirus-related drop in traffic and new protected bike lanes have failed to make Berlin’s roads safer for cyclists, as the German capital reports a four-year record in fatalities. A woman run over by a right-turning articulated lorry in the district of Reinickendorf on Friday became Berlin’s 14th official cycling fatality of 2020 – more than twice as many as the six recorded in 2019. In Berlin, district authorities spent the early days of lockdown
  8. One month on and the waste is still there, although it may disappear in the next two weeks. Muir have now got their contractors cutting the grass verges under their assumed responsibility and are doing a good job. Disappointed that no one from the above organisations has replied on the situation only to acknowledge my complaint, but this seems to be the future way of working. No one on the ground to inspect the area like they used to, so assume all these managers are now sofa workers. Noticed and showed the contractors the state of the trees around Muir Housing - one half dead, branches cut of
  9. There are 600 total parking spaces with 31 disabled and 22 parent & toddler spaces With the ground floor entrance car park adding nothing to the development I always felt that it should have been landscaped into a social area ie small open air events, water features, grassed areas, walkways to Merton Meadow and Blackfriars Rose Gardens and Coningsby Hospital Museum. How many cars can be parked in the multi-storey?
  10. Received this email from Jesse Norman MP today 12th August 2020. As they say all publicity is good publicity. The only good news is that a bypass is possible and that it should go east as Jesse submitted to the Department of Transport and Herefordshire Council years ago Dear Martin, As you may have seen, I was delighted to welcome the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to Hereford yesterday as he visited the County Hospital and the site of the new Hereford Medical Centre. It was fantastic for him to see the work being done to replace the old hutted wards with new builds
  11. Yes, but the aim of cycle lanes is to encourage people to get out of their cars and the false security they create will no doubt catch some people lacking awareness. It's not unusual to see the younger element cycling along with no hands on the handlebars, wearing headphones listening to music and texting on their mobiles. Not a very good mix with all this traffic racing to get nowhere.
  12. Just hope no one opens their car door across a cyclist - could be quite nasty.
  13. This Indian Lady takes a while to spell it out, but it’s all there; T’s crossed, i’s dotted. Everything is connected. NewsBreak 81 CONFIRMED COVID 19 Plandemic a Known, Live “Training & Simulation Exercise” under World Health Organisation
  14. Another week gone by - everyone hoping I'm going to take it all up the tip. Still nothing from Muir Housing, Cllr Hunt or BBLP. Notice that some people have taken to cutting the lower branches off the lime trees in between the houses in Muir Close and of course have left the debris where it fell. Maintenance what's that? And to think we pay Muir a "No service charge" and council lax. No chance of catching Covid19 up here - you don't see anyone in "authority", although we had a police van and two police cars with six police officers attending an incident for a couple of hours in one of Muir's p
  15. In The Daily Telelgraph - 5th August 2020 It's alright planting new trees where there is space, but no one maintains them. On Newton Farm trees are blocking light from their gardens and houses, with some people now cutting off the low hanging branches and leaving the rubbish on the ground. With little road sweeping, litter, graffiti, blocked drains and weeds growing in the kerbs, our street are in keeping with their surroundings - ie neglected and blighted.
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