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  1. MPs took control of parliamentary business for a bill to prevent a no-deal Brexit. Jesse Norman and Bill Wiggin supported Boris. However 21 Conservative MPs went against Boris and will be collecting their P45's. Let's hope the British public don't screw up when the election is called and get Brexit finalised ie OUT.
  2. Boris, Brexit and Bullshit: 'Saving Democracy' - The Real Agenda David Icke, former Hereford United goalkeeper turned conspiracy theorist, gives his stance on the threat to democracy and remaining tied to the EU. Very clear explanations on the mess that we have had to endure over the last 3 years. Worth 25 minutes of your time to watch before we all became stitched up forever by non elected officials.
  3. And the crossings for pedestrians are very poor, especially the ones between Royal Mail and the Railway Station.
  4. In The Hereford Times 31st August 2019 Grafton Lane Development Framework Plan
  5. And now armed robbery with a knife at Tesco, Hoarwithy Road.
  6. Continuing expenditure on Plough Lane offices. It is the council’s intention to vacate other council properties in 2020 and relocate the staff into the Plough Lane Offices. The new additional emergency evacuation facility is therefore required to accommodate the additional capacity from other council buildings, which would otherwise make Plough Lane non-compliant. 20/08/2019 - Decision to spend from the 2018/19 Corporate Accommodation Capital Budget and the Property Services Estates Capital Programme 2019/20 ref: 6223 Recommendations Approved Find out more about this decision(item 16) Decision Maker: Acting Assistant Director for Technical Services Decision published: 21/08/2019 Effective from: 20/08/2019 Decision: To authorise spend of the total budget of £200k allocated to provide additional emergency evacuation facilities at Plough Lane from the 2018/19 Corporate Accommodation Capital Budget along with a spend of not more than £250k from the £500k Property Estates Enhancements Works element of the Property Services Estates Capital Programme 2019/20. Lead officer: GianCarlo Paganuzzi
  7. Brexit Party selects general election candidate for Hereford From The Hereford Times today: With the current mess fermenting daily the need to clear out the parliamentary remainers has never been so urgent. As The Slog says in his latest post: Doesn't look bright does it?
  8. West Mercia Police recruiting now Let's hope they get some worthy candidates. It appears that the police only respond once a crime has been reported. We need more police on the ground to get local intelligence to resolve and prevent these incidents happening. They need to regain the trust of the public. West Mercia Police are creating a new website - you can view some of the new features by clicking the link.
  9. I am surprised that no provision was made for bike stands to prevent damage to bikes and to reduce the risk of them being thrown down on the ground. This rack only costs £20 and can be bolted to the ground, a small cost to safeguard the value and prolong the life of the bikes.
  10. The other bike without a saddle was outside the shop on corner of Kilpeck Avenue and Brampton Road.
  11. Noticed two bikes have had their saddles removed or pinched. There is one in this picture.
  12. I have just got BBLP contractors to cut the garage strip mentioned above. They said the verge isn't on their list, but it only took them 5 mins to strim it. These separate bodies - Muir Housing, Herefordshire Housing and BBLP need to get together and sort out this grass cutting and street maintenance . It is a pity that for the large open space Argyll Rise that they don't collect the grass so the area is suitable for families and children to play on - it just looks a mess. The verges on the estate roads are also neglected. It is amazing that such basic maintenance can't be done with a sense of pride. These organisations have got personnel within them who should get out of the office and walk round and check the state of these blighted areas.
  13. A month later and I have cleared the alley way as it is apparent that no one else is going to do it. The grass verge at the back of the Muir Close garages has never been cut this year and is still a mess.
  14. Just cycled down the resurfaced Yazor Brook route, Lovely surface. Shame that some idiots thought it would be a good idea to throw the contractor's wire panels and cones into the brook.
  15. Years ago the problem was fly posting, although today all the advertising banners seen at supermarket entries and car parks are just as bad. Blight is everywhere and it drags down the quality of life around us.
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