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  1. I never know which sub title I should put a forum under so just randomly choose. Anyway with the new subscription charge for the Hereford Times can some well informed person tell me and anybody else who may well be interested that if you pay for the HT digitally do you have an actual HT to read on line (similar to the way Hereford Journal used to do it) or do you just have access to certain reports that are posted online by HT? Further more if you enter a shop and buy a copy of the HT I think I am correct in assuming you can only access a certain amount of reports on line Clarification required I took out a monthly on line HT sub but don't think I will keep it going if there is not a copy of the HT to flick through on line
  2. Since the article in The Hereford Times alerting citizens that Herefordshire Council has overwhelmingly backed the principle of passing its offices and other estate on to the countys university project. The groundbreaking motion went through with just one abstention and no votes against at full council this morning (Friday). Support for the motion means fundraising for the project can begin in earnest. My first thought - money no object. Where did the seed finance come from? Not the council I hope as they will have to have parking meters along all the roads of Herefordshire to bring in any money to support this. Can any councillors explain as they all voted for this worthy cause, except one who abstained. Noticed that the Blackfriars building used by the council has been vacated and fenced off completely. Did someone mention that the Robert Owen school was to be given the building?
  3. Please share and help find Lyndon. Big into RC community. Also a friend. Thanks https://www.westmercia.police.uk/article/62770/Appeal-to-help-find-missing-man---Hereford
  4. Monday 12 January 2015 in Hereford Times News by Bill Tanner Are the lifts operating yet on the station. I was last told they would be working by the end of June 2014, but the scaffold bridge is still in place.
  5. Roger

    Bill Tanner

    Bill Tanner has left the building. I wish him good luck with his new path ...
  6. Hereford Times - Someone Using Same Name As Hereford Voice. They have registered using the names Herefords Voice and also Hereford Voices (Notice the S) I have written to Clive at the HT as someone has registered as Herefords Voice on their website, notice the S on the end of their name. We are: Hereford Voice
  7. Disabled badge stolen from car A DISABLED parking badge has been stolen from a car which was parked in Whitchurch. A couple left their vehicle unlocked in the car park at the Old Court Hotel in Whitchurch on October 12. HT
  8. You will have seen in the HT that the police & UK Border Agency have 'visited' 2 restaurants in the county. This is not new and to get a better understanding of what is being done and what can be done, I'll explain - All non UK or EU residents have to have the right to stay in a member country and depending on their status the entitlement to work or study. If they don't they commit offences mainly under the Immigrant Act 2006. If employed the employer commits a civil offence enforced by the Border Agency with a civil fine of 10k to 20k depending on the status of the employee. Still with me ? If employed in a licensed premises such as a pub, club, take-away or restaurant, an interested party such as the police can launch a licensing review with the ultimate sanction of the licence being revoked. This has happened locally, but normally the licence will be changed to allow conditions to be attached that ensure all immigrantion checks are done. If not a licenced premises - some restaurants do not sell alcohol or provide hot food after 11pm, from a licensing stance nothing can be done. The new Immigrantion Act going through parliament does strengthen the law. This new act also seeks to tackle landlords who rent out to illegal immigrants. This is on top of tackling others who also employ illegals Top of the iceberg is some people's view. Perhaps but its a start. If you know if this is happening, instead of moaning or turning a blind eye tell the authorities. As they say, Rome wasn't built in a day so wait and watch if you do show your civil committment and tell someone
  9. Back in the summer of 2010, I requested more lighting and more police patrols along the GWW Hereford as a few people had expressed how scary it was walking home. Councillor Adrian Bridges said this a year later in November 2011: We are now half way through 2013??? So was this followed up Mr Bridges? I asked Adrain again over a year later from the very same discussion: (image courtesy of Hereford Times) NOTHING! Was ever done and we have seen several attacks over the past months, I notice that the Hereford Times has run a feature this week to highlight this issue once again and have suggested that most people still feel safe in Hereford in this article as you will see from the large amount of comments on the HT website this is not what is being said.
  10. According to an article in today's printed edition (quickly perused whilst queuing at petrol station), there is to be a new editor and Fiona is being sent into exile abroad (well, Newport). Does this herald a new dawn of high quality journalism, has circulation been falling? Is it just time to move on after a few years?
  11. I understand that advertising has it's place and helps with costs but the HT website lately looks horrendous in my opinion, I just had a look and faced this lot! What a mess... I find it difficult to differentiate between the stories and adverts, maybe it's just me but they seem to have lost their way.
  12. 1st August 2014 in News Hereford Times It appears the Council appear unhappy that the local media isn't putting the right spin on their activities. Well done the Times and Bill Tanner. Lets hope there is more serious delving into the way this Cabinet system works and arrives at its decisions. Long live the free press!
  13. By Bill Gardner, and Nicola Harley 6:30PM BST 13 Aug 2014 A retired company director who was “devoted†to his terminally-ill wife shot her dead and killed himself after battling to stop a gypsy camp being built next to their picturesque home. John Knott, 71, is believed to have used his own shotgun to kill Anne Knott, 70, who had Alzheimers, when the stress of caring for his wife while fighting the travellers' plans became "just too much for him". After family members raised the alarm at 10:20am on Monday, police entered the house to find the bodies of the couple lying alongside the weapon, each with a single gunshot wound. Mr Knott had spent recent months struggling to stop plans to allow the travellers to move permanently onto a field next to the £500,000 cottage near Bosbury, Herefordshire, that he shared with his wife. The camp was initially granted permission for two families, but a fresh application was made two months ago to allow a further eight more families to move onto the field. The couple’s next door neighbour, who helped Mr Knott draft objections to the plans, said the stress of caring for his sick wife while struggling against the plans may have caused him to "snap". She said: “It was terrible. John spent every single day trying to think of ways to stop this happening, and it caused him a lot of stress. It was all he thought about. “It was a huge source of trouble for him, and Anne hated the idea too, although she was very ill. “He found it very difficult to accept, and he couldn’t get his head around why the council would even consider allowing this to happen. “It got worse and worse, and he was getting more and more agitated. With all that was going on at home with Anne, it all got too much for him.†Neighbours yesterday expressed their shock at the deaths and described the couple, who organised and took part in village fundraising events, as "pillars of the community." One woman, who said she had been in contact with the couple every day in the weeks before their deaths, said: “They were absolutely lovely. They were sweet, devoted to each other, and very much in love. It’s an absolute tragedy. “He was lovely, a very clever guy. He was still full of beans and had so much to give. I knew he was very stressed about the travellers, but I could never have believed that this would happen.†Mr Knott and his wife paid nearly £500,000 for their Bosbury home in 2006, after he retired from his role as managing director of Birmingham-based Ashford Construction Plc. However, another of the couple's neighbours said they had recently been informed that £100,000 would be wiped off the value of the cottage if the gypsies were allowed to move in next door. The neighbour said: “He and Anne loved that house, and they had worked their whole lives for it, so he couldn't bear to see it ruined. “It was terrible for him. He spent every day battling this application, and he thought he was getting nowhere. “He was very upset about the whole thing. He never stopped talking about it. It all just built up and up.†The original plans were to allow the travellers to camp in the front part of a field next to the couple’s cottage, nearer a main road. But Mr Knott told neighbours that at a recent planning meeting, one councillor had suggested the camp be moved away from the road and nearer the cottage, so people did not have to see the caravans as they were driving into the village. Six weeks before the couple's deaths, Mr Knott wrote a letter to the planning inspector at Herefordshire Council begging them not to allow the larger camp to go ahead. He wrote: "There are at least eight settled (gypsy) families within a one mile radius of the proposed site. The area cannot sustain any more." West Mercia Police are treating the deaths as a possible murder-suicide and are not looking for anyone else involved in the incident. A spokeswoman said: "Police attended an address at Bosbury, Herefordshire at 10.20am on Monday following the concerns of the occupants family. "Police unfortunately found both elderly occupants, a man and a woman, at the property deceased. There is an ongoing investigation as to the cause of their deaths." The Telegraph
  14. Police appeal following assault in Hereford12:56pm Tuesday 8th July 2014 in News POLICE investigating a serious assault in Hereford want to speak to a group of teenagers who may be able to help them with their enquiries. A 27-year-old man needed surgery after his jaw was broken in two places after being punched near the Lichfield Vaults pub in Church Street. The assault happened after he earlier refused to buy the group of six alcohol. The teenagers are described as being aged 16 or 17 and wearing jeans and trainers. Anyone with information about the assault that happened at 12.30am on Saturday, June 14 can call police on 101, quoting incident number 425-s-150614. Alternatively, you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111. Hereford Times
  15. West Mercia Police Both suspects spoke with Eastern European accents which is highly relevant as it rules out anyone who speaks with a local accent. The Hereford Times has got straight onto this press release and has produced it's own story which has edited out the reference to Eastern European accents: Hereford Times
  16. Roger

    Gas Hole

    Will the gas hole cause as much chaos tomorrow as it did today? Edgar Street ... Northbound ... A49
  17. 30 jobs to be shed to improve services! ~ I can't link to the actual story on the HT as it's been removed. It was only up for a short time ...
  18. Chris....I have had discussions with someone from highways regarding the SCOOT system.It is broke and has not worked for more than 10 yrs.
  19. Every year, first quarter, these shops get raided, found to be in possession of countless articles of illegal imports etc. They then either get a fine or shut down and then open up again under someone elses name from the group. We know who they are even if the HT are censoring that part of the information and, surprise surprise, disabling comments again. www.herefordtimes.com/news/10995390.Call_to_shut_shops_over_county_s_illegal_tobacco_trade/
  20. gdj

    Asylum please

    Hello, Having had my questions about the damage being caused by the new free school deleted by the HT I can no longer log on there. No message of explanation, so I have either offended the HT or Geoff Hughes. So please can I join Biomech on the Naughty Step here? Thanks
  21. Northbound traffic all last week was great, once you had got over the bridge the problem was driving back up Edgar St where the temp lights were. WHY have they got those there? Pointless, this is the only point wee there is a problem, can't they see that?
  22. What, 36 hours? That complete cretin of a spineless newspaper editor - Fiona Phillips - has banned me again.
  23. HIGHWAYS AGENCY News Release issued 14 November 2013 The A49/A4103 Starting Gate junction in Hereford will undergo improvement work next week thanks to a Highways Agency scheme. Work to widen the A4103 westbound approach will begin on Monday 18 November and subject to weather conditions, will last for four weeks. The scheme will increase capacity at this busy junction by creating a two lane approach to the roundabout. Other work will include resurfacing, new road markings, realignment of the roundabout and its four arms and new signage installation. The work will take place overnight from Mondays to Fridays between 10.15pm and 6.30am. In addition, some overnight work could also take place during the weekends and will be clearly signed with diversions in place. The scheme is part of a £317 million pinch point improvement programme designed to boost local economies, reduce congestion and improve safety on the strategic road network in England. The programme is part of the UK Government’s growth initiative, outlined during the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement in November 2011. The pinch point programme provides smaller scale improvements that can deliver big returns by easing congestion and making journey times more reliable for road users, including hauliers and commuters to help boost local economies and drive economic growth. Kevin Harvey, Pinch Point Project Manager, said: “The A49 Starting Gate roundabout gets very busy so I am sure motorists will welcome this work, to increase capacity and improve traffic flow. “While the work is ongoing, diversions will be in place and clearly signed. “We advise drivers to check local conditions and leave extra time for their journeys if necessary.” During the course of the work, traffic on the A4103 will be diverted to the A438 Newmarket Street junction via the A645 Aylestone Hill Road, joining the A49 northbound. As the work progresses, this diversion route will change and motorists using the A4103 will be directed to the A4110 and then the A438 White Cross Road to its junction with Victoria Street, where motorists can then continue to the A49 northbound. The same routes will apply for traffic travelling in the reverse direction. As the scheme nears its end, further diversions will be in place and clearly signed. More information about the work is available form the Highways Agency Information Line on telephone number 0300 123 5000 or by email to: ha_​info@​highways.​gsi.​gov.​uk.
  24. I wish someone would authorise somebody to turn off the traffic lights at the Asda junction! The traffic lights are not working today and guess what... NO LIGHTS = NO TRAFFIC! Turn them off permanently! I took these pictures at 8.40am this morning.
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