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    Founder of "Old Hereford Pics" which now has over 13,000 Facebook fans and a very successful web site.
    I,m always on the the lookout fore more pics and stories for our sites.

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  1. Colin the other side of Belmont Road is a lot worse than the Newton Brook problem. I highlighted the problem about 2 years ago and Amey's parting shot before Balfour Beatty took over was to cut back the mess and basically leave it in the brook. To my knowledge BB have not been back since. If anyone wants to see a mess take a walk along this stretch from Belmont Rd to Waterfield Rd mini roundabout.
  2. :Hmm:Very interesting reading, but how long has LED lighting been able to shine around corners???
  3. I personally think the lights in Belmont were a rush job. Sticking LED lights on old posts was not the answer. The new lights do not throw out enough light. Straight roads are fine but if you live in a mews or cul-de-sac forget it. Walking in the dark.
  4. Thank you Glenda, let's hope they have plenty of spare skips...
  5. You have to see it to believe it. They should hold their heads in shame.
  6. Oh Dear, Oh Dear, Oh Dear, l do hope this is not the finished article. This is worse than before. It has now become a health hazard.
  7. Hallelujah, they have made a start and yes the brook is still there.I do hope that is not it. There is still a lot of overgrowth still to be removed and I think a fleet of skips may well be needed now to clear it out.Will post pics tomorrow of their progress.
  8. Thanks for the pics Colin , but l dont know where this is. I will post more pics later this week after all the work has been completed. :Winking_32:
  9. I know l may sound blunt, but when is the work on the brook along Waterfield road going to start? Newton Farm side is tidy having been cut back some time ago. Belmont side is a disgrace, the whole length is littered with rubbish and and completely overgrown.
  10. Hi Glenda, good to see you've got them running around doing what they should to be doing without you prompting them. When you say they are clearing Newton Brook is this the stretch of brook l mentioned a few weeks ago. We now have fence panels, tesco trolley's and countless bags of garden rubbish for us to look at from the Belmont side. I do think it has now become a health hazard with the smell and l think with the amount of rubbish now therewe may even get flooding this winter .
  11. We now know what a mess it is, so can anyone tell us what is happening with this potential health hazzard ?
  12. Thanks for that Glenda. Not sure what they meen by tree cutting in progress , some of these trees have been down since last year and are now overgrown with brambles and weed. I dont think they are talking about the same stretch as we are.
  13. I wonder can anyone tell me what on earth has happened to the once very pleasant walkway that used to run from Southolm Rd to Belmont Rd. I see somebody has decided that the best way to keep Waterfield Rd safe is to fell the dangerous trees and push them into the brook. Along with a wide variety of drinks bottles, carrier bags and numerous other items the brook is now becoming a health risk and a eyesore . Does anyone know who is responsible and if it going to be sorted ?
  14. If people don't buy their own bags and there are people who wont, I think we will see them just using the green bins instead. Then it will cost even more to sort the recycled rubbish.This is not a good move by the powers that be. Just a thought, maybe we should just leave the dustbins out for them to empty!
  15. I may be a little controversial here , but why do some of these people have everything given to them on a plate for free ? I have to pay £15 per month , it is not a necessity it is a luxury. They should pay like the rest of us.
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