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  1. I have only just noticed that if you scroll to the very bottom of a topic it shows you which members have visited and read it, I like that. Sorry for the small, possibly somewhat pointless posting but I wanted to share what I learned tonight.
  2. Yep - I like that no lights equal rights very catchy and an ideal name in my opinion.
  3. That is a disgrace! 3 years? I too would of sen another email demanding to know why so long for something that would be pretty simple to implement.
  4. I agree too, traffic issue is only where they have temp lights in place and why only on that exit?
  5. Good to see that the bullies did not get their way. Well done Glenda Vaughan-Powell
  6. Ditto and welcome to HV Councillors, lets hope you can help out as much as Cllr Vaughan-Powell has over the years on here. I would like to extend my warmest wishes and welcome you all.
  7. At last somewhere for the young people to go. I am in favour of that.
  8. Sign is still missing, I noticed today when I drove back into town. I hope they replace this soon before our little feathered friends get hurt.
  9. Not the best Chris, no pride in their work as someone has already said, it's all about speed and costs, value for money seems to be near the bottom of the list nowadays.
  10. After today I can see why Colin wants these traffic lights turned off, traffic is flowing lovely
  11. I had the same thoughts exactly. This area needs to be illuminated during the hours of darkness and LED light would be ideal as they do not pollute the surrounding homes only the footpath beneath.
  12. These two are clearly near the old garages on the GWW (opposite the Oval shops) most of the dead post locations are on each picture. The first post is actually on the GWW near the Hunderton bridge where the bank rises, most of these are obvious to be fair, get amy to log in here they will soon see where they all are like you say poor excuse indeed, just glad nobody has hurt themselves. This one is just along the footpath along side the Brampton Road Stores walking down towards the school on the left
  13. Yes I have read most and I can see why so many people are angry about this!
  14. There are some lovely pictures there megilleland, keep up the good work.
  15. I could not agree more. The issue is the traffic and the councils failure to deal with it, this should have nothing to do with Asda's planning application.
  16. Yep, this will kill it for sure, surprised to think they perceive it has that value...
  17. Plastic ties are certainly not a solution, I am very suprised at this action.
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