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  1. Just had an email from planning regarding a new application for a petrol station at Asda, the plan is on the Council site. I will no longer be a Councillor when this comes to planning but if my wife gets elected to the City Council she will do a walk about in the Ward to hear what your opinions are. Bob.
  2. I will be calling it a day come Election Day in May. I was first elected in 1992 for the old St. Martins Ward on the City Council, those were the days of Hereford & Worcester when Hereford Councillors made decisions for the city unlike now. As a member on Herefordshire Council and the City Parish Council I have found the last four years very frustrating to say the least. On Herefordshire Council unless you are in the ruling group you have almost no say in major work in the county and attempting to get items for constituents sorted is almost impossible. Yes there has been massive cuts in grants from the Goverment but could this money we did receive been spent on alternative projects. I have always attempted to leave politics out of the way I have voted over the years and did support items from all groups on the Council even when I stood as a Labour candidate. Thanks for the votes over the years. PS My wife Maureen is going to stand in South Wye for the City Council, as readers will know there are no allowances or expenses on this Parish Council. PPS Colin can you please remove Councillor from my name on May 7th then I can join other writers but will use my name.
  3. They have finished but as I said its a mess, when the grass here was kept tidy and short it took between 2 and 3 hours to cut this week it has taken 24 hours. Now I only went to Hunderton and Red Hill Schools but I can't understand how this is saving money. There are some large piles of grass, hope it does not get to hot. I will ask BB to comment but it's debatable if they will respond, copy's will also go to others.
  4. To the member who inquired about cut grass being a fire risk BB say it will not be a risk unless we have an extended period of hot weather. I am only the messenger folks. King George & Bishops Meadow so far starting at 05.00 Monday morning the tractor mower has been mowing this area to date and it's not finished yet the tractor has spent twenty two hours mowing and stopping to pick up bottles in the grass, I would think that it will take a couple more hours to finish. What is left is a mess with tufts of grss in some areas. Next cut end of September.
  5. Chris Chappell and myself attended at noon Monday the Balfour Beatty briefing regarding grass cutting, so where Glenda gets her info from I don't know. As this was a face to face meeting we brought up matters that had been reported previously but as is normal we receive no response. Our grass areas will be cut at the end of this month we were told and the next and last cut will be the end of September, we were also informed that the new mower that they have to allow them to cut long grass will not collect the cut grass, so yet more mess. We asked that the trees that are just down stream from the Victoria Bridge be trimmed I suggested a log merchant might be approached to cut and collect the wood, common sense I thought. Children are taken there in the good weather to see the ducks and perhaps enjoy a paddle, I was there this morning and there were two individuals drinking their lager, this obviously would put a mum with kids off the idea of going on to the beach there. Was this briefing worth while?
  6. Well some very interesting comments since my last post with people purchasing mowers etc. or with others helping out. Over the last couple of weeks the litter pick on the King George and Bishops meadows has deteriorated it was once first class. I emailed the Leisure Pool manager asking if a staff member could walk around the building and pick up the rubbish including broken glass that has been outside the back changing room door for weeks, there is also a pile of cans from a party that have been left by morons near the door where staff have a *** break as per normal with requests from officers including Balfour Beatty no response. I did use the dog area near the Welsh Club and when cans and bottles were left I would collect them, no problem if you have a little pride in your area, like others I have witnessed. But now I don't use that site for obvious reasons for those who know it. I am told that this area will have its third cut of the season at the end of the month.
  7. Just returned from my dog walking, ambushed a couple of times regarding the mess and state of our once tidy grass areas. I was asked when another cut was due,BB told me three weeks ago there would be one more cut this year which would make it three weeks time. At the meeting we had with the Council and BB Mr. Williams from BB stated that this may not be the case, so he was asked for a timetable of this activity, nothing yet. On passing the tennis courts on the King George I noticed that the grass courts were having the second cutting of the week, also the putting green is kept tidy by being mown every week in case anyone ever wants to putt around. Not sure how pot hole repairs are going sleeping policemen in Walnut Tree Ave. have what looks like a good repair but with all this grass cutting correspondence pot holes have been demoted to second place, keep reporting them to BB folks.
  8. Correct correction Hereford City Council does not have any buildings the small offices that are used in the Town Hall belong to Herefordshire Council. I live near to the King George playing fields and as a Herefordian they have never been in such a state as is the case in other areas. Councillors were summoned to Brockington a few weeks ago and those who turned up were told by BB that they were going to cut the grass areas three times a year instead of seven with the exception of areas for sport. I have been informed that the King George has had two with one to go. As Polly Says we have a meeting next week regarding grass cutting. I have signed the petition Colin.
  9. Just back from the meeting, very disappointed. As you know the Council borrowed £20m towards highway repairs, the Government has put in £3.5m as well as that identified within the BB budget. As I write there are no plans for major repair work within the City and the "repairing" will continue, all major work is being carried out on roads in the county. The Council has paid out £750K in damage claims, Chris and I have told BB we need roads within the City repaired now. Grass cutting and litter pick up will decrease, flower beds will cease to be maintained. Chris will fill in what I have missed.
  10. I will be attending a briefing with BB tomorrow and highway repairs will be the top of my agenda. I have seen a map showing repairs for the county but nothing for the city so I hope we don't have to put up with more rubbish "repairs" I will report the outcome.
  11. Actually Colin the Chairman of the planning Committee has added you to next months agenda, as she will be away for this meeting I will chair it, the planning committee clerk will inform you regarding timings. See you then. Bob.
  12. Good idea about a protest group Phil with 17 months to go before the next election they would be ready to stand for Council. Regarding street parking including the area you mention are on my comment on the Hinton page. Herefordshire Councillors do have free parking passes, I us mine for Brockington my wife does the shopping and uses her bike, if you say others are misusing them you should report this to the Cheif Executive. As far as pictures I did have a few in the local press when I was Mayor 7 years ago but since then I'm not sure except for the one taken by the HT with local children last month at the St. Martins Memorial on Armistice Day. Am I rubbish well that's for people in the Ward to decide.
  13. Yes there is 20 million but it is not being released till April next.
  14. I will have a word with the ward Councillors regarding these bins but I don't think the park has been officially transferred to the council yet.
  15. I walk my dog three or four times a week in Belmont Park and I can assure you all that I pick up any deposits, no big deal. There are those who don't and I have spoken to them and had abuse or they just look at you as if you are mad, then there are others who do pick up with their bags then throw it into the bushes or into a tree. If you don't pick up well you don't give a monkeys for any normal behaviour. I have got to know most of the dog walkers and the ones I know I think clean up.
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