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Found 19 results

  1. No linked to this subject, but support is needed at 10:00am today (8th feb) outside Town Hall Hereford. Campaign against yet another proposed high increase in CT of 4%. Please support if you feel we are already paying too much in Herefordshire.
  2. I have created an online petition to turn off the traffic lights at the Asda junction in Hereford (Where the A465 meets the A49) as the traffic flows much better when they are off!! if you agree, please sign the petition below. Click Here To Sign The NEW Petition (Please ALL sign the new petition as the original council petition has since been removed from their website) This will only take you a minute, Do It today!!
  3. Plans have been submitted for a proposed retail pod at Asda store. The Timpson retail pod if approved will be positioned just outside of the entrance to Asda in Hereford. Application P182499/F
  4. Asda is currently investing in a multi-million pound revamp to improve facilities for shoppers in their Hereford store. This will include the removal of over 7 checkouts to make way for self scanning facilities and a new look 'Fish & tips' counter. Kids eat for FREE in the in-store café (subject to conditions) Plus a lot more besides, completion is scheduled for May 2018
  5. I have heard from several reliable sources that the GP walk-in centre at Asda is to be closed. Please SIGN the petition here Cllr Glenda Powell managed to get over 700 signatures on a petition to prevent it being moved to the A&E department at the hospital back in 2010. (See this topic)
  6. Belmont Road works postponed until 3 August National Grid statement We would like to advise motorists that the planned gas mains replacement work on Belmont Road in Hereford has been postponed for two weeks. The work will now start on Monday, 3 August and is expected to take four weeks to complete. During that time, there will be two-way traffic lights to control the traffic on Belmont Road by the junction with Walnut Tree Avenue. Herefordshire Council
  7. The groundworks for the new Asda garage have begun. The original planning application and discussions you will find here - here and also here Here is the original planning application submitted in January 2012 AppForm 3854-2.pdf
  8. Asda have Submitted a planning application for petrol station, should planning be approved it would be the County's first credit card only filling station with no shop or paying counter. So will they open the small road coming from the store as part of the conditions? also they should be asked to contribute towards helping the on going traffic problems, like paying to have the lights turned off!
  9. Just had an email from planning regarding a new application for a petrol station at Asda, the plan is on the Council site. I will no longer be a Councillor when this comes to planning but if my wife gets elected to the City Council she will do a walk about in the Ward to hear what your opinions are. Bob.
  10. I was reading this article in the Hereford Times informing us that a defibrillator has been installed at Asda Hereford and that 14 members of staff have been trained to use it. Excellent news, I think all supermarkets and large stores should have them as standard.
  11. THOUGH still not a certainty, the accursed Link Road to Nowhere last week took a step nearer to being more than the collective wet dream of Messrs Jarvis, Johnson and Phillips, and the other limousine-owning members of the Cabinet who believe that roads are our salvation. So how much will it really cost, this 800m-long strip of dual carriage tarmac, stretching from Edgar Street to Aylestone Hill? 'How long is a piece of string?' as my old gran used to answer when asked the unanswerable. The only 'known' at the moment - and this from no less an authority than former Leader John Jarvis - is that £27M has already been borrowed and banked to fund this pointless vanity project. The 'unknowns' include: what the Wolverson family was paid to close down its Rockfield DIY store; what the costs of the two 'settlements' with Royal Mail (RM) and Jewson - announced at the end of last week's public inquiry were; who pays for the construction of RM's re-located vehicles park on Jewson's land; and how much Hereford Futures (HF) paid to various highway design consultants over the last five years. Who will ever forget that Kafkaesque moment when, attempting to unravel HF's £3M running costs, the Scrutiny Committee was advised that the defunct company's recoords and files were in the process of being shredded! Ok, for argument's sake, let's say the Rockfield pay-off was £6M. Which would have to mean that the combined RM / Jewson figure would be at least three times greater (negotiating lawyers are no fools when they have precedents to quote). So that's £24M. Add in the Jarvis borrowing figure of £27M and you've already hit £51M. Are your eyes watering? Then factor in another £1M to cover the road consultants' fees, plus six sets of legal costs. At £52M - or a staggering £65,000 per metre - this would make the Hereford Link Road (if it ever got built) easily Britain's most expensive urban motorway. More expensive even (per metre) than the notorious M25 London orbital motorway.
  12. Chris....I have had discussions with someone from highways regarding the SCOOT system.It is broke and has not worked for more than 10 yrs.
  13. I have been working on this for a long time folks and well today is the day to reveal my fantastic idea, it is so good that I am sure that Hereford Council will won't to buy it immediately because they are that STUPID! anyway this is my solution to the traffic in Hereford and in particular the junction at Asda, I am positive that Colin James will help me to promote it so what do you think? Just in time for Christmas too
  14. I wish someone would authorise somebody to turn off the traffic lights at the Asda junction! The traffic lights are not working today and guess what... NO LIGHTS = NO TRAFFIC! Turn them off permanently! I took these pictures at 8.40am this morning.
  15. Did anyone else witness traffic chaos Sunday morning, traffic was backing up on new bridge because confusion about new route road for Asda, after all the money spent they did not put up any signs as to which lane to go in for Asda or Belmont Road, everyone stuck in the middle, three lines of traffic all going one way. It block Belmont road and Ross road as well!
  16. GP Walk in Centre celebrates 1st Anniversary 14 December 2010 NHS Herefordshire and Primecare UK have cut the cake today to celebrate the success of Hereford's GP Access Centre, as it approaches its first birthday. Since the centre opened at the ASDA site in Hereford 12 months ago, it has gone from strength to strength and now has around 500 visitors a week. Visitors attend the centre for a number of ailments including minor injuries.
  17. In last week Hereford Times Letter page, a resident of Ross Road made an inaccurate statement concerning the GP Walk-in Centre at Asda, contrary to what was written THE CENTRE IS NOT CLOSING! I put the question to Hereford Hospital Trust for clarification at Health Scrutiny committee meeting on Monday 22nd November, their reply was a satelite version of the GP Walk-in centre would remain in South Wye, they took into account the 754 signature petition I presented to Herefordshire Council in May on behalf of the people of South Wye, and the fact that 500 people a week are using the centre.
  18. HUNDREDS have signed a petition asking for Hereford's new GP walk-in centre to stay at Asda. Here is Cllr Powell handing over the petition Almost 700 people are opposed to it being moved to a new purpose-built unit near the A&E department at the County Hospital. Belmont ward Councillor Glenda Powell said she had been asked by many people to start up a petition calling for the new centre to stay south of the river. Coun Powell said since it had opened last December, 973 patients had visited GPs there and people were very happy with its position. Petition forms placed at the Oval and Putson Post Offices attracted 654 signatures in four weeks and were handed to Herefordshire Council chairman John Stone last week. Story from Hereford Times
  19. Hereford's new walk-in Gp medical centre has reported a steady start. It opened on December 14 at its temporary HQ next to Asda store on Belmont roundabout and it is now gathering momentum. In its first week 185 patients attended but last week a total of 309 people sought advise there. five patients attended on Christmas Day. Euan Mcpherson, spokesman for Herefordshire Primary Care Trust, said early indications showed patients were happy with the service. "it takes time for people to get to know about the new centre and the number of people attending is gathering pace" he said. Responses from patients show they are happy with what they found, none had to wait longer than one hour, parking was easy and the waiting rooms and consultation rooms were bright and cheerful. The walk in centre,open from 8am to 8pm daily. is run by Primecare which already provides the out-of-hours GP service in Herefordshire. The practice manager is Malcolm Sampson. Some useful numbers at Hereford County Hospital are: The County Hospital 01432 355444. Out patients appointments 0800 587 4089. Children out patients 01432 372946. (direct line) Physiotherapy out patients 01432 364026 (direct line) Ante Natal appointments 01432 355444 ext.2951/2952 Charles renton Unit. 01432 364107. Cllr Glenda Powell
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