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  1. Knife Angel Hereford is coming to Hereford Cathedral for 28 days on June 14th 2021. Hereford Voice is proud to be a 'working partner' with this fabulous charity. About Knife Angel Hereford Alison Davies lost her son Mark Hamilton to knife crime in 2018, together with friends Meryl Cain, Pauline Strong and Jan Jefferies they decided to bring the Knife Angel to #Hereford in 2021 to help raise awareness of the catastrophic impact of violent crime on communities, families and individuals. More details can be found on the website 👉 www.knifeangelhereford.co.uk D
  2. Excellent work by the parish council, they've done a good job, fair play
  3. I'm not sure it was actually over Hereford but it could clearly be seen from Hereford
  4. Why are you always so negative? This needs to go over to the Worcester Road not end at Ledbury Road
  5. Yes and I see another local website has published the same story today, Hereford Voice you should be flattered.
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