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  1. I know the Hereford Voice have campaigned for a trial to turn off some of the traffic lights, this appears to be gathering momentum. Good news and well done to Colin, who I know has constantly pushed for this for many many years.
  2. Good to know that you take security serious, thank you
  3. While this is all good, I think that this group has long proved their point and now I feel that they are just doing what the council contractors should be doing, I'm sure the contractors Balfour Beatty will be laughing.
  4. Earliest I got home tonight in a while
  5. Good place for a drive thru, will have to check it out next time I'm passing once they are open.
  6. Alex

    Merry Christmas

    Happy Christmas people
  7. I was here earlier, food was lush to be fair, will be returning again this weekend no doubt :)
  8. This is an ideal location for this type of business. I also would be pleased to see this planning approved.
  9. Hope everyone is ok, the is terrible news especially just before Xmas
  10. Forgot to change mine and just seen this
  11. Omg, I ate their once and after reading this little lot I will NOT be eating food from there ever again.
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