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  1. Omg, I ate their once and after reading this little lot I will NOT be eating food from there ever again.
  2. I cannot believe they have paused this bypass WTF! They will end up losing all funding in the end, this is not happening now, I think this indecision speaks absolute volumes.
  3. Welcome, if I need to get rid of these little blighters I will call you for sure, good luck with the advertising campaign
  4. Alex

    Polly Andrews

    I see that she is standing again
  5. This is real truth
  6. Well put that person
  7. Alex

    Polly Andrews

    I might just write a letter of complaint about her recent outbursts.
  8. Typical, too much hassle for a lights out trial for a week but okay to close Haywood Lane for 10 weeks for some timber footpath that nobody other than Phil Edwards wanted for his Haywood Park ongoing project
  9. Is this not the very same council that filled in the subway near Tesco in the city and are now contemplating closing the other one at the top of the new bridge..replacing them with even more lights! Virtually everyone locally knows that when the lights are out that the traffic congestion disappears, people have passed their tests, I think they need to give the motorists a little my credit. They complain about pedestrians being able to cross the road (I appreciate that turning off the lights does not mean turning of the pedestrian lights) but do noting about the constant danger of cyclists riding on the footpaths, like someone has already said, it is either because this whole idea of turning off the traffic lights and the idea of a tram system along the GWW derived from Colin here on Hereford Voice or it is simply down to the fact that it is not their idea, which is often the case with councillors. They need to look outside the box and give these ideas serious consideration.
  10. Too many pissheads for my liking, I never give money
  11. How on earth did they even drive around those barriers? hope nobody was hurt
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