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  1. Looks good, thanks for the choice
  2. It is a shame the never caught the actual person he committed the offence. Lesson learned by this lady.
  3. What is wrong with some people?
  4. To be completely honest I like the Old Market development, I sincerely hope that more restaurants come and fill the empty places, there was plenty of choice.
  5. Positive vibes well done, fed up seeing people moan moan moan
  6. I was in the city centre today and I cannot see that this has made much difference, car park in West St was virtually empty
  7. This is a strange sculpture, but I am keen to see it when it comes to Hereford. It is massive.
  8. I agree Denise, the police are doing an excellent job right now especially arresting all these drug drivers. 👏
  9. Glad that you stick with the local news as much as possible, unlike some websites that think they are Sky news
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