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  1. Yes and I see another local website has published the same story today, Hereford Voice you should be flattered.
  2. River boat is a stupid idea. Turning the traffic lights off or making them part time will help
  3. This is an interesting story, glad Hereford Voice have not mentioned her name even though its all over the news, innocent until proven guilty
  4. How did that happen? Electrical fault no doubt
  5. I would be surprised if the driver walked aways with no injuries looking at that car.
  6. Hopefully this will get dropped in the new few years, it appears to be on the agenda.
  7. I am always around, don't always comment but judging by the amount of topic views there are still plenty of members around I do wish more would join in some of the debates. The FB is always busy but there is a better conversation quite often on here.
  8. Looks good, thanks for the choice
  9. It is a shame the never caught the actual person he committed the offence. Lesson learned by this lady.
  10. What is wrong with some people?
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