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  1. Good luck to the man, he purchased his ticket and was lucky enough to win big, now go and enjoy the rest of your life.
  2. I share the same view, it is cruel and inhumane. I believe the Razbari in Whitecross Road also serves Halal
  3. That website is always offline and a nightmare to navigate, too many adverts
  4. I see this happening all the time, good to see this article, soon these NEW residents will be complaining about noise or something coming from their retail neighbours no doubt.
  5. So let me get this right, they have already offered to fund trial micro-simulation? So what's the hold up or have I missed something? Phil Edwards has been working hard for the city for many years in all fairness, I do not agree with everything he has proposed, for example the tree boulevard but some of his other projects have been welcome. Instead of knocking these ideas why don't they sit down and discuss it or even comment and air their views on here.
  6. How ironic hahaha HE tells others councillors to seek before they speak and another to think before they speak and he got all has facts spectacularly wrong. That is really quite amusing, fabulous subject title. Just for Mr Rone
  7. There are plenty of places to pitch a tent around this city and a grave yard is most definitely not one of them! I understand that this person has been offered alternative accommodation and as is often the case, they refused help.
  8. The city council have done a really good job here in restoring this treasured memorial and installing a bench. I notice that Polly Andrews claims in her newsletter that she was not informed about the decision to place this bench here, why does she is need be be informed at all? The city council have obviously gained all the permission that were required from the county council in the first instance, maybe her colleagues forgot to let her know. Definitley sour grapes, if the truth is known, she is moaning now because it was not her idea!
  9. This is brilliant, really enjoyed, well done to the author
  10. Not really surprised, small minded Hereford
  11. Yes I heard the same thing and also the bus station is going to become a multi storey car park
  12. I see that the Hereford Times have finally caught top with this story today
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