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  1. We passed many times and there was always a lot of people coming and going throughout the day, so not surprised at the numbers.
  2. Of course they should be insured, just like any other vehicle using the highway
  3. Good to see all the places reopening after a bad year. Good luck to the new Mayor for 2021/22
  4. Sounds like a good idea but should have been done from day one perhaps
  5. People should use common sense, if you are in a queue of people regardless of whether inside or out wear a bloody mask! At least until they get this virus under some sort of control.
  6. The EA are responsible for the river banks I believe but these railings will be the responsibility of the council.
  7. I'll be tuning in later to see what this is all about but sounds good and it's for a fabulous cause.
  8. K.Butt


    There is some good talent locally, will keep an eye open for you.
  9. This is different, incredible view, I assume fro ma drone but still nice to see
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