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  1. I hope they catch the scumbags who stole this bike 😡
  2. More sad news for people, hope that a buyer is found and at least some jobs can be saved.
  3. Pleased to hear nobody was hurt, someone lost control of the vehicle and themselves perhaps, I hope that they catch the driver, he left the scene in a hurry for some reason, drink or drug drink maybe
  4. We hired the mall the time in the US a few years ago, I think they were Lyft or possibly even Uber scooters, but really good fun and nippy. They are definitely the future and cheaper than a taxi, less effort than a bike and more convenient than the bus in my opinion. The UK is way behind the rest of the world, so it is good to see the gov fast tracking these for trials this year.
  5. This is a nice tribute to the SAS and the 75th VE Day anniversary
  6. This has been the worst economic issue in my lifetime, I think it will take years to get over this to be honest.
  7. I will be banging them pans
  8. This is perfect for families. I'm sure this will be most welcomed during these difficult times.
  9. This is indeed a very powerful illustration, well done to the original artist
  10. This work is essential and needs to be done. Nature is very destructive!
  11. The weather since the new year has been horrendous
  12. They have been ripping us off for years and good people like Martin Lewis have helped us all save £££'s. I usually buy own branded paracetamol its only 30p in Tesco, same ingredients as the more expensive brands.
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