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  1. Have just been out on my usual cycling route which includes the road from the Greenway to the Straight Mile at Rotherwas. The road also serves the BBLP depot. Interestingly the potholes that were there last week have been filled. And No! it is not just chuck some tarmac in a hole - they have resurfaced whole sections. Different rules apply it seems
  2. I can now access the website. I know such changes take some getting used to but my first impression is that it is a bit clunky
  3. I can only assume that after Doris Day local residents were concerned about it falling onto their houses although why I don't know? (I assume you would be relaxed about that ). I am told the tree was inspected by Gerry Ross Tree Surgeon either yesterday or today. Perhaps you had better ask him exactly what he recommended but with the age and lean of the tree the removal of some of the branches presumably cannot be a wholly bad and criminal thing?
  4. They are not cutting it down I am told that it was inspected and there was little if any movement in the trunk. What they are doing is removing branches on the Mill Street side so at reduce the weight and reduce what pressure there might be pulling on the trunk As to its long term future who knows?
  5. I support the Expo as well as the right to protest it. If the Courtyard were to close because it ran out of cash then perhaps making use of it for such an event when nothing else is on is worthwhile. Though I don't expect the Quakers quite see it that way
  6. Just remember that legally applications for advert signs are judged on two issues - the impact on highway safety and the impact on amenity (including on the Conservation Area). Not necessarily what it says on the signs
  7. I happened to watch Lincoln City v Ipswich Town on TV last night. At one point the camera pointed to the Lincoln fans. They were enjoying themselves taunting the Ipswich fans. The thing that caught my eye was the father holding up his young son who was joining in the chanting of "your support is f-c-ing s-it" Lovely standards football fans have
  8. The ground floor shop area will be reduced in size and all the floors above will be flats. Perhaps Waterstones will be able to trade from just the ground floor?
  9. So it looks as if Waterstones will be closing down
  10. I have just walked by the play areas. They seem as busy as usual and nobody seems particularly disadvantaged by some of the facilities being out of use. Of course there is no real excuse for the lack of proper maintenance especially when children should be encouraged to take more exercise. However I noted some time in late 2016 that the Council had to place 5 children in care for a week and the cost, if memory serves, was £25,000. Setting aside what on the face of it is a grossly excessive cost to us all, it is to children and social care where the vast majority of the Council Tax goes. I
  11. I agree that doing nothing is not an option Unless the City develops, as it has in the past, then it will stagnate and become overpopulated with older people (it is already heading that way). The social cost of supporting them will have to be met by a reducing number of those of working age. To me we do need more housing and jobs - which comes first is moot. And whilst altering peoples current fixation with the car is great I believe there needs to be a way of getting in and out of Rotherwas, going from the south of the city to the north and going east to west without going through the centr
  12. https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/planning-and-building-control/development-control/planning-applications/details?id=164024&search-term=registered in the last 7 days&search-service=recent&search-source=items&search-item=registered in the last 7 days
  13. You both need to move house or get a new computer!!!!!! https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/planning-and-building-control/development-control/planning-application https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/planning-and-building-control/development-control/planning-applications/details?id=163635&search=snead
  14. Having looked at the details it seems a sensible decision to me. Contrary to policy. I see that the family currently live next door where there is a family house and a large self contained annexe which provides, it seems to me, the necessary space for the daughter. Why then do they need a new free standing house? Perhaps they want to sell the existing house?
  15. So long as my information is correct the only Councillor who voted agianst refusal was Councillor Shaw who represents Bromyard Bringsty Ward. Odd you may think? However he is also a Cabinet Support Member for corporate strategy and finance - which may explain it But if I have his voting wrong then I apologise
  16. Planning Permission refused - only one Councillor voted against refusal Well done to all who got involved (including the Planning Officer) The decision did soften the blow of having to wait almost all day for the debate
  17. I think it is a good idea to use the otherwise vacant upper floors for flats in the city centre. In this case a retail unit will be kept albeit with a reduced space. Perhaps useful for a start up business? Already in Eign Gate there are a number of upper floors which are flats
  18. Perhaps I am being a bit reactionary (then I am getting old) To me one way of solving the problems with speeding, using the phone, drink driving etc. is the penalties How about if you are found guilty of an offence then your car is crushed?
  19. Report now online - recommendation by Planning Officer is for refusal
  20. You do not have to own a property to submit a planning application. It is quite normal for people to agree to buy land etc. subject to getting planning permission. So if what they want to build is refused they don't buy the site.
  21. Sorry. Council property and cannot be delegated to officers Now likely to be at Planning Committee on 7 December
  22. The numbers attending have been increasing over the last few years. There are also more attending on Armistice Day itself.
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