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  1. Nothing is beyond this bunch of charlatans The Council say the building needs at least £2.5 million on it. Even if they gave it away to the City Council that would immediately burden them with these costs - which ultimately we as taxpayers would have to cover. So while the County Council may reduce their burden we still have to pay to cover their mismanagement and lack of proper maintenance. Given these costs no wonder no one else has expressed an interest. What is its best economic use - flats?, restaurant,?, shops?, No it is as Municipal Offices with meeting rooms.
  2. An interesting sculpture but the visitor number? I was past it quite often and there was always a number of visitors but it was never really crowded It was on display for 28 days so at total of 102,000 that is some 3600 a day I am not decrying the event just querying the visitor numbers And you can always hand in unwanted knives at the police station
  3. Just more asset stripping but I imagine it will be sold to the City Council. Whenever it is sold of course the Council will need to rent those parts which it continues to use such as the Registration Service and Parking.
  4. Update - This is what the Council say Jacobs Court has a long convoluted history. It has been approx. 10 years since the structure was deemed dangerous and scaffold erected, to protect the structure and glazing, which has remained in situ ever since. Due to their historically being no resident management company the tower and communal areas fell to the crown. Due to concerns over the deterioration of the scaffold and the health and safety requirements monthly scaffold inspections were commissioned in 2015 at a cost of £400 + vat pcm ((£400x 12) 6years = £28k.) There is a charge on the property in relation to the dangerous structure and the initial cost of the scaffold erection of (£32 890 + vat) which we hope to use as a mechanism to recoup the ongoing expenditure. We are now currently in talks with the newly reformed residents management company to try and resolve this, which we hope will finally end the ongoing costs. So even if the Council can end the monthly charge the chances of getting the money back are almost nil. Poor work by the developer and yet again we foot the bills - currently over £60K and increasing every month
  5. Regrettably there will be no formal Armed Forces Day events in Herefordshire on Saturday 26 June 2021 However, as is usual for the Monday of the week before Armed Forces Day, Flag Raising events have been held. The formal County event was held this morning at the Cathedral and a Flag was raised at Wye Valley Trust Hospital. Here is a photo of the flag raising at the hospital. Flags were also raised in the market towns. In Herefordshire we continue to be proud of and to honour all those who serve in our military, those who have previously served and all their families. Not only do our military protect us they have also been invaluable during these unprecedented times. More pictures can be seen on https://www.facebook.com/HerefordshireAFD
  6. On top of whatever all this ends up costing I see we are now to spend nearly £360,000 on repairing the damage to the surrounding road network as a result of the closure. I'm not suggesting that this work should not be done just pointing out how the folly of the Council on this mess spreads. Of course this will be done by BBLP. Positive news I guess though
  7. Could not agree more. Cycling particularly in the city is difficult enough without having to look out for potholes, decayed surfaces and sunken drains. But as far as the Council and BBLP are concerned fixing a quiet rural road is easy and is another tick in the box
  8. Very true. But even if the Client side were in charge what are the chances they would have considered the impact on the AONB or even consulted their conservation team. Answer = nil. I weep for the future of this County with the self aggrandizing of the Councillors (whoever they are) and the under performing Chief Officers
  9. First time I have seen this eyesore. Good grief who is in charge of this appalling abomination
  10. Lovely. Once again you will be able to sit beneath trees on benches probably covered in bird crap and with the risk of it hitting you also from above
  11. And another contract for yes you've guessed it S C Joseph http://councillors.herefordshire.gov.uk/documents/s50087662/To award a contract for the provision of re-fit services at Maylord Shopping Centre.pdf
  12. And there should be an online sales tax and online retailers warehouses should be rated as retail
  13. Couple of points = there is a cycle route along the link road. OK is is not segregated but it is there and is well used = the traffic on Blueschool/Newmarket has not really reduced because through traffic is allowed to use it. The road signs do not indicate that the link road should be used for through traffic - why not? Also probably sat navs do not direct to the link road. For example a local company Hereford Quarries have most of their vehicles ignoring the link road! Be proactive and traffic in the centre can be reduced as then can be the width of Blueschool/Newmarket = speak to Network Rail about using part of the station building for passenger facilities for the hub
  14. Just how many years is it going to take for the transport hub to be provided at the railway station? Once that is in place the existing bus station (with the cinema) can be redeveloped to provide housing. Surely it is not that difficult?
  15. Why is so much through traffic still allowed to use Newmarket/Blueschool Streets when the plan was for it to use the Link Road, This would then allow work to those streets so as to provide an easier pedestrian connection between the OLM and the city centre and a more pleasant environment?
  16. What is "the ongoing development of the river as a tourist attraction"? Are we ever going to see the transport hub at the railway station? Electric buses are a great idea but they are of little difference to diesel for the passenger if they just sit in a queue of traffic
  17. It would be interesting to see the results of the public consultation and how those responses influenced the final decision. As I commented in my own response I would not expect any notice at to be taken at all of what the public think
  18. Well as I understand it the route is a public bridleway and the Council have the responsibility to keep it open for use. The only message that this prolonged closure sends out like in so many other areas is that the Council cannot be bothered. After all it is not really a major route for residents and tourists is it?
  19. OK I may be a bit biased! Not delivered Transport Hub at the Station - how difficult is it? Not fixed the road to Fownhope Not fixed the path by the Old Bridge Still paying for scaffolding at Fryers Court - how many years now Thousands paid out to consultants Still no realistic prospect of the cycle lane in St Owens Street Wasted money on cycle lanes in Commercial Road Roads very poor - e.g. Folly Lane and and Eign Road Effectively ripped up the Core Strategy Still not building more houses by the Link Road Blueschool Street/Newmarket Street still open to all vehicles - link road was meant to divert north=south traffic from them Delivered Please help with this!! Am happy to be corrected on the above
  20. Frankly this to me shows how pathetic the HA is. For the time they took to block it up and put up the signs the same gang could have pumped the water out. They knew it was flooded so why did they not turn up with a pump? Mind you notwithstanding it is the HA responsibility the Council/BBLP could have stepped in.
  21. Hooked! Having said that I guess anybody who has mobility issues, a delivery or a heavy parcel would face the same issues they have now in High Town, Commercial Street and Eign Gate (Oh Yes - totally bonkers thank you!!!!!)
  22. Oh! you are so right. Cyclists are demon lawbreakers. Presumably it is only the (useless/pointless) cycle lane that allows cyclists to now travel along Commercial Road and that before it was marked up there was no danger to cyclists from drivers opening their car doors. IIRC the Highway Code requires drivers to check before they open their car doors onto the carriageway. Yes there are cyclists who ignore the rules But what about the car drivers who - park on double yellow lines, run red traffic lights, ignore no entry signs, exceed the speed limit and race around car parks. What is needed in Commercial Road is a dedicated cycle lane with the car parking totally removed
  23. What an embarrassment. The gormless Council say we need extra wide pavements for social distancing. Firstly how many people do you see feeling they need to use this extra space? Secondly why if the space is need do you half block it up with planters? Thirdly a row of planters with just random shrubs that BBLP have lying about - I will put their survival rate at 20% What an utter shambles
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