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  1. What a shambles - of course it is only our money. Blueschool House was after all a perfectly useable building for the previous occupants - if slightly shabby. Now it seems it will be a monument to muddled thinking, poor decision making and failure http://councillors.herefordshire.gov.uk/documents/s50048737/Cabinet%20Report%20-%20JCSH%20Budget%20Update.pdf
  2. It cannot be B47 - he would never go that close to the Old Market
  3. I do not know your personal circumstances but as you use green bags you seem to have a garden. Do you not have space for a compost bin? This would not only save you the money you are giving Biffa or the Council but would also save you buying compost.
  4. What is it about dog owners in Bartonsham and Hampton Park? I use Great Western Way very often and despite it being a dog walking area and running through areas often, wrongly, looked down on by those who live north of the river, hardly ever is the dog mess on it - even on the bridges. And yet those owners in this area cannot be arsed to either get their dog off the bridge before it craps or clear up their mess. It is not as if there is nowhere for their dogs to crap nearby. Perhaps they are just arrogant imbeciles?
  5. I am sure Colin that you have checked your facts on the kitchens before the lawyers call!!
  6. I don't know why there are complaining or perhaps they should complain to their solicitors. As I understand it these flats were always going to be for social housing so they should have known before they bought
  7. Oh absolutely you are right but this goes back decades. For example South Herefordshire District Council Councillors were notorious at giving planning permission to family and friends and to anyone with a personal begging case. I doubt you will ever change it. When these things are done it does nothing to solve the rural housing crisis
  8. Nice to see the Planning Committee following the advice of their officers and supporting their own planning polices by refusing this application
  9. Well of course as you probably know Highways England are a law unto themselves as far as the A49 are concerned. The Council are trying to do something - build a by-pass. Whether you agree with it or not at least when there are serious or not so serious problems at least some traffic will be able to avoid the city and the reality is that only very few of us will not use our cars
  10. What? Is that some small item about the link road that is positive
  11. The cycle/footpath link between Station Approach and Canal Road is now open for use although at present you have to dodge the work to get to it.
  12. His home address as listed on the Council website is at WR13 6EP. This might be a Worcester post code but which is an address in Colwall which is in Herefordshire
  13. It was Western Power Distribution in Widemarsh Street repairing a LV cable fault - found this out on the Council website I struggle to believe that closure was the problem More likely it was the usual problem of Hereford drivers unable to cope with rain.
  14. If the no right turn at Edgar Street remains, if you want to go to Holmer Road you can turn right at Widemarsh Street - of course at another set of TWG's hated traffic lights. That said I hear there will continue to be a right turn into Barrs Court Road from Aylestone Hill so you could avoid the new road completely The one thing that has surprised me is that there will be no right turn into Gibbs & Dandy's timber yard from Widemarsh Street
  15. If there were to be an overspend on any project my view is that to clear this mess up it would be well worth it
  16. The Council made an offer to buy the site in February which was not accepted They are now starting Compulsory Purchase
  17. As far back as 2011 Thorntons announced they would be closing between 120 and 180 of its shops, so it is no big surprise.
  18. Colin - Let's hope it stays open but there are many around the City who are dying for one of the Old Market stores to shut
  19. The chance of an IOC candidate getting elected for South Herefordshire is less than zero and the same goes for Labour, UKIP and the flat earth society(Greens) The only possibility of upsetting the Jessie bandwagon would be for the Lib Dems but I guess they will have Lucy Hurds standing again. She has lost on countless occasions so a repeat seems most likely Anyway watching Jesse bumble his way through at the despatch box in the H o C is always good for a laugh. You could repeat this scenario for North Herefordshire but with different names - so expect Wiggin to continue to make a fool of hi
  20. Because of the queues of cars I have often parked in the road and just walked in with my stuff without any problem.
  21. The new path that has been completed from the Aylestone Hill junction towards the railway station is certainly wide enough for a shared cycleway/footpath
  22. Sorry this is off topic We will have so it seems three universities 1 Hereford University Centre ie Hereford & Ludlow College and University of Worcester 2 University of Wolverhampton at the Enterprise Zone 3 NMITE Look out Oxford and Cambridge we are catching up!!!!!
  23. Why would the vote have gone any other way? Council policy is to go west. It is really only IOC who with their powerful and vociferous supporters from the Breinton area who want it to go east
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