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  1. So they are to buy back something they sold a few years ago What does this actually mean "Council officers say the purchase would give them the opportunity to develop the site in line with their plans to grow the county’s economy". Did they not read the article in the Times/Sunday Times a few weeks ago which reported that Council's up and down the country who had bought shopping centres had seen their investment plummet But then I guess the Cabinet knows what is best for us
  2. Project will include: a cafe/sandwich bar; a community larder; affordable clothing outlet; meeting and counselling rooms with all profits going to ETHOS - reg. no. 1177809. Will they be selling cigarettes?
  3. Probably got better things to do than answer silly questions Covid19 - Public Footpaths - Common sense In any event such a question should properly be addressed to the Council who are the responsible authority
  4. I was only slightly concerned about Covid19 but now as it seems that the Council is involved I am starting to panic!!! Looking at their website it seems they are just parroting the advice of the government Perhaps Karen can enlighten us as to what the Council are actually doing?
  5. It was one of a number of replacement trees in the area. The one outside the Freedom Church survives to date. The one outside KFC in Stonebow Road has also been vandalised When trees were planted during the refurb of Commercial Street solid steel tree guards were included. Why those dumbos at the Council thought that these did not need similar protection is probably beyond the wit of all of us
  6. I do wonder if the Planning Committee really understood the scale of this monstrous building?
  7. Fuel Duty will raise £28billion in 2019/2020. When we are all required to use electric vehicles where will the taxman get his money
  8. Talking of easy wins. The development of the transport hub is now really just a joke. It has been talked about since the decision to build the link road. Just how long does it take to design a place where buses, taxis and cycles can interchange? You could almost design it on the back of the proverbial *** packet. Of course we are promised a public consultation on it but I cannot see any actual construction for a couple of years. It's just more money spent (loads for consultants) but no progress. And in the background is that once its built the bus station will be available for development.
  9. That route is smooth when compared to Folly Lane especially on the downhill at speed.
  10. Ah! Politicians don't you just love them Whether you want no bypass or one to the east or one to the west after decades what we want and expect is a decision Countless studies and reports have been made so why do they need more Instead of making a decision they fudge it. What do you expect of gutless politicians?
  11. For some obscure reason there is not a bay at the hospital?
  12. Frankly I was not very impressed with design of the HHA flats but compared to this they are an architectural gem. Setting aside the design the choice of the colour of the brickwork and the finish are truly awful
  13. I'm a bit confused. I thought all of you on here were full on hard brexiteers so had assumed that of the two candidates Boris was the man for you as he wants us out without a deal?
  14. So it has changed already. Perhaps in time we will discover what their policies are. Or will it be made up on the hoof as the three political parties can't agree? Councillor David Hitchiner, Leader of Herefordshire Council, has today announced changes to his cabinet member portfolios. The Leader will continue to direct the council’s corporate policy and strategy and have overall budget responsibility. The changes to cabinet member portfolios are as follows: Councillor Felicity Norman (Deputy Leader): Children and Families Councillor Gemma Davies: Commission
  15. TWG - I thought you had learnt your lesson about disagreeing with Glen! I'm no particular fan of Bob but should he retire at 80? You can stand for election at any age I thought - even at 74! Some people think they know all about the detail of local politics when perhaps they have not been on the Council for many years It will be illuminating to see how the disparate parties agree on a policy manifesto for the next four years.
  16. TWG the lesson here is that despite what it says on the planning application it is best not to argue with Glen!!
  17. It is over a week now and still the public have no idea who will be running the Herefordshire Council. I hear that various parties/councillors are arguing over who gets which job etc. So much for the supposed alliance which seems to have hit the skids Perhaps we were better off for all their faults with the Conservatives?
  18. Well I was only going on what Glen printed and she is always in the know
  19. Well if Bernard Hunt, who is totally useless, can get elected it really does not say much about the voters in Newton Farm and/or the other candidates. But of course if you believe the conspiracy theorists he and others may be disqualified soon.
  20. Perhaps Denise you can enlighten us all as to the voluntary work you do?
  21. The City Council have little impact As to the County I am sure that the Conservatives are a bit depressed today but perhaps smiling inwardly We will now have to see how all those who have complained about their administrations now get on when they are in the driving seat. The main issue for them is how to deal with the huge cost/overspends in adult social care and children's services given that almost all national funding has gone. The conservatives plans for housebuilding was an attempt to bring in younger families so as the alter the severe imbalance in the population (too many old
  22. Animals are your friends - why do you eat them?
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