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  1. That Lisbon treaty list has been debunked by fullfact https://fullfact.org/europe/viral-list-about-lisbon-treaty-wrong/
  2. I used one of these for the first time this evening. Quite easy to use and my first 15 minutes 'spent'. Already planning the next couple of times I can use one
  3. Seems bizarre that the hospital hasn't got a bay given that it must be the biggest employer in town
  4. The road was dug up to connect the new houses at the back of the council building to the utilities. Perhaps the developers were made to pay for resurfacing the whole road rather than just the stretch that was dug up
  5. After the last threat to the pub did the community ever get the pub registered as an asset of community value? That could help produce some more hoops through which the developers would have to jump
  6. I was surprised to see the news as I'd assume someone would have posted something following a planning application. You may be right about the Hertford error
  7. Does anyone know where this will be situated? I've heard conflicting things. One friend has said it's going in the former Lakeland shop on commercial street and another has said it's going in the former poundworld shop at the Brooks retail park. More entry level employment opportunities can only be good for Hereford Jobs advertised here
  8. If it's genuine art and not on someone's property then I personally don't have a problem with it but these examples are just 'tagging' and look terrible. Surely the cctv at the commercial premesis at the oval would have recorded the culprits?
  9. Walking home this evening to bobblestock and from getting on to grandstand road at widemarsh common and turning off up highmoor street I saw 8 cyclists on the pavement. I wonder whether people actually know it's illegal. The problem seems to be getting worse year on year
  10. 20 beds on Leadon (female surgical) and 18 beds on Monnow (male surgical).
  11. The cyclist in the bottom photo is actually on a cycle path but this crosses over at the traffic lights and around widemarsh common. You often see people carrying on down Newtown road on the pavement after the cycle path has crossed the road. Walking from bobblestock to the hospital one morning this week down grandstand road I counted 8 people cycling on the pavement. One weaved at speed around a mother pushing a pram out onto the pavement and then around two young children walking towards holmer school
  12. I've just returned home from 4 nights in cornwall. I cannot recall seeing anyone cycling on a pavement in Penzance, st Ives, looe or liskeard. Within 10 minutes of getting back to Hereford I'd seen two people cycling on the pavement. I've been up st Owen street this morning and saw two more at it. What is it about Hereford?
  13. Apparently on target to open at the end of the year. Not sure what target this refers to though. Signs went up at the start saying that work would start in spring 2015. Demolition was due to take 6 months and the construction would take 18 months. Even taking those as approximates surely it should have been finished by now
  14. To little or no fanfare the foot/cycle path between canal road and station approach has opened. I'm assuming this happened recently. I used it last week instead of walking up the private road and around Morrisons. Much more direct and very useful but nobody seems to know about it
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