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  1. Lovely story. Unbelievable amount of people that this has reached, still it is nice to have a happy story with a happy ending, thanks for making my day.
  2. Completed the survey, I am surprised were not already doing this in Hereford.
  3. This is good news for Hereford, nice to see these company expanding during these difficult times for retail.
  4. Contact Cllr Kath Hey (Mayor) she will know who to put you in touch with.
  5. Nice to see these, surprised it has not offended some snowflakes yet, personally I think they are ace
  6. Called them this morning and was only waiting on the phone for about 5-6 minutes so now this place is open call waiting times hopefully will reduce. Really good service no problems for us today to be honest.
  7. I noticed this one today, application P201686/F
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