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  1. Thank you Hereford Voice for making this request and allowing the public to read the officers report in full. I can now remove this restaurant from my list, I much prefer to go to the Glass Tandoori every time anyway.
  2. Welcome to Hereford Voice I saw this today and just had to post it
  3. The photographs look super, it is on our list of places we must visit this week
  4. I think that you maybe confused with the shop in question, this is the EMPTY shop formally Appliance shop and years ago it was Quinsey's. The new tenants are opening a store called Istanbul but they are the same people from our understanding that run Bedronka in Eign Gate and have been previously prosecuted for selling illegal tobacco.
  5. Time for a nice glass of red 

  6. This is a really good photograph, I like the idea of taking it from within the passage opposite too
  7. Is this the very same Dave Greenow that boasts about shooting over 15 dogs on his land, vile man!
  8. I hate the whole Halal culture, it is cruelty beyond belief, it is one thing humanly slaughtering cattle etc for food but this is tormenting and torturing them
  9. Some excellent photographs certainly captured the moment
  10. I heard from a reliable source that regardless of vehicle if one of your parents has passed away and you explain that you are tipping the contents from their house they have to let you tip. I am also aware that you can park outside and walk the rubbish in, so whats the bloody difference? They are just making it difficult for genuine people too, it is no wonder that people dump mattresses and chairs etc
  11. I read that this man had a mini stroke, so this could happen to any of us, glad to see that nobody was hurt and hopefully the gentleman will make a full recovery.
  12. It is only going to get worse, the sooner we can leave the EU completely the quicker we can rebuild our country and stop spending billions of pounds
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