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  1. Herefordshire Council contractors Herefordshire Highways (Balfour Beatty Living Places) have been working collaboratively with Highways England and Kier to clear litter safely on a Highways England night closure of the A40 Monmouth bound on Friday 16th April. The teams worked through the night and removed 1100kgs of litter from the central reservation and the junction of the A4137 to the Ganarew Bridge Herefordshire.
  2. Following extensive works to the B4224 road from Fiddler's Green to Fownhope Herefordshire following which was severely damaged by Storm Dennis in early 2020. The B4224 was dealt a double blow by the storm, which caused a 6.5 metre wide landslip and a separate partial collapse of a 100-metre long retaining wall. Balfour Beatty explain that work at the landslip site is now accelerating, and to help explain the stages they need to go through to reach completion, they have put together some information below. 👇 The road is scheduled to reopen this Friday to all tr
  3. Noticed this weekend (just gone) that there's a large pothole, inbound, on the Barrs Court side of the metal bridge. Went over yesterday (Monday) and it's got 50% bigger and deeper in a couple of days ... So be careful if you are using that bit of road! If you hit it full on there's a potential to do some damage!
  4. Can no one at Balfour Beatty and our councillors see the state of our urban roads in the city which are now getting out of hand. When the use of a garden hoe along the kerb would have removed most weeds we are now in a position that the weeds are so established that the only way to treat them would be with herbicides which in turn cause pollution. So the only answer appears to be is do nothing and our streets on our estates take on the appearance of an outback town - the only thing missing is tumbleweed. Together with the inability to get on top of the litter and fly tipping problems and block
  5. Robust Pothole Plan Rolled Out Across Herefordshire £1.25m additional funding will help to tackle the issue Balfour Beatty Living Places has scaled up their approach to combat the county’s potholes through the delivery of a proactive pothole repair plan. Herefordshire Council’s public realm contractor recorded over five times the number of potholes in March 2018 compared with the previous year, mainly due to the combination of water on the network and extremely cold temperatures caused by the prolonged winter weather. The challenge of tackling the increased number of p
  6. The second phase of work to upgrade Hereford City Centre will begin on Monday 14 May 2018 with the refurbishment of Commercial Street. Balfour Beatty Living Places on behalf of Herefordshire Council will carry out refurbishment works on the Commercial Street area of High Town with neighbouring traders kept informed of progress throughout the works. The work is the second phase of a refurbishment project that will be consistent with the look of Widemarsh Street and High Street. Councillor Barry Durkin, cabinet member for highways and transport said: The work will be pha
  7. We notified Balfour Beatty about our second action day weeks in advance, yet a week after all of our hard work I find myself picking up some of our own litter from the bags we left last weekend. Yes it is all still there! Nothing has been collected! All these volunteers have given up their day and time to commit to this fantastic project and it feels like we are unappreciated with this lack of response, not impressed at all. I am also waiting for promised emails and the results from the tree survey which took place weeks ago, I am starting to realise why things take so long in this cit
  8. A few months ago we were walking past the duck pond and noticed how dirty and full of algae it had become and I commented at the time on how it had deteriorated over the years. A few days later I noticed a new Facebook group that has only recently been set up by local chap Keith Marston called 'The Duck Pond Hereford clean up' and I thought what a great idea, I joined the group immediately and said that Hereford Voice would help out and publicise this idea as much as possible. Cllr Jim Kenyon is also doing what he can to raise awareness. I took this photograph today, the pond is abs
  9. I have MAJOR concerns over these two tree's on the Belmont Road, I have mentioned this several times over the years but nothing is seems to be done about it. These tree's are an accident just waiting to happen! The roots have pushed out the wall beneath.
  10. Would anybody know who maintains the equipment there. I ask, because I took my daughter there last weekend and the little trampoline had gone and had been replaced by Tarmac! There were also some loose wire strands poking out from one of the climbing frames and nettles around one of the slides. Many thanks in advance.
  11. Belmont Road works postponed until 3 August National Grid statement We would like to advise motorists that the planned gas mains replacement work on Belmont Road in Hereford has been postponed for two weeks. The work will now start on Monday, 3 August and is expected to take four weeks to complete. During that time, there will be two-way traffic lights to control the traffic on Belmont Road by the junction with Walnut Tree Avenue. Herefordshire Council
  12. Well, after several conversations with Cllr Tracey Bowes and in turn conversation that she has had with other people finally, the overgrown grass in the field in Sydwall Road was cut today! BB had to use a brush cutter initially to lower the height of the grass as it was way to high for their mower to tackle. It was lovely to see some kids playing football again on here this afternoon. Here are a few photographs that I managed to take while grass was being cut. We do however have large bails of what looks like straw now scattered around the field but hey this is still exce
  13. Jim asked me if I would post the responses to his questions. Cllr Kenyon Contract Management queries 1.Strategic partnering board "who sits on it"? No cllrs This detail is in the contract data Director EEC (Geoff Hughes) Assistant Director PBC (Richard Ball) The Service Manager (Clive Hall) No Cllrs sit on the board, as the management of the contract is not a political function. 2.Need site of the annual plan for this year A presentation to members is planned, also a report to Cabinet member / director re internal governance There is no annual plan for this year (2013
  14. I'm not sure what I think about this, I do think its a good idea but are we not already paying a contractor to do this???
  15. Cllr Jim Kenyon, county councillor for the Tupsley ward, has helped arrange a litter pick and community day this Sunday, which he hopes will bring community spirit to the area. He said: "The encouraging thing for me is people from across the city want to sort this problem out and reclaim the lines and make it safe to use. "It is a thoroughfare from the south of the city to the north of the city. What we want is to make it a safer route." Cllr Kenyon said the bushes alongside the path are overgrown and this week Herefordshire Council's contractor, Balfour Beatty, is cut
  16. Herefordshire locality stewards are celebrating a year of significant success as they mark their first year anniversary. The ground-breaking team, launched by Balfour Beatty Living Places (BBLP) for Herefordshire Council, has taken huge strides to improve local roads and public open spaces. The 13 locality stewards, who cover every ward in the county, have raised more than 32,000 jobs to fix problems from potholes to blocked gullies and dangerous trees to litter picking. Cllr Paul Rone, Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, said: “The locality steward team has made a really posi
  17. Installation work for the new CCTV on the Hunderton Bridge has begun. A tree to the one side has been removed, I assume to give a better view but a lot more clearing up needs to be done. There are so many overgrown trees and bushes, there is almost a canopy in some parts making it dark during daylight hours.
  18. Well I will be the first to put up my hand and say that BB have done a fantastic job of clearing the overgrown bushes in Glastonbury Close once and for all. I spoke with the guys doing the work just before 8am on Friday morning and after a chat they agreed that just a trim was obviously not going to be enough and if you going to do a job at least do it right! This teams whole attitude was spot on to be fair and now we can see around the corner again. I believe in giving credit where credit is due and to be honest I cannot fault these guy's, 100% better than it has been for man
  19. Dear Councillors and Parish Clerks, Good afternoon Please see below an update on work carried out this week in the locality: Belmont Rural Litter Picking : Northolme Road Vegetation - Cut Back Hedges: Stanbrook Road Hedges/shrubs adjacent to footpath: Northolme Road cut back hedges: St Martins Street Hinton and Hunderton Foot way patching 55sq Metre Remove dangers concrete light Colom: Charles Witts Avenue Tupsley pot hole : Lichfield Avenue Some of the matters I have been involved with this week include : Carried out driven statutory inspections Enquiries ar
  20. Dear Councillors and Parish Clerks, I would like to take this opportunity to let you all know that I have been appointed as the Locality Steward for the Hereford City South Locality. I love working in Hereford City and I hope that I can make a difference. Please see below an update on work carried out this week in the locality: The sink hole on Folly Lane just before the traffic lights – This has been fix and I will keep an eye on this. Works that have been carried out by the reactive teams in the last week: Saxon Gate Norton Avenue Re set Kerb 5 Eign Hill
  21. Dear Councillors and Parish Clerks, Please see below an update on work carried out this week in the locality: Sink hole on Folly Lane just before the traffic lights - I am sorting the work out and we will be done as soon as we can. National Grid are going to reinstate the patches on Belmont Road and I will keep you updated on this. Works that have been carried out by the reactive teams in the last week: Hinton and Hunderton Remove Mud / Spoil 200 Metres Drybridge Walk 100.00 Linear Metres RIVER WYE CYCLEPATH Tree crowning Saxon Gate Walton Close Re set Kerb 1
  22. Hereford Weekly Locality Briefing 21/08/2015 Dear Councillors and Parish Clerks, Please see below an update on work carried out this week in the locality. The gas works are now completed, but there is an issue with the finish works which we are sorting out with the gas board. Works that have been carried out by the reactive teams in the last week: Aylestone Hill · Bodenham Road Carriageway Edge Damage 3m · Bodenham Road Footway Cracking 2m Hinton and Hunderton · 10mm Wearing Course patching 7.2 sq. · Remove Mud / Spoil 100 L
  23. HEREFORD LOCALITY WEEKLY BRIEFING WEEK ENDING 24th APRIL 2015 Dear Councillors and Parish Clerks, I am pleased to report that the reactive team has completed the following works during the last week: 128 square metres of carriageway patching 7 square metres of footway patching 21 gully’s cleaned 2 gully repairs 8 fly tips removed 32 kerb defects fixed 46 footway blocks/slabs re-set 360 linear metres of ditching works carried out. Update from Shane - (City South Belmont, St Martins & Hinton, and Tupsley Wards; Rural Ba
  24. HEREFORD LOCALITY WEEKLY BRIEFING – WEEK ENDING 17th APRIL 2015 Dear Councillors and Parish Clerks, I am pleased to report that the reactive team has completed the following works during the last week: 116 square metres of carriageway patching 12.8 square metres of footway patching 35 gully’s cleaned 5 fly tips removed 3 litter picks carried out 9 kerb defects rectified. Update from Shane - (City South – Belmont, St Martins & Hinton, and Tupsley Wards; Rural – Backbury and Hollington Wards) Amongst the above works the following was completed – Backbury Wa
  25. I have been asked by several people if I would create a petition about the lack of grass/verge cutting in the County due to severe cut backs in Herefordshire Councils budget. #cutgrasshfd You Can Sign The Petition HERE
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