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  1. You have my sympathy. Not the easiest of places when disposing of ordinary waste/recycle. Loads of staff stood around talking amongst themselves and appear to be simply waiting for someone to do the wrong thing. No attempt to be helpful. Whilst I hate fly tipping I can see that the service offered does not encourage people.
  2. Thanks again Chris. I think the preverbal penny has finally dropped. Thank you all for all the information and help.
  3. Thanks for the clarification George. I still think for a footpath or pavement to legally be used by cyclists they must be above a certain with. I am not sure of the width but it is somewhere about 2 meters. As I remember it that stretch of pavement along Whitecross road is particularly wide and so would lend itself to dual purpose and provide safe access to Plough lane. As a pedestrian and cyclist I am in sympathy with Twowheelsgood. When walking I always make a point of keeping to the left of the path when sharing with cyclists (not sure as it should really be the right as walking along an unpaved road) but unless I concentrate find myself meandering to the center. I think people do not naturally walk in a straight line but do meander which clearly does cause a problem for cyclists.
  4. I agree that cyclists have become a hazard on pavements and the law does little to prevent it. If footpaths are above a certain width cycling is allowed but I have always thought the onus is on the cyclist to respect the welfare of pedestrians in the same way as the onus is on motorists to respect the welfare of cyclists on the road (not sure if this is law or just accepted courtesy). Whether law or courtesy I see little evidence of it shown by cyclists riding illegally on footpaths. The shared space pavement on Whitecross road confuses me as the law clearly states that riding a cycle on a pavement is illegal.
  5. Sounds like the pump is a good place to start rectifying the situation. Would it be an idea to start a clean up fund. I would be happy to contribute. If physical input is required my legs and back are not what they used to be but I would be glad to help out where I can. Keep up the good work.
  6. Thanks for information Chris. As I understand it Hinton & Hunderton Parish do not have a council as for example Belmont Rural has but has two councillors that represent us on a ward called Hereford City Council which serves sixteen different parishes. Do members of the city council also automatically become county councillors.
  7. Thanks Glenda. I become further enlightened. If I understand it correctly then Kevin Tillett is seeking election as a parish councillor, Does he serve in any other capacity i.e. county or city councillor and can you tell me how I find out what the other candidates stand for?
  8. Thank you all for help. Things are a little clearer now. I did receive a leaflet from Kevin Tillett. The leaflet did not mention of the election but was asking for asking for signatures supporting his campaign (Liberal Democrats) to tidy Hinton and Hereford. Is this the same Kevin Tillet who is seeking election to the Hinton and Hunderton Parish council and is the same as the Hereford, Hinton and Hunderton Parish Ward specified on my polling card?.
  9. Nice to put a face to the name Chris. Can you enlighten me?
  10. Thank you both for kind help and information. It seems I am in the Hereford, Hinton and Hunderton parish ward (This is indeed what is listed on the polling card but I had assumed these were three separate parishes or wards sharing the same polling booth) and that the councillor that represents this parish ward is someone called Chris Chappell whom I assume is standing for re-election. How do I find out what Chris Chappell stands for, who is standing against him and what they stand for.
  11. I recently received a Herefordshire Council poll card enabling me to vote for a councillor to represent my parish on the 7th. September. Can anyone tell me how I can find out which parish I live in, who are campaigning to be elected and reasons I should vote for them? I have asked many of my neighbours but none seem any better advised than me.
  12. I don't think the problem was lack of trade. I've used the Matabeau over the years and more so since I have been retired. I have met a friend there every Wednesday for the last seven years and was always busy in the mornings for breakfasts and often at lunch times we were lucky to find a vacant table . May have been undercharging two delicious crispy cheese and onion rolls and two very large mugs of tea only £5.90. A sad loss to the community. As commentated in earlier posts the name originates from two solicitors and councillors that originally owned it together with most of the area now occupied by Maylord Orchards.
  13. Hi Colin Thanks for reply. There never seem to any notices indicating such activities at the kindle centre or indeed any requests for help. Can yo tell me the best way of contacting Chris Chappelle? My only reason for my enquiry is that both my wife and myself would like to help out if groups exist. I have to say the presence of groups or indeed a parish council doesn't seem as apparent in this area as it does at Belmont Rural.
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