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  1. Does anyone know how much the business rates and security costs are for this empty building, and who's responsible for paying them? There is a 24/7 on site security presence, with utility bills to pay too I guess.
  2. On a similar topic, the new signs installed around the city centre by Hereford BID, some of them point to the post office, which is now on the move! The one outside Costa in particular will need amending, but on cursory inspection the design doesn't look to lend itself to easy modification!
  3. You cannot walk into Hereford tip, others are different, Ledbury for one.
  4. When my grandmother passed away I was tasked with clearing some of the stuff, I also had a house move to clear up after. Could not get all the stuff to the tip in my car, and permits, combined with the cost of a hire van, were going to cost a fortune. My solution Colin? I went to Kingsland car auctions and bought a knackered people carrier, taxed and insured it, took the seats out, loaded it up and got on with it. No issues at the tip. None of this was commercial waste, but I had little choice. Also, one day I was going passed the tip and needed to get rid of an ironing board. Turned into chapel road to be confronted by a massive queue. Parked up properly and attempted to walk onto the site to dispose of the damn thing. Oh my god! They went bonkers. Waving their arms and shouting. Apparently, you're not allowed to walk IN, but you can walk around once you've DRIVEN IN!!!!!!! I had to walk past all the grinning drivers with the ironing board under my arm! Completed my round trip to Gloucester with an ironing board along for the ride!!! You can imagine it was sorely tempting to "dispose of it", but I never would, you can just see how some people do when they're faced with obstructive "rules"
  5. A chap hanging around outside the college co-op last night was straight up asking people as they came out for fifty pence!
  6. Yep. Festive greetings to all members. Have a good one.
  7. I am so pleased they caught and fined this scumbag. Will he pay though?
  8. Denise, she probably meant she wasn't covered specifically for flooding, which is quite often the case if you live in an area liable to flooding. Bit like not being able to get earthquake insurance if you live on a volcano!!
  9. I see a bright and shiny kettle back in place!
  10. That is a very clever and well put together piece of work. Enjoyed it. Many thanks.
  11. I agree with the sentiment gk, but aren't you forgetting Castle House?
  12. What happens if you get a ticket while finding a cash point, then visiting the nearest newsagent to buy something (that you probably don't need) to get some change and then walk back to your car????
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