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  1. I submitted a complaint to planning enforcement in October of last year and had a blunt response to the effect that enforcement action would be premature. Pre-start conditions were discharged by the end of last year so there is no obvious reason why work has stopped. Bio-fuel production is subsidised by the Government to help their eco-statistics and Layton is exploiting that. Perhaps that has stopped. In any event, it is worse to leave it unfinished than actually finishing and landscaping it. Or, perhaps he's in discussion about upgrading it to an eastern by-pass ... The application by Layton for 6 houses on the triangle of land mentioned has been withdrawn.
  2. It's worth looking at the political make up of this Planning Committee and notable that the so called 'True Independents' don't figure; Councillor Graham Andrews - Herefordshire Independents (Kings Acre) Councillor Paul Andrews - Herefordshire Independents (Hagley) Councillor Polly Andrews - Lib Dem (Widemarsh) Councillor Toni Fagan - Green (Birch) Councillor Elizabeth Foxton - IOC (Eign Hill) Councillor John Hardwick (Chairperson) - Herefordshire Independents (Backbury) Councillor Terry James - Lib Dem (Kington) Councillor Tony Johnson - Conservative (Hope End) Councillor Jim Kenyon - Herefordshire Independents (Tupsley) Councillor Jeremy Milln - Green (Central) Councillor Paul Rone - Conservative (Redhill) Councillor Alan Seldon - (Vice-chairperson) IOC (Bromyard West) Councillor John Stone - Conservative (Leominster North & Rural) Councillor Yolande Watson - Herefordshire Independents (Kerne Bridge) Herefordshire Independents - 5 Conservative - 3 IOC - 2 Lib Dem - 2 Green - 2
  3. Hardly old, it was only announced by the Council last Friday. Ellie Chowns has been replaced by Trish Marsh and some of the job titles have been rationalised. All seems reasonable to me.
  4. Rory's there, why wouldn't he be?
  5. Agreed. Parishes are consulted about some issues eg Planning by the District and their comments are considered. Other issues are dealt with solely by the Parish. In addition, you can be a Parish Councillor without needing to be a District Councillor, there is no enforced 'chosing' involved.
  6. From IOC Facebook page today; "We are proud to be part of the Alliance of Independent and Green councillors forming the new administration for Herefordshire Council. We look forward to delivering on our election promises - especially the move to a more inclusive and collaborative committee system of decision-making - as quickly as the council's constitution allows."
  7. Nothing has changed? Everything has changed! Give them a chance, the first Cabinet meeting is on 13 June - no doubt they will start to discuss it then - it's not something that can happen at a stroke.
  8. I am certainly not being disrespectful to anyone. I was merely stating the facts about the application for others that might be reading the thread. Clearly, you see different facts to me, and so I will leave it there.
  9. There will be 24 bungalows (1, 2 and 3 bed), and 47 houses (2 and 3 bed) as per the planning application. Whilst they have their benefits, bungalows are a poor use of land generally, and some of the bungalows here are chalet with rooms upstairs to address that.
  10. As I said, only one planning application has ever been submitted, and that hasn't been amended at all, so I can't say what it was you saw.
  11. Only one planning application has ever been submitted. Perhaps you saw the public consultation stage scheme, which may well have been amended to take into account feedback.
  12. It's the planning application, as yet undetermined, so it is current information.
  13. None of them are for open market sale. There will be; 20 x Social Rent, 17 x Affordable Rents , 17 x Shared Ownership, 17 Rent to Buy. Of these, 18 will be bungalows (1, 2 and 3 bed), 47 will be houses (2 and 3 bed) and 6 'OT Units' (bungalows, whatever OT may be). Original tenants will be offered new properties. At least, that is the plan ...
  14. Legal fees for the farm sales?
  15. Details now on the HC website - a residential Whitecross address. Is this just a mailbox? Councillor Bernard Hunt, 42 Hewitt Avenue, Hereford, HR4 0QR Home: 01432 367674 Work: Bernard.Hunt@herefordshire.gov.uk
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