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  1. Where is the ward councillor? He should be all over this and working on your behalf to see the whole scheme is delivered, not just the bits that make money for the developer. I'm not familiar with the scheme in detail, but if its part of the planning permission then it must be provided. Planning won't get involved unless people complain and then they are duty bound to investigate. There may be timing proviso's laid down in the planning permission you can refer to. Sadly, you have to make a nuisance of yourself to get what has been promised, but on May 3rd I would be banging on the new councillor's door demanding support and action.
  2. Well yes, but this 'official' explanation says otherwise - unaligned Independents should be playing nicely with Herefordshire Independents. Guess Kenyon plays by his own rules. They've all had long enough to sort this out - IOC lost seats at the last election because they weren't organised in time and they've all had another 4 years to get their stories consistent. Poor proof reading as well (govemance - is that a love-in with the Gove?).
  3. It's the local Lib Dem way of campaigning - slagging off, or worse, the opposition. I recall the Lib Dems disgraceful personal campaign against Mark Hubbard when he opposed them (and won) in Central Ward. A flyer from the current Central Ward's Lib Dem candidate cannot even correctly place Bartonsham and Portfields on a map.
  4. She's definitely standing for College as their ward councillor - the statements are linked further up the thread. She's standing against a UKIP and a Con. There isn't a City ward. There is a Central ward - Jeremy Miln is standing for Greens, against an Independent (proposed by Kenyon), which sort of contradicts the much touted 'cross party co-operation'.
  5. A Freemason as well. Kath stands a good chance of knocking him off his perch, and I really hope she does, it won't be a moment too soon.
  6. Cllr Anthony Powers (former leader of IOC, Greyfriars Ward) seems to be standing down. IOC are not fielding a candidate for this ward.
  7. Looks like a news story pieced together from this forum!
  8. Quite a few new names in the City areas, plus, unfortunately, some old lags who should have gone ages ago. It will be very interesting to see just how badly the Tories fare ... possibly the only good thing locally to come out of the ongoing Brexit farce is that they may well lose their grip on Herefordshire and we can pull back from the brink (unless the ingoing members find a note to say they've spent all the money!).
  9. The esteemed megilleland has shown costs from the Council register further up this thread - true to form though, the sums don't add up! Take your pick - £53k for 5 years, which in Council sums appears to be £5k per annum!
  10. The glazing and framing were assessed as having the potential to fail, potentially allowing one or more large pieces of glass to fall. As a public safety issue, and with the developer conveniently no longer answering the phone, Building Control were obliged to step in and make the building safe. Unfortunately the Council Tax payer is having to pick up the bill for this open ended arrangement whilst the developer manages his six other development companies. Presumably nothing will happen until the leaseholders of the flats can muster enough funds to put the matter right (and, in the meantime, their properties must be blighted). Given the last accounts of Jacobs Court Management Company Limited showed a grand total of £8 in the bank, I doubt we'll ever get our money back.
  11. More akin to factory farm than a home - how much lower are we going to sink?
  12. Just about every road in the County, and certainly those in the City, need 'surface repairs, line markings or replacement drainage', yet the Council choose to concentrate on the least trafficked bits of tarmac with the lowest traffic speeds. If you can't even get to a car park without a damaging your vehicle or being thrown off your bike or twisting your ankle on an uneven pavement, how on earth will £150k on some lighting and signs and a bit of macadam 'ensure continued growth countywide'. Do they really believe this trite nonsense or are they having a laugh?
  13. That one is horrific - 12 rooms, reminds me of a factory farm. Lots of points don't comply with Building Regs either(not that that stops Planning).
  14. Rather pointless as some of them may be out of a job in less than 2 months time! I hear Harlow isn't standing again anyway.
  15. The question about the Kinnock's (and numerous other eurocrats) must be what have they achieved over 15 years that merits being paid such colossal amounts of public money?
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