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  1. I'm a bit confused. I thought all of you on here were full on hard brexiteers so had assumed that of the two candidates Boris was the man for you as he wants us out without a deal?
  2. So it has changed already. Perhaps in time we will discover what their policies are. Or will it be made up on the hoof as the three political parties can't agree? Councillor David Hitchiner, Leader of Herefordshire Council, has today announced changes to his cabinet member portfolios. The Leader will continue to direct the council’s corporate policy and strategy and have overall budget responsibility. The changes to cabinet member portfolios are as follows: Councillor Felicity Norman (Deputy Leader): Children and Families Councillor Gemma Davies: Commissioning, Procurement and Assets Councillor Ange Tyler: Community and Place-based Services Councillor Trish Marsh: Environment, Economy and Skills Councillor Liz Harvey: Finance and Corporate Services Councillor Pauline Crockett: Health and Adult Wellbeing Councillor John Harrington: Infrastructure and Transport Councillor David Hitchiner, Leader of Herefordshire Council, said: “The initial cabinet appointments enabled business continuity within the council and provided me with time to explore the skills and interests of the cabinet team. The revised cabinet portfolios better reflect these skills and interests, as well as grouping areas together in a more logical way. Tourism has been added as an area of responsibility given its importance to the local economy. Other changes reflect emerging priorities, such as our commitment to the climate emergency and community engagement. The holistic approach to the new portfolios ensures there is a breadth of coverage of key services across the whole cabinet.”
  3. TWG - I thought you had learnt your lesson about disagreeing with Glen! I'm no particular fan of Bob but should he retire at 80? You can stand for election at any age I thought - even at 74! Some people think they know all about the detail of local politics when perhaps they have not been on the Council for many years It will be illuminating to see how the disparate parties agree on a policy manifesto for the next four years.
  4. TWG the lesson here is that despite what it says on the planning application it is best not to argue with Glen!!
  5. It is over a week now and still the public have no idea who will be running the Herefordshire Council. I hear that various parties/councillors are arguing over who gets which job etc. So much for the supposed alliance which seems to have hit the skids Perhaps we were better off for all their faults with the Conservatives?
  6. Well I was only going on what Glen printed and she is always in the know
  7. Well if Bernard Hunt, who is totally useless, can get elected it really does not say much about the voters in Newton Farm and/or the other candidates. But of course if you believe the conspiracy theorists he and others may be disqualified soon.
  8. Perhaps Denise you can enlighten us all as to the voluntary work you do?
  9. The City Council have little impact As to the County I am sure that the Conservatives are a bit depressed today but perhaps smiling inwardly We will now have to see how all those who have complained about their administrations now get on when they are in the driving seat. The main issue for them is how to deal with the huge cost/overspends in adult social care and children's services given that almost all national funding has gone. The conservatives plans for housebuilding was an attempt to bring in younger families so as the alter the severe imbalance in the population (too many old people spending taxpayers money) and bring in more council tax but it seems that the other parties will be likely to change this. Whatever your views on a bypass and the SLR will they be brave enough to cancel it all
  10. Animals are your friends - why do you eat them?
  11. Well perhaps someone could ask Paul Tobin who was the developer? Did he build something dodgy and just walk away with the profit from the development without a care for structure? I understand he creates a limited company to carry out development but then closes it down when the building is complete so he can walk away without any comeback To me it does seem wrong that we re picking up the bill for scaffolding to hold up a private persons development apparently indefinitely. Good old Paul was also the developer of the flats in Greyfriars Avenue by the river - should the owners of those be worried?
  12. Her days as a Councillor should be numbered. But it is not just her - Councillor Summers also came up with a load of unsubstantiated nonsense. What does not help though is shoddy journalism with the nationals just picking up and repeating the HT's report Polly has not as I understand it been working in a clinic for at least 20 years - so even if there was any truth to her supposition then it is ages old. And Summers, another duffer, probably like most of us heard some gossip in a pub and feels he can put it forward in a public meeting as fact With Councillors like these no wonder there is little governance in the County With reporters like those at the HT no wonder we have little scrutiny
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