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  1. Yes shut up shop. The pumps are still there but there is no one home. The property belongs to the Countryside Restoration Trust who also own Turnastone Court which is just around the corner. I am hoping that the Trust will raise enough money to bring some life back into it - it certainly looks very sad as it is and many people do travel quite some distance to see the pumps and the cycle. Should I see my brother tomorrow who still lives in Turnastone I will ask him for an update.
  2. All a bit of a mess really - with new developments now the Council will not adopt the green areas so the new residents have to be a fairly hefty service charge which is proving to some of the owners to be quite a rip off!!!!!!!!!!!! Mind you it is for these residents to round up on the developer in the first place and demand value for money.
  3. Once upon a time there was green in colour local newspaper it came out on a Wednesday and once Dad had finished doing his bidding (and selling) in the cattle/sheep market he come home with this paper. A bit of a highlight in those days and it really isn't long ago - honest! My experience of Parish magazine is that on the whole they are informative sometimes amusing and sometimes useful but it might well be different for us village dwellers!!
  4. Yes even if you have Ad block on most newspapers now you have to pause the ad block to be able to read it. Oh well perhaps they will read these comments (well we know they do) and attempt to improve our reading experience! On the good news side my sub to HT is now cancelled - the cancellation went very smoothly - so will now buy a hard copy to flick through and recycle!
  5. Scary stuff I am trying to cancel my sub which I took out on Sat
  6. I never know which sub title I should put a forum under so just randomly choose. Anyway with the new subscription charge for the Hereford Times can some well informed person tell me and anybody else who may well be interested that if you pay for the HT digitally do you have an actual HT to read on line (similar to the way Hereford Journal used to do it) or do you just have access to certain reports that are posted online by HT? Further more if you enter a shop and buy a copy of the HT I think I am correct in assuming you can only access a certain amount of reports on line Clari
  7. One good thing is that they mostly use British produce but it is sad that people cannot replicate a greasy burger with dubious fries or whatever takes their fancy at home!
  8. So many people have worked so hard during these times - it has been one of the good things that will be remembered. The innovation the effort and sheer determination to do good things by so many people is uplifting. Hope Hillside stays open now should never have been closed in the first place.
  9. Yes indeed it was some fire and thank God for the prompt actions of the fire service - it could have been really serious and with every thing so tinder dry very quick to take serious hold on neighbouring properties. Thankfully no one was hurt
  10. Noticeably less litter around during the lockdown but come next week when KFC and Macdonalds open the litter will reappear. Did I dream it or is their a move to print the reg no on the container so that it can be traced back when the driver chucks his litter!
  11. Excellent news the speed some drivers travel is frightening. Hope they spend some time in Kingstone!!!
  12. It is and it gives hope that people work so hard to bring on these youngsters and develop talents probably hidden. I have to admit I did not even know this place existed. Excellent work
  13. Excellent work well done the people behind this it is stunning. Hope farmers and supermarket/shop workers also had a mention. I am sure they are there amongst all the others mentioned who are working so hard to keep the country going in these times.
  14. Having said I am often appalled by the amount of advertising banners or whatever they are called that are adorning the big white house on the right hand side(as in entering Hereford) of the Tesco roundabout Belmont Road - A465. I do not know if they are still there have not sat opposite the house queuing to get into Hereford of late
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