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  1. Roger why do you suppose that Hereford has such a yob culture what is causing this? I say when the lads or lasses who fired these bikes are found they should be made to pay for replacing them - whether it is through contributing their pocket money or odd jobs(supervised) and earning the money. Setting up nice little schemes to stop them being bored is not going to stop deliberate destruction of other people's property,
  2. What is it with people that all the good people do is rubbished by the few. How can the county ever hope to improve when there is little or no deterrent for the low life who are hell bent on destruction.
  3. I think it has come down to a do it yourself if you want something done now. Shame we cannot have a refund on our Council Tax as far as I can see we are not getting value for money.
  4. I was talking to a couple from Cheltenham who were staying at Poston Peterchurch with their caravan for a couple of days and they said the roads oh the roads what on earth has happened. The caravan certainly did not have a smooth ride. We have grass growing up through the cracks in the roads the other side of Kingstone. Absolute disgrace.
  5. I particularily like this one http://councillors.herefordshire.gov.uk/ieDecisionDetails.aspx?ID=6211 How our money is spent
  6. TWG says "Generally, I’m seeing development going up all over the place that doesn’t have permission" yes indeed a classic example of this is the 150 house development in Kingstone. Last official document issued to the developer was 16th May 2019 that they are building without full planning permission. This document can be viewed on the Planning website so nothing slanderous being reported by me! No doubt many of you have now read or even seen first hand that the road that the developer was digging up to put the drains in has collapsed resulting in the road being fully closed for many many weeks to come. Traffic is being diverted along a C road without pavements and has now been rendered truly dangerous to walk along. HGV's are diverted along Stoney Street and out to Locks using the again very narrow and totally unsuitable road. If anybody is interested in writing a book this pa from conception would make truly interesting reading. God help us when the straw and potatoes starts being hauled - it will be total chaos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not the farmers fault but the lack of prethought when thinking that these country roads can take these large developments - they can't!
  7. Just when you need all the help and assistance in the world you get this added expense and hassle. When all you need is to get your home right to suit your partner's needs so you do not have to travel to Bristol(I think that is what you said earlier) and get yourselves into a routine of balancing care and earning money. You are doing all the right things but it would seem you have little back up from the authorities. This country has become a disgrace. There is a Stroke Charity at Tupsley but I expect you know that already.
  8. Give it a couple of weeks and it will be sorted. Mind you I do miss their cakes and nobody can find anything in there quite amusing because every body is asking anybody where is that where is this and so on The biggest problem is the car park and the people who use it as a hospital car park really winds me up
  9. Just awful - I would be tempted to send it all to the Daily Mail or some such daily rag. Our beloved Council want to spend millions of pounds on new roads but do not look after what they have.
  10. Glenda I am referring to the PC Meetings held at Belmont Community Centre every 6 weeks. The last time I looked at their financial situation they had enough money to hire a lengthsman to do the work referred to. This would take away the necessity of relying on BB who clearly are incapable of doing the work.
  11. Go to the next Parish Council meeting and speak out and keep attending until something is done
  12. Yes indeed and Jesse Norman is also a full on supporter of the guy. God help us
  13. Might as well show how the new Planning Committee is made up Councillor Graham Andrews Councillor Paul Andrews Councillor Polly Andrews Councillor Toni Fagan Councillor Elizabeth Foxton Councillor John Hardwick (Chairperson) Councillor Terry James Councillor Tony Johnson Councillor Jim Kenyon Councillor Jeremy Milln Councillor Paul Rone Councillor Alan Seldon (Vice-chairperson) Councillor John Stone Councillor Yolande Watson Really surprised the new Leader is not on this - strange
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