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  1. remember this topic now it has cropped up again - CRT sold it for development modernisation updating or whatever but not everybody is happy taken from a report Sunshine Radio today - Outcry over historic garage conversion plan Monday, 8 January 2024 15:04 By Gavin McEwan - Local Democracy Reporter A former BBC Top Gear presenter is among motoring heritage enthusiasts objecting to England’s oldest filling station in Herefordshire being turned into a house. The proposal to convert the grade II-listed Glendore in the Golden Valley village of Turnastone was submitted for planning permission in November by its owners, a Dr and Mrs Clark. It was first used as a filling station in 1919 and its period pumps still stand in the front garden. The house itself, now unused for over a decade, is thought to be around 100 years older. Among objections so far published on Herefordshire Council’s planning webpage, Tiff Needell, who signs himself off as “racing driver and TV presenter”, wrote: “England’s oldest surviving petrol station should be preserved as just that. “It should be a museum! Where’s the imagination? Not a home please! Madness!” He claimed the building’s historic features would “become just a token rather than living history” if the change of use were approved. Now aged 72, Mr Needell presented Top Gear between 1987 and 2001, and later also Fifth Gear on Channel 5. Earlier he briefly raced in Formula 1, and also competed in rally cross and the Le Mans 24-hour race. Motoring journalist, author and publisher Philip Porter meanwhile claimed that not to preserve “this unique motoring monument” would be “sacrilege”. “If it is a matter of money, I am confident that the funds can me raised and I would be prepared to lead such a crusade among our well-healed (sic) worldwide clients to preserve such a motoring shrine,” he added. Peter Ashley, author of English Heritage’s The English Buildings Book, said the garage “has been a vital part of our unsung heritage and should be preserved at all costs”. Golden Valley resident Tom Harris said the Clarks’ bid did not commit them to preserving the features of what the building’s official heritage listing describes as “an early and increasingly rare example of an early 20th-century rural petrol station”. And fellow resident David Jackson said: “I don’t think the new owners have paid any attention whatsoever to its special historic status, which will be lost forever.” Consultation on the proposal has closed, and the council gives its target determination date as December 15, 2023.
  2. I saw that Bramer had reappeared which Ward did he get elected for please? I had a quick look but could not see his name then I forgot about him - best thing really I suppose
  3. Well here you are all those familiar with these famous pumps - a little doer upper https://bengoughproperty.com/property/glendore/
  4. Admin can the links Meggilleland put on be posted onto the Facebook page please
  5. A wonderful tribute to her - she did work so hard for the community a total one off
  6. Megilleland what an absolute star to find this - thank you
  7. No hope there - I did contact the Countryside Restoration Trust as in Robin Page who own it to ask their intentions but had a mumbled phone message left. Have heard nothing since. You could contact the Parish Council and ask them if you need their contact details I can supply. It looks so delapidated and sad there.
  8. There are also some interesting slow signs painted onto the road - I wonder if this is proven to slow the traffic down Some photos of these would be good on here
  9. In all honesty how many people are familiar with the word PEDAGOGY or PEDAGOGIES? This word has been used extensively in NMITE's literature. I was asked if I knew the word and had to admit I had never heard of it. Just wonder how many of our Councillors who are signing off on all the planning and financial bumph etc for NMITE are familiar with this word. Just curious
  10. Could not agree with you more Harry - it is in danger of becoming a terrible eyesore without any real use!!
  11. Thank you K Butt sometimes I get it right and sometimes I do not - it is often trial and error. At the moment my tv is behaving better than it was last week.
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