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    Has Anyone Noticed..

    By Biomech,

    ..How the local radio have more adverts for Cheltenham, Worcester Crown Gate and Gloucester Shopping centers than our own OLM?


    I actually got confused the other day, the advert said "visit the new Odeon multiscreen" ... "eat out in one of our new resturanst like Nandos, Prezzos or Zizzi".... oh a advert for the OLM I thought ... "come and visit our new shopping experience at Cheltenham" hah.


    So now we have a "cookie cutter" shopping experience just like everywhere else and the local radio is advertising everyone elses more than ours.

    Tory party using council website for party political matter

    By gdj,

    Just came across this job advert on the council website.  Surely this isn't allowed.  We all know that Bill Wiggins used his council conservative connections in the past to wrongly block Jim Miller standing for a local election so you'd have thought the council would be very wary of appearing to favour him in advance of a general election.  Helping to recruit his campaign team is showing political bias in my opinion.  To also say that the job is to help Tory councillors in their campaigning is also using the council website inappropriately.  


    So, there you go, IOC, Greens, Labour and Independents - an open goal for you.





    Position Details


    Closing date:
      22 Aug 2014 (Midnight) 

     Â£ - Â£  


    The role

    Campaign Manager for North Herefordshire Conservative Association

    We are looking for someone to run the office in Leominster and to help support the North Herefordshire

    Conservative Association Member of Parliament and County Councillors in the run up to the national and

    local elections in May 2015 and beyond.

    The job is part time and flexible but a minimum of 15hrs /week, competitive salary available dependant on experience.

    You will need to be an efficient administrator, able to self-manage and have strong IT user skills. 

    An interest in politics and political campaigning would be an advantage. Further details at www.nhca.org.uk

    In the first instance, please send a CV and covering letter to: office@nhca.org.uk. 

    Closing date Friday, 22nd August and interviews beginning of September 2014.



    Or maybe we should all apply!


    Belmont & Newton Farm SNT Newsletter August 2014

    By megilleland,
    West Mercia Police

    Belmont & Newton Farm

    Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT)

    More Road Closures

    Glenda Powell
    By Glenda Powell,

    As of Monday 11th August 2014 Goodrich Grove will be close for approx 6 weeks to install the new suage drains for the new development on the Vortex site,Radford Gardens and houses by the play area in Kilvert Road.

    Hereford teenager missing from her home

    By megilleland,
    Hereford Times: Wednesday 6th August 2014 in News



    Sara Middleton, 15, was last seen leaving her home on Hunderton Avenue in South Wye at 3pm on Sunday.


    She is described as 5 foot 4 inches tall and when last seen she was wearing light blue jeans and a grey vest top with the letter ‘H’ on it.


    She is of slim build and has purple shoulder length hair which is normally worn in a bun.


    Anyone with information on her whereabouts should call 101 and quote the reference 0177s on 4th August 2014.

    Hope Pole Changing To BBQ Bar

    By Alex,



    The Hope Pole in Commercial Road closes it's doors on September 8th and re opens as BBQ and Brew on September 25th with 24 additional staff


    A carnivorous celebration of the American Deep South pit barbecue. Forget the sad burnt banger on the Barbie at home, this is barbecue as it’s meant to be.
    In true Southern style, BBQs & Brews slow cook their meat in imported American smokers for up to 18 hours. Locally-bred Herefordshire meat takes centre stage here, coupled with authentic barbecue rubs and sauces inspired by the Texan masters. The open kitchen gives customers ringside seats to the smoking process before they tuck into some of our mouth-watering dishes on offer.
    And the tribute to America continues at the bar, pitting punchy American Craft beers and smooth bourbons against delicious English cask ales and local craft cider.
    This is a fun-loving, family-friendly barbecue joint, offering something for everyone. Whether you want to celebrate an event, catch up with a group of friends, enjoy a family treat or just to enjoy the game in the bar with friends, there’s always a good reason to visit BBQs & Brews. Even if it’s just for the love of meat.


    BBQ And Brews Website


    Email: lovemeat@bbqsandbrews.co.uk
    01432 355675
    BBQs & BREWS
    Commercial road
    Hereford, HR1 2BP.

    West Midlands Ambulance Service fined £2.6m

    By megilleland,
    BBC Birmingham Local Radio - 14 May 2014
    By Michele Paduano - BBC Midlands health correspondent

    An ambulance service has been fined £2.6m for failing to reach one of its key targets for life threatening calls, the BBC has learnt.
    West Midlands Ambulance Service (WMAS) failed to reach the government's target of attending 75% of emergencies within eight minutes during 2013-14.
    The fine has been imposed by the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) which control NHS budgets.
    WMAS said there had been unprecedented and unpredictable demand.
    So far, in 2014-15, the service said it had met all its targets.
    'A farce'
    The service will lose £800,000 of the total fine. The remaining £1.8m will be "reinvested to improve ambulance response times", the CCGs said.
    WMAS said negotiations on the reinvestment were at "a very advanced stage" and the fine would not impact on front-line staff.
    But Ray Salmon from Unison said it was "a farce" to take money away from a service that was already struggling to meet demand.
    "You cannot have 17 decisions made locally about an ambulance service which operates across the whole region," he said.
    The details of the fine have only came to light because board papers for the North Staffordshire CCG showed the contract was subject to a penalty of £94,000 - North Staffordshire's share of the total amount deducted.
    And who is going to be paying this fine - surley not the rate/taxpayer? Why not just sack the managers responsible for running this sort of target. I am sure the staff on the front line are doing the best they can with all the cuts.
    I see they have set up such a body in Herefordshire. 
    From their frequent questions:
    CCGs have taken on many of the key functions of the Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) - the commissioning or purchasing function. Locally it was known as the Herefordshire Primary Care Trust.
    And what are they doing now? Shuffling the chairs around again or leaving for pastures new.


    Enjoy This

    By bobby47,

    I've ripped this off and done it at my home. You'll laugh!Best Prank Call Ever by Tom Mabe - YouTube

    â–º 3:27â–º 3:27


    29 Jan 2009 - Uploaded by Nick Macdonald

    the best and most epic prank call ever recorded! apparently MabeInAmerica was the telemarketer.

    Road Closures

    Glenda Powell
    By Glenda Powell,

    Over the next four days, Wednesday to Saturday 6 to 9 August the following roads will be closed for resurfacing work to be carried out. Charlton Ave, Masefield Ave and between 1-20 Waterfield Road.

    All buses will travel to and from the Oval via Kilvert Road to access upper Newton Farm, and into Hereford City.

    How Humiliating For HUFC

    By Alex,

    How humiliating for Hereford United, they can't even secure a game with Bartestree.




    Read all about it



    Have I Got News for You

    By megilleland,

    This popular programme has a section in it where the panel are asked to complete blanked out headlines in an obscure journal. Maybe someone might like to guess the blanked out bits in this local document worthy of a place on this show.

    Theft from Coop, Bobblestock

    By Ubique,

    Witness Appeal For Information Following Theft From Shop In Hereford

    West Mercia Police are appealing for information about a theft that occurred at Co Op Stop and Shop, Whitecross Road, Hereford.

    It happened between 7.45pm and 8.05pm on Saturday 5th July 2014.

    A selection of scratch cards, cigarettes and other groceries were stolen.

    Officers are eager to hear from the women seen in the attached pictures, as well as anyone who witnessed the incident, in connection to their enquiries.


    Information can be given by calling West Mercia Police on the non-emergency number 101 quoting incident 0699S of 5th July 2014.

    Alternatively you can give information without giving your name by calling the charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or by visiting their website: www.crimestoppers-uk.org.



    Hereford Parking Review Survey

    Bill Thomas
    By Bill Thomas,

    The Herefordshire Council have an online survey about the parking in Hereford. In my opinion, there are far too many disabled bays along broad street and in King Street and Bridge Street they they could increase the maximum parking time to 2 hours, at least this way you have a little more time to shop etc.. The traffic wardens are too keen to issue tickets too, all of this does not encourage people into our city.

    This of course is just my view but there is an online survey which I think is worth completing, see below.



    We are undertaking a review of on street parking arrangements in the historic core of Hereford city centre. National good practice indicates that we should review on-street parking restrictions periodically in order to check that they continue to meet the needs of all road users. In addition the review will aim to support current schemes in the historic core including street de-cluttering through rationalising existing signage, 20mph zones and more cycling facilities.

    We are consulting with businesses, residents and visitors who use on street parking in the historic core of Hereford. Questionnaires for residents and businesses will be delivered to properties within the city centre area. In addition our survey staff will be out in the city centre talking to people who are using on street parking and providing them with questionnaires. Surveys can be returned via the Freepost address supplied.

    Alternatively you can complete the questionnaire online.

    The closing date for responses is 17 March 2014.




    Rone & Atkinson

    By bobby47,

    Some weeks ago, Councillors Paul Rone(no embarrassment is intended) and Andrew Atkinson put forward a motion for Councillors to take a cut in their pay packet.

    My initial reaction was to hurl bile and phlegm upon these two lads suggesting that it was a political gimmick designed to win favour from their constituents and upon the pages of the Hereford Times, I kicked them as hard as I was able to.

    Then, after giving it some thought, which is what I should have done in the first place, but because Im dull I didn't, I realised that this was no gimmick. It was simply two young lads choosing to do things in a different way. They simply wanted to raise the issue of huge and unsustainable salaries that exist within the Council and set an example in the hope that others would follow.

    Im given to understand that when these two lads tabled their suggestion within the Council Chamber they took a kicking from all who were in attendance.

    I am aware of the views of Councillor Powell but Id like to know what our other Councillors think about the Rone/Atkinson proposal and explain to us why these two lads didn't receive any support for what was a thoroughly good and well intended suggestion.

    I'd like to know what our Councillors think about this issue and why it was that their suggestion was met with hostility.

    My view is that these two lads tried to break the mould and thought in a different way which is what I now want from our local leaders. I want free thinkers who are prepared to think outside the old ways of delivering democracy and approach local issues in an entirely different way. I believe, after some reflection, instead of hurling shouts of 'gimmicks' and other choice words of derision, I should have said, 'well done'. I'd be very grateful if our new Councillors would take the time to explain their views on this issue and perhaps shed some light upon why it was that they were subjected to a political kicking.

    My warmest regards to you all.

    Double Yellow Lines

    Aylestone Voice
    By Aylestone Voice,

    It's wet outside so I thought I would start a new topic!

    Does anyone ever pay a ticket for parking on double yellow lines in the city?

    I would have thought that good a defence would be - I will pay when you start enforcing the double yellow lines in Bewell Street which are always clogged up with taxis. Every day that road is blocked and nothing is done. Surely this is more dangerous given the need for emergency vehicle access on a narrow road than parking on double yellow lines in Commercial Road.

    But is there one law for us and another for taxis?

    Hereford's answer to Lotto


    Queuing patiently to buy my weekly Lotto ticket in Morrisons the othe other day, I fell into conversation with the bloke standing behind me.  'You realise you've more chances of sleeeping with Joan Collins than winning this thing, don't you?'  It could have been Al Read speaking from the grave.  As there were 17 people in front of us, I thanked him for this fascinating statistic and legged it into High Town.


    Clustered around the bull statue in front of the Old House was a small knot of East Europeans, avidly buying £5 raffle tickets from a man I'd recently seen featured on a 'Police are anxious to interview this man' CCTV freeze-frame on the Hereford Times website.


    'Excuse me: what's the first prize?' I impudently enquired from the back of the throng.  'A night with John Major at the Castle Pool Hotel,' came the rapid response, like a Hamas rocket.  'And suppose the winner's a bloke?'  'Send the missus; Edwina never complained!'


    But it was the fascinating array of runners-up prizes which were the real clinchers for me.  Second prize was a week's suuply of bacon butties, cooked in the winner's own kitchen by Councillor John Jarvis (ketchup not included).  Then there were half-hour bedtime readings for a whole month from the Highway Code, by Councillor Brian Wilcox - surely guaranteed to get you to sleep.  Next was a signed copy of Roger Phillips' little-known gem 'All you could ever want to know about farming' (a slim volume this, just 24 pages long); and then, to cap it all, the piece de resistance: a weekend's weeding of your own garden by Councillor Patricia Morgan, dressed only in khaki short-shorts and a wet T-shirt reading: 'I really, really want Big Tony's job!'.

    Ipsos mori carrying out national highways & transport survey

    By Cambo,

    Has anyone else on the voice received a form from ipsos mori about a survey they are carrying out for several local councils across Britain including Herefordshire council?

    They want to know how you want to see local transport & highways improved & what your priorities are?

    Bike store burglars steal £50k in stock

    By megilleland,

    Bike store burglars steal £50k in stock

    4:40pm Friday 1st August 2014 in NewsBy Adam Knight


    Genesis Equilibrium.


    HIGH END bike thieves targeted a specialist store in Hay-On-Wye, making off with almost £50,000 in bikes and equipment on Wednesday night.
    Luke Skinner, who owns, Drover Cycles on Forest Road, believes the burglary was a professional job.
    The thieves waited for cleaners to leave before breaking in at around 11pm and stealing bikes as well as bike computers and action cameras worth up to £500 each.
    He said: We had a little bit of trouble with local youngsters, but we have had no problems since moving to our new premises.
    “This was a much more professional job we were targeted.
    They were caught on CCTV they were in the area from around 9.30pm and came in after the cleaner left.â€
    The thieves made out with an electric mix of bikes including some owned by customers which varied in value.
    However with a number of rare models amongst those stolen Mr Skinner is hoping they can be tracked down.
    Four Pyga full-suspension mountain bikes were taken a model of which there are only around 100 in circulation in the UK as well as three distinctive electric Haibike, stolen without keys or chargers.
    Detective John Davies from Dyfed-Powys police, also believes this was a deliberate and co-ordinated operation.
    He said: The removal and transportation of such a large amount of stock was probably pre-planned.
    It would take time and space to load and transport the items stolen.
    Police are appealing for witnesses to come forward, either by contacting Brecon CID by calling 101 or via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.
    Other bikes stolen include ten Saracen Mantra Pros, three Genesis High Latitudes, four Merida road bikes and Genesis Latitude with a unique paint job.
    The total stock taken is valued at around £45,000.
    Although the crime took place in Hay on Wye the word needs spreading in case your offered a bike at a discout.

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