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Cigerette litter


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Whilst it not in Herefirdshire Coventry MP Jim Cunningham has been fined for litter . He was served with a £100 fine for dropping a cigerette on Coventry Railway Station. Reduced to £50 50 if paid within two weeks.

Question , who are the Agencey who can issue Litter Tickets , Police or CEOs or both or nobody ?

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The enforcement agency is The local Council generally. It's well documented how they (various Councils) home in on the smallest item of litter possible. Usually patrolling in dark clothing ~ with a bodycam of course. Hiding behind street furniture so as to catch someone dropping a fragment of something. Usually a crisp dropped from a pram. Or some old fella dropping a dog end. Constables can enforce virtually anything, litter included, but I think that litter angle went out of the window some time ago! 

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13 hours ago, Slim said:

Have they the right to ask for name and address - to send letter - or fine on the spot. I only ask as I thought it was only a Police Officer that could ask if committing a crime or a traffic offence! Might be wrong!

They can certainly ask for details. How enforceable that is with an uncooperative customer is a bit vague. In practice. https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2005/16/section/7

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