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Hereford Voice. Use it or lose it


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With the exception of only a small handful of members, and I'm not one of them, nobody else seems to care or bother with this forum nowadays. From where I'm sitting it's a shadow of its former self and if this rot continues in its current direction, which shows all the signs of travelling downwards, your man Colin could just as easily throw his hand in and quit leaving us all with nothing but the Hereford Times for our source of what's going on in the shire.

Rather than just read a piece, make a comment. Throw the author a bone and offer up some encouragement. This here place, Hereford Voice, was once the 'must read' social network site for every single member of the Council hierarchy. Why? Because it and we mattered. Many were frightened to death of us and consequently were desperate to know what we were saying and then understand the possibilities that our views might gather momentum influence others and ultimately place them in a poor light.

This should matter to everyone. Cast your minds back to the former Council Offices in Bath Street. If it hadn't been for Hereford Voice and it's more vociferous commentators, notably Dippy, Gridknocker, Cambo and Amanda Martin, then these bast.ards who's mouths are permanently stuck solid to the publics fiscal teat, they'd have flattened it and built a Firehouse on its site. Only because of this place has the old working boys home survived and has the chance of providing the city with a much needed accomadation resource.

Use it or lose it! Do something yourselves before the rot becomes irreversible and people stop visiting this site because like us all they can't be bloody bothered anymore.



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Part of the problem I feel was when the website was upgraded. I found the new format confusing and has I am sure deterred some past members from posting on it. The original version was simple to use, clear, and easy to immediately to respond to. Change can be good if it benefits us, but not always.

The present trend today is to sow discord, confuse, harass, unsettle and divide the population in everything it does to bring about change.

Examples of "creative chaos" the words of Nicholas Boles, Tory MP for Grantham and Stamford (18/12/2010)


"Chaotic is what our cities are when we see how people live, where restaurants spring up, where they close, where people move to. Would you like to live in a world where you could predict any of that? I certainly wouldn't. So I want there to be chaotic in the sense I want lots of organisations doing different things, in different areas".

This is already happening in our day to day life regarding family life, education, work, leisure and health. It is not that people count anymore, but that their data is sucked out of their life styles to feed and justify the politicians, bankers, media and global corporations manic ambitions which will entail total control of your mind and actions and enslave you as a moronic consumer.

The best thing is to get your face out of your mobile and talk to those around you. Not many people are aware, care or respect one another today and it will only get worse, but then it doesn't affect me or does it?

Will I bother to post in the future who knows.

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Two excellent true comments .

So lets all knuckle down and try to keep HV topical , interesting anf thought provoking .

i agree 100% with Megs comment .........Sad but so true.

12 hours ago, megilleland said:

The best thing is to get your face out of your mobile and talk to those around you. Not many people are aware, care or respect one another today and it will only get worse, but


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I would be sorry to lose Hereford Voice, but it does need more people to use it, like there used to be.  It is an ideal platform for sharing information and comments, and I look at it to find out things that are going on that are not reported in the Hereford Times. I hope this slow down in use doesn't mean that folks no longer care?

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Hi guys,

Rest assured, we are not going anywhere.

The script and database that we use for the forum was well out of date so we had little choice other than to upgrade. There are a couple of coloured themes you can use (you will find the theme tab at the bottom of the forum).

There are actually a lot of new features including social media, we have to keep up with the latest updates and security to keep the site running efficiently. 

We are have a large audience on both Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

This is your platform, please use it and encourage others to join us.



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