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Buchanan Trust Bosbury

Denise Lloyd

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I saw this on Facebook and thought it was more than worthy of sharing and promoting 


Christine Allen shared a link.

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Wanted please :) List of items Needed for "Green Farm Bosbury." (Buchanan trust Bosbury) Where A National Trauma Centre for Our Veterans is being built by volunteers from all over the country. There is not much comfort inside the cottage for the Male & Female volunteers. I am unable to help with the physical work So I am on a mission asking for your help with the following items please. PM me or leave a comment and I will contact you Thank you.
Washing Machine, Tumble Dryer. Fridge/Freezer or Fridge , Freezer, 3 Seater Sofa. Small Sofa, Table & Chairs, Large Catering Teapot. Kettle. Oven trays. Large Saucepans.Chopping boards, Tea, Coffee, Sugar storage containers. .
Volunteers are also needed for Building, Bricklayers/ Builders/Electricians/ Plumbers/Painters. Tea makers. Digging out the foundations, Cleaning bricks .Help cooking the meals. Help needed some days to clean the kitchen up and prepare and evening meal for the Workforce.
Large items can be collected by the Volunteers on site. If we are lucky to be offered Large items then we would like to collect all on one trip over. The longer the guys are away then less work they are doing outdoors Thank you Kindly.

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