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  1. I think the only way we are going to have a decent bloody Christmas is to kill the Turkey and have 30 people over for its funeral
  2. We need to get on top of the 80% of people who are told to self isolate for 14 days and ignore it.
  3. Horahh. I would of said finally some common sense but this was implemented by people with an extreamly high level of incompetence.
  4. 7% is only through traffic .....lol Are you sure that's not the HGV count about 3 years ago that showed we had near 1,500 going through the City every single day?
  5. I'd like to see this 2 million Hfd Council are going to get from Govt used to install proper cycle lanes & not this facical attempt at doing so by painting silly white lines. Apart from the dangerous lane dividing and 20ft long bus lane on the other side of Commercial Road the pic below to me is an attempt to have as many cyclists as possible hit and maimed by oncoming vehicles.
  6. Well there is only 17.4 weeks till Christmas
  7. Yep, 2 million was taking the P......I don't get the road to nowhere,please elabotate.
  8. About time this area was enhanced to attract more families & better use of the River Wye. Would be nice to see the paddling pool opened again too.
  9. Have a clearer picture on this today with a comment that they are actually taking over part of Jewsons yard. Also heard a local family are about to submit a planning app for the empty Prezzo unit on the old market and a rumour of Beefy Boys taking an interst in Franky & Bennys.
  10. Nothing surprises me with any of our Councillors after hearing one of them complaining she had to take time out from her holiday to be part of the emergency meeting a few weeks back.
  11. Does he not mean Commercial Road? Meanwhile in Commercial Road
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