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  1. The clowns are working extra hard with this one. A road that stops at the bottom of Ledbury Road and not the A4103 that's only there for the houses that are being built next to it in Tupsley & the houses to be built at Lower Bullingham.
  2. Councillors come up with some incredible excuses to do things but this is right up there with the worst. Can you not see this is 100% to do with vehicle restrictions around the City and the soon to be installation of traffic cameras to catch the motorist out. You could mow down and kill more people in a Morrisons or Sainsburys car park than the Centre of Hereford.
  3. These firms especially the ones who know they will get the contracts must think of a number, double it and then stick a 'lets rob the bstrds' £50,000 bonus on top
  4. I have been watching these clowns daily . 90% of the time nothing is being done and the workforce can be seen in the cabin by side of road most of the time. Took them over three weeks to lay a few anti slip tiles and a bit of temp tarmac.
  5. Its a shame that Jeremy Milln had to pull out due to illness. Thee only Councillor that I have messaged over the last four years that responded and took positive action on issues.
  6. Cannot think of one Conservative that would want any Ind coalition .. Me neither
  7. Oh come on Libby, they are fleeing from France. Last time I looked there was no war or persecution there. I'm all for helping genuine asylum seekers but most crossing the Channel are economic migrants with 90% being men. Ever wondered why there are hardly any Women fleeing persecution and war. Ever thought why they are being put up in the most deprived area of the City too ?
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