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  1. East Bridge will end up somewhere around Hampton Park as it won't cross the Lugg flats so the locals will love that.
  2. Most of us will be dead n buried by the time anything is done. Why not show us you are really keen to aliviate some of the major problems in the City by starting with an easy one John which will cost nothing at all. Switch them bloody lights off on the Newmarket Roundabout.
  3. it begs the question as to how the Council would fund the bypass HIF (Housing infrastructure fund),we are getting a large slice. Obviously if we don't go ahead with the by pass the HIF would be defunct.
  4. My prediction for Fridays announcement by Herefordshire Council..The By-Pass will be cancelled .
  5. Happy new year to you all
  6. Wishing everyone here a very merry Christmas
  7. Nicola sturgeon spotted outside polling station this morning
  8. Car in for repairs caught fire in an industrial unit on Red Barn Drive last night. I noticed a feint glow as I went into Euro car parts and thought it strange someome had a fire going inside the unit .
  9. Just seen that the long closed starbucks coffee shop has been let and so have the two retail units on the fire damaged site in High Town.
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