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  1. Have you seen the amout of moaning gits slagging off the City on Your Herefordshire.What's wrong with these people.
  2. you are only filling the empty premises at Maylords by giving cheap short term lets.One of the main reasons you can do this is because you can now take 100% of the money you make via car parking giving you some extra £300,000+ income
  3. Prime tourist location and what a great sight for them to see. Bridge closed,path closed,Railings falling into the river.
  4. That's the wall that was prefrabricated off site only to not be used as they could not get a crane small enough to install it. Pretty sure it was a £28,000 mistake
  5. What a load of unbelievable twaddle in that decision.Can anyone see any difference in the adverts apart from them being alternating?
  6. Saw someone from Macci D's litter picking a few weeks back
  7. Done a nice job through Tillington to Weobley though there are still some stretches not finished yet.
  8. Have them on dash cam but they have masks on
  9. Really dismayed and not for the first time today at the lack of Police response to a crime being commited. I was one of quite a few people that witnessed two youths spraying a large graffiti tag on a wall in Mortimer Road. Called police whilst they were still spraying the wall and kept sight of them for over 20 mins with no police to be seen. Just seems to be a pointless excersise ringing them & feels like I'm wasting my time.
  10. People have forgotten that one of the main reasons why the trees in High Town were removed is because of the pigeon mess plastered all over the benches and floors around them.Now the pigeons have been kicked out of the City or killed and eaten by the Gulls there is now the possibility of sitting on a bench under a tree without being shat on.
  11. A Korean BBQ restaurant is soon to open at the old market ocupying the former ChimiChanga restaurant. Shopfitters are currently inside transforming it ready for opening soon. Korean barbecue or ‘gogi-gui’ is about cooking marinated meats at the table on charcoal or gas grills. The meats come in a variety of cuts, such as bulgogi, thin slices of sirloin or tenderloin, which are very popular and can be flavoured with a variety of marinades among the likes of soy, garlic, and chilli. Another crowd-pleaser, which you may see often on Korean menus, is galbi, which are short
  12. To be honest you would have to be mad to open a shop along there
  13. I have just found some pictures of three proposed buildings that were to be built on the steel suppliers site just off Widemarsh Street. The plans have now been shelved but the timber merchants next door has now shut with demolition of buildings taking place in readiness for building new Uni student accommodation. I hope that whatever is built there is nothing like the horrendous images you can see below of what was proposed for the old steel site.
  14. Well we missed out on the Town funding scheme that looks to have been given mostly to Tory constituencies. Things are starting to smell.
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