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  1. Both my wife and daughter work in retail (b&q & home bargains) They get arsey customers at the best of times but getting these idiots shouting down your throat now is unacceptable.the abuse my wife gets on the phone is appalling.
  2. Let's hope all those who stockpiled bought condoms to,just to make sure they don't produce any more idiots.
  3. Wearing face masks is no protection to the virus as the mico organisims of the virus will pass right through. One problem with this virus is it takes some four weeks after someone has been infected for signs to show so unless we self isolate for up to four months we are prety much doomed. Saying that we are a very long way from the damage the winter flu does in the Uk each year.This winter alone has seen 180,000 people hospitalised and over 10,000 deaths
  4. Interesting fact 180,000 people hospitalised and over 10,000 deaths due to the flu 2019-2020.
  5. Over the top mass panic if you ask me. Suicide is killing more people right now than this virus.How about we all stock up with smiles at strangers instead of bog rolls and hand sanitiser.
  6. Found the pefect Anti Corona virus throat spray.To be taken five times a day
  7. All those ailments sounds like me right now
  8. .If you go to the back of B&Q car park the field in front of you is the land they have bought.Think it was Wiggins sports field
  9. Found some interesting info on the joint fire & police station. Proposed site on Merton Meadow was abandoned due to flooding fears. Site aquired by the police at the back of B&Q will be for both police and fire with a feasibility study for ambulance station being looked at. Reading between the lines the old police station in Bath St could become Uni accommodation.
  10. Bells healthcare paracetamol 50p in Tesco's .They do exactly the same job as Nurofen at £3 +
  11. For decades we have begged for money from Govt for the bypass only to be turned down and now we pretty much have the funds Mr harrington & chums in a blink of an eye decide it would be better for a few electric busses and more cycle lanes. Blokes a genius.
  12. Yes & a blood donor too. Blood donors are always in need especially men. https://my.blood.co.uk/preregister
  13. What happened to the Housing Infrastructure funding? Has Harrington lost that as well ?
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