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  1. ragwert


    Seen a 10 plate on the roundabout in hunderton yesterday.
  2. How the look of this shower of shite got through planning I'll mever know.
  3. Work on the access road has stopped & i'm fairly certain when driving past that all machinery and storage units have been removed. From the parcel of land opposite.
  4. The sky news Owen Jones comments about Theresa hit the nail on the head
  5. I took photos of all four machines showing the message 'Not in use'
  6. I parked there yesterday about 6pm to take my grandson to A&E.Not one of the ticket machines was working.
  7. Being built on top of pilings with the sewer running through the centre.
  8. The car park on the former Rockfield DIY site will close at the end of the month in readiness for the start of construction of the new HCA & Uni accommodation in June.Work is also about to start around the same time on the new super surgery.
  9. I'm always looking in Denise although my posting is taking a back burner due my father being very ill and being busy at work.
  10. After dozens of indicative votes that only gained the support of a handful of MPs, the House of Commons has finally voted in favour of the so-called “Narnia amendment” to the Brexit plan. This amendment allows for MPs, instead of filing into either of the division lobbies to vote “Aye” or “Nay” to the proposal on offer, to go through the back of a wardrobe and out into a magical world where anything, no matter how contradictory, is possible. However, they were warned to stay clear of the so-called Ice Queen whose touch is so cold it can drain the life out of any living thing, prompting one back-bencher to say “Bloody hell, Theresa May’s there already?” Instead, they should put their trust in Boslan, a rather shaggy and unkempt lion who frequently lays down his own political life only to confound expectations by somehow coming back a short while later. However, when MPs tried to put the plan into action, they found the wardrobe already full of Lib Dems, who acidly told them “Find your own closet, dearie, this one’s full…”
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