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  1. Most Hereford Bulls have their horns polled when they are calfs & the horns on this bull are not correct for an un polled Bull. Oh and no sign of either apples or hops.....Just saying
  2. It going to be ok folks,Iv'e just pulled the plug out
  3. Don't forget folks ..
  4. Quite agree.how many times have they been pulled up over poor hygiene or raided by immigration since they opened.
  5. This road is going to be gridlocked with traffic once all the building has finished. Should of been a roundabout on this junction with a pedestrian crossing on each road leading to it & a 20 mph speed limit.
  6. I have had one experience using a private company (j hai ltd) and that was enough of a bad experience to never use one again. I had roof timbers inspected and passed by one person from their company then had a final inspection by someone else who said the pitch was to low on the utility roof side.going by plans it was impossible to raise them any higher and the solution was to double felt the roof which meant removing the clay tiles and battens and tiling again.called for another inspection and it was the same bloke who passed the roof timbers in the beginning..
  7. The lights on widemarsh st/link road & edgar st/link road also need seriously looking at,they can no longer be kept on a timed loop.
  8. Herefordshire council are in talks with highways agency regarding the turning off of traffic lights at asda island and Newmarket st as part of a trial. Discussions with highways agency could be as early as next month. https://www.herefordtimes.com/news/17851764.council-consider-turning-off-traffic-lights-ease-congestion/
  9. Hif housing infrastructure funding.anyone know if we had any of this money.
  10. Did we not get some money out of an infrastructure development pot ?
  11. Could be,that or network rail
  12. I asked Herefordshire council who was going to remove these tags when they first appeared. They try and contact the owner of privately owned land giving them three weeks to remove,if they don't the council will remove and send them the bill for doing so.
  13. I've seen that rose tag on the new housing est on old sas camp
  14. Just put the number in my phone,lost count of how many people through my business ask me if I know anyone who can get rid of them.
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