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  1. Jeez..Back to paying 50p to park and get my Sausage rolls n Belgium bun from town
  2. Could this be part of the plan to turn the lights off as the junction across the road to St Martins St is the only part that could be an issue with no traffic control.
  3. Fake news about Jesolo beach.It's always been like this way before Covid 19 pandemic.
  4. You would never see Quatars app being used in any other Country with all its serious flaws. It also forces Android users to permit access to their picture and video galleries, while also allowing the app to make unprompted calls.
  5. It's just another in the line of shocking decisions by this inept and way out of touch Council .
  6. Finally had well over a dozen potholes filled in along our stretch of road a few weeks back though the blokes from Balfour Beatty pothole marking team missed marking around three potholes so I made sure they were filled
  7. Then again this is a good listen to make you think.
  8. Try this simple calculation to see what you will be doing this weekend ...
  9. Well I gave up 22 years ago this Tuesday coming.The day my youngest child was born.
  10. I was going to take my youngest granddaughter for the first time this year.Will have to wait a bit longer
  11. Don't know about you but I'm so bored I went outside & knocked on my door then came back inside and said 'Who is it'
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