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  1. Good to see the Sony store on Broad Street has been let.The shop across the road from Iceland has also been let.
  2. I'm hearing from a reliable sourse the new paving in front of these properties is to be dug up to install seperate gas mains to each unit.
  3. I think the property Burger King has is two buildings knocked into one.The last time I went into Pepes new gaff it was pretty small.
  4. Work has started to convert County Offices in Bath St
  5. Now that does look a lot better.Nice to see Councillors agreeing with everyone regading just how ugly the original building plans were
  6. To celebrate the 50th anniversay of the erection of the Bulmers Woodpecker, a new sculpture by Walenty will be unveiled this July in Grimmer Road. Titled 'The Minnow & the Kingfisher' it was commissioned by the Cider Meuseum & will stand five metres tall with a two meter span.
  7. The Newmarket roundabout lights are a perfect example as to why traffic lights need to be part time. Pretty sick and tired of waiting for lights to go green in the evenings and early morning. There are plenty of ways to improve traffic flow in the City but the Council seems to be hell bent on doing absolute sweet FA.
  8. We have never built nor ever will the houses needed now or in the future.
  9. Pretty much what most people are thinking,remainers and leavers .. Brexit & the spayed Parliament https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-x6Ct2OwOA
  10. ragwert

    Not another one

    Planning application just gone in for change of use of 17 St Peters Street (next to burned out buildings) from retail to .....Wait for it ...A restaurant. Shop is still in use and called Ganesha. . Recent application
  11. You will be surprised at just how much fly tipping there is Colin. I'm possibly going to court as a witness to the fly tipping at a certain location in Hereford that has already had six people caught& fined for dumping. I was asked to clear dumped rubbish and found plenty of evidence as to who the rubbish belonged to,one had the rubbish removed by someone advertising on facebook and the other was dumping a huge amount of rubbish from clearing a house.He denied dumping the rubbish but was caught because he was using a company van that has a tracking device fitted showing him going from the house to the dumping location on six occasions late at night. .
  12. A car has somehow landed up crashing into the front entrance doors of The Range store in Three Elms Hereford. Emergency services have been called to the scene
  13. There are 2 types of tory voter. The rich and the daft. If you're unsure which you are, check your bank balance.
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