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    Redundant South Wye Notice Board

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    Redundant South Wye Notice Board...

    I could not help but take a picture of this notice board, all the leaflets and information within are totally faded and in some case completely blank due to sever fading or lack of up keep.

    How much did this notice board originally cost? I remember attending a meeting of the Belmont Parish last year and the topic of a new notice boards came up and I could not believe the costs that were being considered for new signs! if I remember correctly a new aluminium notice board for Belmont was in the region of £4000+!! yes that's right you did read it correctly £4000+ I am not sure what the outcome was in the end.

    Who is responsible for the notice boards and why is this particular one been left in such poor state?


    "We can make it better" ha ha I wish someone would...

    Man attempts suicide in Asda

    By ragwert,

    A disturbance early this morning had members of the public removed from store and police called.
    A man grabbed a knife from an isle in Asda and ran to to changing rooms and started stabbing himself when police arrived.He was tazered to stop him harming himself further.

    Remembrance Day

    By Slim,

    Lovely gesture in the Co-op at Bobblestock today. The whole store was silent for 2 minutes at 1100.  The only thing moving was the Christmas decorations in the air-con stream.  Well done staff and customers.

    Number Plate Recognition at OLM

    By greenknight,

    So I know that both parking and the OCM development are topics close to the hearts of many HV members so you will like this.


    Mrs Knight and I decided to use the covered parking at the OCM today because it was raining and we were off to the back row to watch Spectre.


    When we picked up the ticket driving into car park I made an observation and that was the registration number printed on our ticket, courtesy of the cameras, was an exact match....for the car just ahead of us!!!

    So not to find ourselves in any conflict during our exit later I tracked down the management suite who explained that this can happen on occasion.


    Enjoyed the film, the meal at Wildwoods and on leaving there was a moment's hesitation at the barrier and a voice from nowhere said ...That's ok he spoke us earlier...and we were gone.


    It's pays to cover your bases or the thing you sit on because it would have spoilt a good day out!

    Good Luck To The Beefy Boys!

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    Good luck to our friends the Beefy Boys currently stateside in the World Food Championships again, they are currently in the top 10 in the World! 


    The Beefy Boys â€@thebeefyboys  2h

    Our final turn in! big thanks to @hereyoucan @HerefordBeefUK @WyeValleyBrew @officialcalor for making it all happen!



    Beefy Boys.jpg

    Hereford Cathedral Field Of Remembrance

    Bill Thomas
    By Bill Thomas,

    Hereford Cathedral 'Field Of Remembrance'


    On Thursday 5 November, a Field of Remembrance opened in the Lady Arbour here at Hereford Cathedral as a county-wide focus for remembrance.


    At least 4,052 personnel of the Royal Navy, Army, Royal Air Force and Merchant Navy from Herefordshire have died in service since 1914 and their names are recorded in two Rolls of Honour.


    The Field of Remembrance will allow the public to pay their respects to our fallen soldiers and the cathedral have worked in conjunction with the Herefordshire branch of the Royal British Legion (RBL) to put this special tribute in place.


    Poppies will be planted within the field and each remembrance tribute carries a personal message to someone who lost their life in the service of the country.


    There are also books of condolence available to view in the on-site gazebo provided by the RBL, and members of the public will be able to search for, and ensure, their relatives' names are recorded in these books.


    Visitors are able to purchase poppies and poppy crosses from the Cathedral shop - apart from on Sunday when they are available from the stewards on duty - and there is an area for people to plant a cross if they wish.


    The field was dedicated at a short service at 11am on 5 November and is now open to the public every day from 10am until 3pm.


    The Field of Remembrance will close on November 15 and the personal crosses planted by members of the public will then be recovered by members of the RBL, burnt, and the ashes scattered in First World War battlefields in northern France and Belgium.


    Speaking about the opening of the Field of Remembrance, The Dean of Hereford, Michael Tavinor, said:


    'Hereford Cathedral is proud to join with the Royal British Legion in creating this tribute in the Lady Arbour.


    'We hope the Field of Remembrance will be a place of tranquillity and reflection in which to remember those who have fallen in the service of their country.' 




    Hereford Cathedral Website


    'Lest We Forget'

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    'Lest We Forget'



    Broadleys Pub Planning Application - Co-Operative Store

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    Herefordshire Council have received a planning application to turn the Broadleys Pub into a Co-Operative store according to Tina Carey (Landlady)


    I think we have enough supermarkets, I would rather see this turned into a Toby Carvery rather than another shop personally.

    This is the message that Tina Carey put out on Facebook Last night.


    Hi there everybody,
    Some of you may already have heard the news but I feel it's my duty to share with you personally.
    Please remember, when I came to The Broadleys 3 1/2 years ago I always said I would stay 4/5 years - that has not changed. 
    However, last Friday planning permission was submitted to Hereford council to turn this site into a Co-Operative store. It will take approximately 5/6 months for the planning to be approved - if it is approved and then and only then will I agree a leaving date of a further 6 months. So I'm not going anywhere just yet!!
    I appreciate this may come as a shock to some of you and emotions will run high.
    I will do my best to keep you all updated on further development and any decisions made and there timeframes etc.,
    This is not guaranteed - and we still have approximatley 12 months to make some noise, have a lot of fun and create further memories.

    I believe life is like a "bus journey" - My "bus" stopped in Hereford 3 1/2 years ago and since then, many people have stepped on my bus. Some, have got off and taken another bus - but some people even had to be thrown off my bus. Oops!! I'm not sure where my bus will next take me, some of you may stay on my bus - you just might have to change seats!

    So watch this space - I will keep you updated! Cheers "T".,
    Tina J Carey.


    Castle Green Fireworks


    Cracking night out! Thanks FOCG! Cheap cider, cheep food and cheap decent fireworks- thanks to Julian. A few people I spoke to were racecourse veterans and said how much nicer CG was. No complaints from me. At my estimated guess I recon 2-3000 folks attended. It was full but not crowded.
    My only concern was the chap flying the phantom drone over the crowd and above the fireworks. Both illegal and he is not qualified to do so anyhow. (I know who he is and which shop he works in!)







    Play Nightclub Licensing Application

    By Roger,

    Licensing application for Play Nightclub on the Council Website




    End of drinking at 03.30 hrs. Premises to close at 04.00. Additional hour on various other days along similar lines to the Yates application. Which is drinking until 04.30 hrs and close at 05.00 hrs. Plus a round the clock application for New Years Eve time ...

    Belmont & Newton Farm SNT Nov Newsletter

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    Belmont & Newton Farm SNT November 2015 Newsletter



    Courtyard wants you to give them more money

    Adrian symonds
    By Adrian symonds,

    So as well as paying for shows, they want people to donate. i admit I have not been there for a few years, I do not like the place, cramped and the stage is too small to put anything big on. shame really because I like theatre. 



    Is democracy dead?

    By megilleland,

    Bearing in mind the welcome opposition councillors' planned coup, regarding the cabinet system next week do we get what we deserve? How are these councillors going to carry us through to the election polls next May? As witnessed on these pages not many councillors engage with us on the many local issues affecting the city and which concern us. Directness and honesty seem to be secondary considerations, often only telling us how bad things are after they have gone t"ts up. Consultations are undertaken and ignored if the results do not fit the planned agenda. How much has and is this costing us?


    Nearer to us in the West Midlands last week,  the election for a police commissioner attracted only 1 in 10 registered voters. The vote following the death last month of Bob Jones resulted in a turnout of 10.4%, the lowest recorded since the posts were created two years ago, prompting demands for the process to be reformed.

    The cost of the election to the taxpayer has been estimated £3.7m, just under £20 for each vote cast.
    Is that the price for democracry today? Quite cheap for those wishing to remain in power.

    Hereford Round Table Fireworks Display 2015

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    Hereford Round Table Fireworks Display 2015



    PC Minutes October 2015

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council, held on Thursday 8th October 2015 at Belmont Community Centre, Eastholme Avenue, Belmont Hereford. 


    Minutes - 8.10.2015.pdf (Draft)

    PC Minutes September 2015

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council, held on Thursday 10th September 2015 at Northolme Community Centre, Northolme Road, Belmont Hereford.


    Minutes - 10.9.2015.pdf

    PC Minutes August 2015

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council,held on Thursday 13th August 2015 at Northolme Community Centre, Northolme Road, Belmont Hereford.


    Minutes - 13.08.2015.pdf

    PC Minutes July 2015

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council, held on Thursday 9th June 2015 at Northolme Community Centre, Belmont Hereford.


    Minutes - 09.07.2015.pdf

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