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    Hereford Markets

    By tommysmith,

    I see the Council are running a survey on the Markets in Hereford http://newsroom.herefordshire.gov.uk/2015/september/local-views-and-new-traders-wanted-for-hereford%E2%80%99s-outdoor-markets.aspx


    Rarely shop at them myself but the streets look to be quite busy whenever I visit on a Weds or a Sat.

    Relaxation Of Hot Food License In Hereford...

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    Well I have been campaigning for a 'relaxation' in the way hot food licenses have been restricted to no later than 1.30am in Hereford for a long time, but today I have been given some really really encouraging news! 


    Fancy a curry after a night out in your local nightclub at 2am? Well now you may be able too...




    I have had a very interesting conversation with a good friend of mine and a very reliable source  this afternoon, who informs me that the previous licensing issues with regard to hot food are being relaxed and that positive changes are a foot.


    From my understanding, any existing restaurant/pub/club can now apply for a late license and providing they can prove that they will have no impact on CIZ or increase criminal activity because they are staying open later there is a good chance that permission will be granted or rather no objections will come from the police etc..


    The applicant may need to apply initially for a Temporary Event Licence in the interim but if after a period of say a few months there is no significant increase in crime, there should be no real reason for the council or police to challenge their application.


    I have never understood why some of these food establishments have been prevented from still offering a home delivery service after 1.30 but that's by the by now.


    So if you or anyone you knows has a take away, restaurant, pub or club get them to apply for a late licence if they so desire and lets see whats happens.


    It would be interesting to see what happens if McDonalds in town re-apply now.

    It is now unlawful to smoke in a car with a minor

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    As of today it is unlawful to smoke in a car with anyone under the age of 18 present. 



    Abandoned House In Newton Farm

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    This was posted on our FaceBook page today:


    Does anybody know the owner of 29 pixley walk . It was abandoned over 15 years ago and it's left to ruin . It's now a health hazard and a total eyesore on the estate . Also now the gates have blown down its open to children and one of them will be seriously hurt before long . The council don't seem to want to know.


    Pixley Walk.jpg

    Members Only Forum

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

     I am thinking of creating a "Members Only" forum. 




    If I decide to go ahead with this after receiving comments from you all, this area would not be accessible to just anyone, unlike the current forums which are accessible to all, even those who are not logged in can read current topics/posts but unless they are logged in then no replies can be given as it stands.


    A "Members Only" forum, is only accessible to those members who are logged in. The forum would be in a private area for those people who would like to discuss things more privately and away from search engines and other links. Nothing is 100% of course, so I would have to apply some rules, for example, nothing discussed in this area should not be discussed anywhere else on the forums etc...


    I could make it even more secure by only allowing members who use their real identities or who a real person on here can vouch for. 


    I can set up any criteria but I would appreciate your thoughts on this idea...

    Tesco Belmont Earmarked To End 24 Hour Opening

    Denise Lloyd
    By Denise Lloyd,

    Now I'm cribbing off other sites



    Tesco Belmont is one of a number of stores that will scrap 24 hour opening after Christmas. 


    Report It - Herefordshire Council

    Colin James
    By Colin James,



    Report It Here


    The links listed below take you to the various council services available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Take charge of when, where and how you access council services. To view a list of services available on this website see the

    A to Z of services.

    Do not use this online service if your report relates to an immediate public safety issue, please contact the Police.

    Employment of illegal immigrants

    By Bilbobobby,

    You will have seen in the HT that the police & UK Border Agency have 'visited' 2 restaurants in the county. This is not new and to get a better understanding of what is being done and what can be done, I'll explain -

    All non UK or EU residents have to have the right to stay in a member country and depending on their status the entitlement to work or study.

    If they don't they commit offences mainly under the Immigrant Act 2006.

    If employed the employer commits a civil offence enforced by the Border Agency with a civil fine of 10k to 20k depending on the status of the employee. Still with me ?

    If employed in a licensed premises such as a pub, club, take-away or restaurant, an interested party such as the police can launch a licensing review with the ultimate sanction of the licence being revoked. This has happened locally, but normally the licence will be changed to allow conditions to be attached that ensure all immigrantion checks are done.

    If not a licenced premises - some restaurants do not sell alcohol or provide hot food after 11pm, from a licensing stance nothing can be done.

    The new Immigrantion Act going through parliament does strengthen the law.

    This new act also seeks to tackle landlords who rent out to illegal immigrants. This is on top of tackling others who also employ illegals

    Top of the iceberg is some people's view. Perhaps but its a start. If you know if this is happening, instead of moaning or turning a blind eye tell the authorities. As they say, Rome wasn't built in a day so wait and watch if you do show your civil committment and tell someone

    Planning refused for ATM's at the Old Market

    By ragwert,

    Planning applications for two ATM's on the Old Market have been refused


    By virtue of their scale and appearance in such a prominent location, the introduction of the two pods containing these ATMs would appear a cumbersome afterthought that would unacceptably detract from the immaculate frontage of the flagship retail destination in Hereford. This is contrary to saved Policies S2 and DR1 of the Herefordshire Unitary Development Plan and part 7 of the National Planning Policy Framework.

    Various Members Using Several Alias's

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    I have been monitoring several members on HV for quite sometime following several security alerts I received from the system.


    I have with immediate effect suspeneded all new registrations, pending this enquiry.


    I have turned off the messenger system to all members with the exception of Councillors, Administrators and Moderators. Once I have gathered all of this information and downloaded all the relevant material, I will turn this messenger system back on. Please bare with me because there is quite a bit of material to go through! 


    If anyone has any questions or further information that they would like to share with me, in confidence, please email me direct by clicking here

    Hereford in Bloom

    Adrian symonds
    By Adrian symonds,

    So do anyone know that the City won gold, do anyone care?


    There was a small piece in the Hereford times, a larger piece about someone losing weight


    To be honest I am not sure what to think about this Britain in bloom stuff, I like the way the city centre looks, but could we not do this anyway without pampering to some organisation that very few people know anything about?




    Care Quality Commission Public Listening Event Monday 21st September 2015

    By greenknight,

    I understand that in advance of their visit to Hereford Hospital (Wye Valley NHS Trust) which begins on the 22nd and runs through that week the CQC have organised this event at the Assembly Rooms, Hereford Town Hall from 6-8pm.


    If you want to vent your support,frustrations or advice on how improvements can be made well here,s your chance.

    Macmillan Coffee Morning at Belmont Community Centre

    Tracy Bowes
    By Tracy Bowes,

    We are holding a coffee morning at the centre on Saturday 26th September at 10 am. Would love people to come along for tea and cake and provide a donation to Macmillan. Hope to see you there.

    Local authorities asked to house migrants/asylum seekers

    By Bilbobobby,

    Interesting debate taking place on the HT website about councils being asked how they would house Syrian refugees. Perhaps this forum should debate this

    I'll start - totally agree each and every country and their various local councils/authorities should provide safe havens and ultimately a new life to those who are genuine refugees - big question is how do you distinguished between genuine cases and others such as economic migrants. Seeing what is happening across Europe I think thankfully we are an island and do have a chance of putting in some control measures/borders but its a major problem of these times and Europe's governments can't cope

    The Ride Herefordshire and Professional Hitter Road Race Saturday 19th

    Denise Lloyd
    By Denise Lloyd,

    Very little has been said about this but there is a Fun Day at Peterchurch.  The races 91k and 161k in the morning and the hitter in the afternoon a total of six passes through the village of Peterchurch 8.15am to 530pm.


    There will be a lot going on and all those cycling enthusiasts will no doubt enjoy watching professional cyclists at work.


    I understand Bradley Wiggin came and inspected the roads and said that he would not ride on Herefordshire roads in their present state resulting in many of our roads being resurfaced.


    I think there is a similar event in Leominster

    Traffic calming in Kingsway

    By ragwert,

    Two instruments to be installed to monitor how many vehicles use Kingsway and vehicles that break the 30mph limit.
    This will hopefully lead to Kingsway being an access only road with a no entry sign put up at the Old School lane end to stop rat runners.



    Adrian symonds
    By Adrian symonds,

    A new shop opening in Maylords, but another clothes shop and another one for Women.



    Mr Chips Closed

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    I was in Commercial Road this evening and noticed that Mr Chips is closed, this is very recent as it was open was I was in town in the last few weeks. 


    Mr Chips.JPG

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