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Swarovski store closed down


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35 minutes ago, atm63 said:

Are the discounted rents coming to an end ? If so a few more will disappear in time . Hereford was boxing well above its weight thinking this development would be a success. 

Discounted rents were between six & nine months depending on size of unit .

Another retailer is already lined up to take this store.

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27 minutes ago, Aylestone Voice said:

Sad to see a shop close. (Great joy for the OLM dissenters) 

As to a retailer being lined up = good. But I seem to remember that when the two restaurants closed the OLM said they had new tenants lined up - they remain empty

Yes they did.I know someone who directly knew these two restaurants were going to close then I went to a customer/management meeting where I was told not only that they were not closing and all speculation on social media was false but they had stores and restaurants waiting to fill them.looking on the estate agents site they are both stilll available.

I won't be going to another meeting,I hate being lied to.

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