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Contact with my County Counciller


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On Wednesday 19th September 2018 I sent an email to my County Cllr relating to a white line defect in the Parish. To date I hadn't received an acknowledgement ( some say that I should have reported this defect via the Herefordshire CC website - I tried but it was a bit too confusing for me )  As I hadn't receive an acknowledgement for the Cllr I sent a copy to our Parish Council  - received a reply from the PC Clerk stating that the County Cllr has been on holiday prior to the 19th September and will be back from holiday next Monday 8th October .The PC Clerk added that the County Cllr , like the PC Clerk does not ack emails whilst on holiday . I FULLY UNDERSTAND THAT - nobody on holiday should be expected to react to business emails on holiday BUT  I would have expected some sort of ack. to my email . I accept fully that for security reasons the Cllr doesn't want the world to know that the home is void , but I would have thought that the council can work out a system whereby the sender of the email receives some sort of reply which doesn't suggest that the Cllrs home is void . Perhaps the email could be diverted to a member of Council Staff to reply or send the email to the Dept who will deal with it .I regularly communicate with a CC Supervisor , if this person is away the reply I get is ********** is away from the office until DATE .So I am sure that they could sort out a secure system for Cllrs on holiday etc without breaching security .


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