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  1. We did some work for the farmer a few years ago, not a liked man / family. I believe they are taking their chances and playing games with the system . Maybe it has stopped altogether .
  2. Ignore it, as soon as you do anything about it you are liable ( Google it) They will get bored with chasing eventually.
  3. Leaflets dropped from Ukip (binned) and Greens ( I read it) and if I vote would probably vote Green just as a snub for the Tory .
  4. All a bit sad really , promoting more opportunities to tax the people . Oh it is dire t b h
  5. I wasn't in but Wilcox knocked at our door spoke to my partner. He also spoke about the bypass to her , changed subject to bypass from what she wanted to talk about. I wish I had been here to let him know his precious bypass is only going ahead due to the parcels of development land coming available when it goes ahead thus more earnings for local council. No use talking about Brexit as it is a national disaster not a local one even so I would have let him know his party are not fit for purpose .
  6. Never voted in local elections . I am Holmer , we have 2 x Indies and a Conservative . I will vote for anything if it hits Tories hard . Probably apathy has kept them in place over time .
  7. atm63

    Not another one

    If I am right in thinking this is the first in High Town ( excluding Macdonalds etc) then if it is a success be prepared for more . There are over a dozen places on Commercial Rd where you can get a haircut.
  8. How did he get out ??
  9. Is it just Hereford folk who like to speculate on what and where a new venture is opening. Usually their mate or a bloke down the road/ pub said , then the next fool adds a bit more and it's not BK after all it's Hard Rock Cafe and they will be taking over the old Chadds building blah blah blah....
  10. Not pointless , true colours and thoughts on said subject have been shown , speaks volumes to me t b h .
  11. I think if I was living in a tent in Winter and I had the chanced of having a pint or something stronger I think I'd take it , ffs I'd want to drown my sorrows as well. No one knows their situation , why they ended up in a tent . It only takes one or two bad decisions in life and it can all go wrong. Many are blinkered on the subject . Why does someone need to make a note of the time a homeless person buys a pint in Wetherspoons ffs. Think about it , really beyond belief .
  12. Those above not wanting it in a grave yard , maybe go and have a word with the inhabitants and suggest where you would prefer them to set up home . Have you decent sized back gardens ? maybe some room for these folk . Think about that carefully this week as the temperature drops and you turn the heating up why don't you .
  13. Yes I was heading out on that road and got caught in the queues . Re the Ryelands St crash a motorcycle hit a parked car. A mate of mine lives there and went to try and help at the scene . It was very odd how it happened he said
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