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  1. atm63

    Not another one

    If I am right in thinking this is the first in High Town ( excluding Macdonalds etc) then if it is a success be prepared for more . There are over a dozen places on Commercial Rd where you can get a haircut.
  2. How did he get out ??
  3. Is it just Hereford folk who like to speculate on what and where a new venture is opening. Usually their mate or a bloke down the road/ pub said , then the next fool adds a bit more and it's not BK after all it's Hard Rock Cafe and they will be taking over the old Chadds building blah blah blah....
  4. Not pointless , true colours and thoughts on said subject have been shown , speaks volumes to me t b h .
  5. I think if I was living in a tent in Winter and I had the chanced of having a pint or something stronger I think I'd take it , ffs I'd want to drown my sorrows as well. No one knows their situation , why they ended up in a tent . It only takes one or two bad decisions in life and it can all go wrong. Many are blinkered on the subject . Why does someone need to make a note of the time a homeless person buys a pint in Wetherspoons ffs. Think about it , really beyond belief .
  6. Those above not wanting it in a grave yard , maybe go and have a word with the inhabitants and suggest where you would prefer them to set up home . Have you decent sized back gardens ? maybe some room for these folk . Think about that carefully this week as the temperature drops and you turn the heating up why don't you .
  7. Yes I was heading out on that road and got caught in the queues . Re the Ryelands St crash a motorcycle hit a parked car. A mate of mine lives there and went to try and help at the scene . It was very odd how it happened he said
  8. https://www.herefordtimes.com/news/16951041.fatal-crash-in-hereford-residential-street/
  9. Are the discounted rents coming to an end ? If so a few more will disappear in time . Hereford was boxing well above its weight thinking this development would be a success.
  10. What happened to the vote that was cast ?? In or out it has been cast . What do they want ? If another vote and it goes the other way then the leave voters demand ( throw teddies) until another vote is cast , it could go on and on and on . It has turned into a farce and those that brought it about have slowly slipped away with a big wage/ pension pot. Rewarded for failure yet again ...
  11. I don't get into town that often but it seems to be on a slow decline hygiene wise and otherwise . It really must be an up hill struggle for the independent traders trying to make it pay .
  12. atm63

    care homes

    Sorry , my mistake .
  13. atm63

    care homes

    Coldwells is residential , not care . There is a difference
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