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  1. Thank you Lady Darnely for your Service to this County , the Armed Forces and Veterans . Enjoy your retirement.
  2. It will be very interesting to know what the cost was to mark the lanes etc. Plus the cost of revert it back to what it was ? As somebody said the other day .......it's the Council Officers who do all the planning but it's the Councillors who get the praise if it works or the flack if it's a failure .
  3. Won a signed copy of a book written by one of the Team involved at the Hereford Armed Forces and Veterans Breakfast Club a couple of years ago - believe his code name was Mink.
  4. In my previous life ( 30 yrs ago ) as a Police Officer ( not in WMP ) and on street patrol we were expected to pay our respects by facing the Hearse and salute .
  5. I see that the car park at the rear of the County Bus Station has been closed to the general public and has been set aside for Emergency Workers only . Presume that this is a Council owned car park
  6. Anybody having problems getting onto the HT website ? Have they chose to move to their new location today and decided that in this day and age the Internet is not really important so they will link up over the next couple of days / weeks ?
  7. A few weeks ago the Council removed an established tree from Commercial Rd Hereford on the pavement outside the old Cinema ( Kingdom Church ? ) close to the kerb - for whatever reason , I would think for H and S reason -,to their credit they replaced it with what is probably call a sapling . The photo , taken today shows that that the tree had been snapped off , and all that's left is a short trunk . In my opinion it's no good people going on about Climate Change etc when this apparent Criminal Damage is happening ?!
  8. Wondering if the move takes place if they will have a Police Enquiry Office in the City Centre for members of the public to call in during opening hours ?
  9. Thank you Colin for all the work you do behind the scene to ensure HV is the voice of the area . A very happy and healthy 2020 to you and yours
  10. Plus , of course a very happy and healthy 2020
  11. This is disgraceful and a health problem . re your comment relating to the younger generation , I am a regular caller at Greggs in Broad St . I stand in the queue with my red re usable mug for my coffee , because I supply the mug I get 20p off my coffee , reduced from £1.90 to £1.70 . It never ceases to amaze me the number of youngsters who ,it appears are happy to pay the extra 20p to have their drink in a one use mug .
  12. Very interested to know why Herefordshire CC Press Release did not name the person who " arranged " for the disposal of this furniture when it was published int the HT after the Court case . i hope that the Council read some if the comments on the HT article , they appear to give clues as to who removed the stuff from the home .
  13. From BBC webpage 14/10/19 For info ....... Don't know if All Parking Services UK were " supervising " any Hereford private car parks . A private parking ticket company allowed a fine to be issued without proper checks being carried out, an undercover BBC investigation has found. All Parking Services UK Ltd sent signs to journalists without identity checks, leading to a car owner being sent a £100 fine for parking in Newport. The firm has been suspended by the DVLA and the British Parking Association (BPA) is investigating. All Parking Services said it was co-operating with inve
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